"And thus the Lord spoke: 'Thou shall burn shit down, motherfucker, and laugh at the screams.'"


“Hatreds not vowed and concealed are to be feared more than those openly declared.
Marcus Tullius Cicero”
Ashtad, Level 6 Fire Elf Marshal
Alignment: NE
Color: White
Charisma 18
Strength 15
Constitution 15
Dexterity 14
Adroitness 10
Guile 9
Spirit 8
Wisdom 14
Intelligence 17
Special Abilities (Racial), Fire Resistance 5, Immunity to sleep spells, 2 vs. Enchantment
Equipment- +3 Sword of the Planes (I don’t know what those Persian swords are called), +1 Kite Shield, Masterwork Scalemail, Composite Shortbow, lance, Heavy warhorse (with horse scalemail), dagger.
Class Abilities
Class Skills- Swim (strength) Ride (Dex), Knowledge (all) Int, Listen (Wis), Sense Motive (guile), Profession (engineering) Adroitness, Profession (Sieges) Wisdom, Awareness (Wisdom)
Motivate (Spirit), Rally (Spirit), Comfort (Spirit), Sixth Sense (Spirit), demoralize (Spirit), Moral (Spirit), Bluff (Charisma), Diplomacy (guile), Compliment (Charisma), Handle Hanimal (Charisma), Intimidate (Charisma), Preform (Charisma), Speak Language
Skill Focus (Diplomacy)- An extra bonus per every 2 levels to all Charisma checks involving Moral or commanding troops. So in addition to the +4 from the Charisma, Ashtad has an additional +3 with a total of +9 When it comes to moral.
Conceal Motive- +1 bonus per level to oppose sense motive checks when concerning her tactics
Bonus Feats- Negotiator, Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack, and Mounted Archery
Distraction- Once per day, Ashtad can trick 3 characters into thinking she is going to do something else next turn, if they fail an opposing Charisma check
React first- If combat starts during diplomacy, Asthad gets an extra attack at the start of the round provided she wasn’t surprised.
Move Action- Once per Day Ashtad can motive her allies to all take an extra move action. Move action means they can do one complicated task or two semi complicated, or three minor. An attack is a move action. So for example, Asthad can use this ability to have all of her allies (or at least as many allies as equal to her Charisma bonus +1, which is five) make an attack when it would be her turn, though she doesn’t get this extra attack. When her allies take this extra action, they go in the order of innitive. So if a round goes Flowers, Gregor, Monster, Asthad, Antonia, and Asthad used this ability, Flowers, then Gregor, then Antonia would all attack, followed by Antonia again because its her turn.
Band of Brothers- As long as Asthad is fighting in a group, everybody in the group takes a +1 to attack and defense, as well as a +1 bonus per Charisma Bonus to all moral saves (Currently +4). If asthad has her Charisma lowered for some reason, like magic, the moral bonus will never go below +1
Silvertongue- Asthad gains a bonus equal to half her level to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidation, Motivate, Rally, and Respect checks
Hustle- Thrice per day, Asthad can let another character act in her place. During that turn, that character uses their ability. Asthad can still take a movement during that turn, but can’t attack or use any abilities.
Stand your Ground- Twice per day, Asthad can grant her allies extra hit points equal to her level
Charisma bonus. These hit points are not magical, she is basically getting her allies to fight longer, harder, stronger, and they only last for ten mins per Level + Charisma Bonus (1 hour 40 mins). These hitpoints can be used to temporarily heal her allies, however after the time elaspes, they all vanish at a rate of 1 hit point per round.
Auras- Warlords have access to a series of styles they use to encourage their people. Unless otherwise noted, an aura effects all allies within 60 feet (including herself) as long as her allies can hear/see her (one of them) and has an intelligence over 3, so her horse for example couldn’t benefit from these abilities but Flowers can. Asthad may have one minor aura and one major aura active at one time. An aura lasts until Asthad dismisses it, or 1 hour per level has past (6 hours). Once the aura is gone, Asthad may not use that Aura again until she has rested.
Accurate Strike- +1 Bonus per Charisma to all allies when it comes to Critical Hits
Force of Will- +1 Bonus per Charisma to all allies when it comes to will Saves
Master of tactics- +1 Bonus per Charisma to all allies damage for flanking
Master of Avoidance- +1 Bonus per Charisma to Armor class against attacks of opportunity
Master of Discipline- +1 Bonus per Charisma to all Moral Checks
Master of the People- +1 Bonus per Charisma to all group cohesion checks
Major Auras
Motivate Ardor- +1 Bonus to all Damage Rolls
Motivate Attack- +1 to all Attack Rolls
Motivate Defense- +1 Bonus to Defense
Battle Call- Asthad can use even more powerful Auras lesser amounts of times, which motivate her people to fight even harder/faster/stronger/ohgodtobig. At her level, each one can be used once per day

Bloodlust- Whenever an enemy falls within ten feet +5 per4 warlord levels (15 feet), Ashtad gains a +1 bonus to all damage roles for as many rounds equal to her Warlord Level
Inspire Bravery- For as many rounds equal to her level +Charisma bonus (10), all allies within 15 feet are immune to non magical fear
Stubborn- All allies within 15 feet don’t suffer pain for as many ten rounds

Crazy- You are crazy.


Chosen by Gynax to burn away the blight that is the Romans and free Parthia forever, Ashtad is willing to give her life (and any life she happens to come across) for her cause. She has left her home to defend a people who will not defend themselves. Only a few faithful, who knew she really was a prophet of Gynax, followed her. She alone can push back the Romans and keep Parthia safe.

…or, she’s schizophrenic, ran away from home when she experienced her first psychotic break, and is now a terrorist. Whichever.

The Gods of the world work in mysterious ways…her mind works in even stranger ways…

She is an elf…and puuuuuuure.



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