Blizz (Iconic)

A Subrosian turned rogue


CN Male Subrosian Thief 14, Tomb Raider 1

Adroitness: 21
Dexterity: 17
Intelligence: 18
Constitution: 13
Strength: 12
Charisma: 10
Guile: 13
Spirit: 8
Wisdom: 14

Weapon of choice: Half Sword and Dirk


“Infinitely curious and adventuresome, Blizz always felt confined on his native Subrosia–the endless lava rivers and random surface debris left him bordd. So when the traveling salvager Slam Streever visited Blizz’s clan to offer work as “ferrets”–individuals he could send into dangerous and dilapidated areas to scout for salvage treasure–Blizz leapt at the opportunity. Blizz spent several years with Slam’s crew before the old scrapper made the mistake of selling his services to Hoth’s White Maw pirates. Years of toil under the menacing watch of the White Maw would soon deprive the salvagers of reasons to smile–but first, Slam gave his small friend the nickname “Blizz” after the little Jawa kicked up a snowstorm of excitement during his first encounter with the “white sands.” It’s a name Blizz cherishes; one that reminds him of happier times.”

As he grew older, Blizz started to bore of toying with the limited selection of outdated scrap that he would come across and longed for something new. One day a traveling salvager came to his clan, looking for “junk rats” that could be sent into dangerous areas to hunt for valuable tech or other salvageable items. When Blizz heard about this opportunity to see the galaxy beyond the endless sand dunes of his home, he jumped at the opportunity.

Blizz spent the next several years working for the salvager, exploring countless worlds and having the opportunity to play with new technologies that he had never seen while on Tatooine. Always out to please those around him, Blizz is only too eager to rush into almost any situation that will allow him the chance to tinker with new tech.
Adventure, gadgets, attention, praise, friendship
Scary things, extreme violence, people who are mean to him

Death: Dies fighting against a small band of Blue Chu-Chus

Blizz (Iconic)

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