Boddyknock Glinckle (Iconic)

This gnome explorer from Lantan has a fancy for novelties and newness. A collector of knickknacks, he can be found wandering the streets of Neverwinter, or waiting at the local mercenary enclave to hire his talents as a sorcerer


Male Gnome (???) Sorcerer 14, Sand Shaper 1
Color: White/Blue
Temperament: Melancholic/Choleric

Charisma: 19
Intelligence: 18
Dexterity: 15
Wisdom: 12
Adroitness: 13
Spirit: 10
Guile: 8
Constitution: 9
Strength: 6


Ruby Crossbow
+3 Light Crossbow, scare 2/day
The first example of this bejeweled item was created for ceremonial decor, and it was never intended to see use. Experiments showed however, that the weapon installed great fear in its target by releasing energy from the strange ruby used in its construction. The crossbow and the assistant who supplied the gem disappeared soon after, and the weapon has been replicated several times since.

Ice Talon
+2 dagger that deals 1D6 cold damage
Weapon of this type are technically impossible, since their blades are made of nothing but razor-sharp ice crystals. Most stages agree they are kept frozen by some sort of link to the inner planes, but this sort of link to the inner planes is ultimetly just speculation. Ice talon daggers show a jagged blade and may have been part of a single larger weapon at one time, though the force required to shatter the magic blade must have been enormous indeed.

30 Bolt of Frostbite
an extra 1D4 points of cold damage
Ice-cold to the touch these bolts havve a short message imprinted on the shaft: “Warning/ A touch of Frost”

Adventurer’s Robe
Damage Reduction +1 Soak 5 damage.
Former Royal Magician Vangerdahast to King Azoun IV of Cormyr was once an accomplished adventurer of high fame. One reason he became popular in wizardly circles was his creation of the Adventurer’s Robe. Mages have always struggled with the limitations placed on them by the ability to cast arcane spells. These robes give the mage an edge in surviving encounters melee fighters by being able to absorb some damage from hits.

Prophyro’s Ring
+4 Charisma, +1 Regeneration
This ring bears a mage symbol under which is carved the name Prophyro. Judging by the craftsmanship, the ring appears to be of Lantanese orgin.

Ring of Power
Freedom of Movement, +1 Regeneration per round, Resistance Cold/Fire/Electrical 15
Mynseril Lostborne was a powerful priest of Malar who enjoyed many a bloody brawl or battle, but felt that such fights were simply over too soon. Studying the regenerative capabilities of trolls, Mynseril was convinced that was convinced that more entertainment value could be garnered from a field of regenerating warriors than a regular battlefiedl so he commissioned the creation of a number of powerful rings. When the rings were finished, he distributed them to particularly vicious warriors, who were often on opposite sides of the battlefield.

Greater Amulet of Health
Immunity: Disease, Level/Ability drain, Poison, Regeneration +1 per round
Natnea Chesh was one of the first priestesses of Kelemvor in the Moonshae Islands, and became known as the “Defender of the Dead” when she helped stop a necromancer from raising an army of undead. As a gift for her heroic deeds, Kelemvor gave her this amulet, along with the secret of making copies for other clerics dedicated to the destruction of powerful undead creatures. Many a thief has since found these items to be invaluable in their line of work as well.

Gargoyle Boots
+2 to AC, +3 to fortitude saves, can use Stoneskin 5/day

Legend holds that the mage who created the Gargoyle Boots trapped the spirit of an actual gargoyle within them. unfortunately the boots couldn’t protect the nameless wizard from the vengeance of the gargoyle’s mate. As therea re multiple variations on the Gargoyle Boots, it is assumed taht the tale is, though entertaining, a mere fabrication. And an interesting way to explain the magical toughness taht the boots provide.

Sash of Simmering
Spell Resistance: 12

When the wizard Midnight saw her abilities grow so great as to assume a station amongst the gods, her soul drank magic straight from the fabric of the weave. She ascended, abandoning much of her mortal self and belongings, though they too were transformed. The sash she worn absorbed so much energy that it sundered and each of the many pieces became a powerful item in its own right, protecting the wielder fro magical attack.

Bracers of Armor +10
+10 to AC
These items at first appears to be simple wrist or arm guards, but they surround the wearer with an invisibile field of force, and grant protection just like mundane armor. They are likely from the armory of some disbanded militia

Many-Starred Cloak
Blue Low light (10 feet)
Eletric and Fire Resistance 10, +2 bonus to concentration
These masterfully crafted cloaks, stitched on both sides with glittering stars, are the guild emblem of the sorcerers and wizards of the Neverwinters fabled Cloaktower. Loyal to Lord Nasher, the Cloakwizards are vital to the city’s defenses and carry themselves with the appropriately cautious air that such a duty entails

Gloves of Concentration
Concentration +3
As age began to creep up on him, Beregost Hamish found it difficult to concentrate while casting challenging spells. The gloves he developed relaxed his mind in even the direst of situations. Before he died, Beregost made a fortune, selling replicas of the original gloves to others in his chosen profession.

Major Circlet of Blasting
Searing Light 3/day
Found occasional among the Bedine, these helms bear an elaborate golden band circling the head, which looks like a sun disc when viewed from above. On command, the band projects a blast of searing light three times per day. Zhentarim records of helms captured from the Bedine suggest that they are lesser artifacts from the days of Netheril.

Cowl of Warding
Freedom of movement, immunity to mind-affecting spells
This headpiece of fine black cloth covers the wearers face completely. THe wearer of the cowl is protected by a mind blank spell and acts as if wearing a ring of freedom of movement. Originally designed by clerics of Mask, more recently these cowls have been commissioned from Amnish spell casters by the local Shadow Thieves.

Uniform of the Midnight Rose
+1 to AC
Your buttons gleam and the wind tugs at the dyed cotton. This uniform bears the rank and insigna of Ship’s Sailor. While it’s a lowly rank abroad the Midnight Rose, it’s nevertheless highly regarded when in port.


In the original campaign, Boddyknock gives the player a ring for hearing his tale. These tales need following items in order to be completed:
Chapter 1: Leaven bread recipe (found on corpse of Siril in Siril’s bakery)
Chapter 2: Prism blossom seeds (found in a crate in southern part of archaeologist’s ruins level 1)
Chapter 3: Dragon scale (found on a pile of rocks in north part of the dragon’s cave, in the eastern fragment of Coldwood – Spine of the World).

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Gargoyles

Boddyknock Glinckle (Iconic)

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