Brianna/Handmaiden (Iconic)


LN Female Enchani Samurai 11 (unwaving Strike), Guru (Twilight) 7

Weapon of Choice: Two handed Glaive


Atton: “Well, good thing it’s not a trap.”
Brianna: “What are you talking about? It’s obviously a trap.”
Atton: “Could you please lighten up for one second?”
―A typical exchange between Brianna and Atton Rand[src]
As the daughter of Yusanis and Arren Kae, Brianna bore the shame of her parents’ forbidden affair, and as a result strove to prove her worth to her sisters and Atris. Her shame and position as the least worthy among her sisters led her to adopt a style of thinking in which she placed the greater good and her oaths to Atris before herself, forsaking her name and identity. It was not until she finally defeated her sisters in combat and confronted Atris that Brianna fully gained a sense of self-worth, finally embracing her name as a result, and casting aside the shame of her parentage. She believed combat to be one of the purest ways of expressing oneself, and that a person’s fighting style accurately displayed what kind of person they were.2
Brianna wearing her mother’s robe.
Brianna was steadfastly loyal to her superiors, and was completely devoted to Atris before Meetra Surik earned her trust. She was initially very slow to trust Surik due to the warnings Atris had given, but Surik’s kindness, as well as Brianna’s reading of her through combat caused her to eventually open up. When Surik saved her life, Brianna completely renounced her ties to Atris. Her trust did not extend to Surik’s other companions, however, and she remained wary of both Kreia and Marr for the extent of their journey.2
In addition, despite being criticized by her sisters for her passion, Brianna was typically very reserved and did not interact much with the crew, choosing to seclude herself in the cargo bay instead. Despite this, her irritation with her fellow crew members occasionally showed, typically with Rand and Marr. She expressed her passion through combat, and developed a yearning to feel the Force, eventually receiving Jedi training from the Exile. This curiosity stemmed from her having examined some of Atris’s Jedi holocrons, and her interest in these artifacts may have led to her taking the position of Jedi historian as Kreia predicted.2

Having lived a relatively sheltered life in the secret academy on Telos, Brianna displayed some naïveté towards the workings of the galaxy, a fact commented on by Atton Rand. She also failed to grasp jokes made by Surik and the bounty hunter Mira, as well as Rand’s sarcasm. Brianna tended to view things in terms of black and white, and argued with Surik over some of her decisions, feeling that any act of questionable morality was unacceptable, a mindset she likely developed from following Atris’ own strict beliefs.

Death: Dies fighting against a band of her own kind.

Brianna/Handmaiden (Iconic)

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