Annah (Iconics)


Tiefling (Yugoloth) fighter 4, Rogue 7, streetfighter 2
AL: Chaotic Good
Temperament: Choleric/ Melancholic
Romance: Yes

Strength: 14
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 15
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 13
Guile: 17
Adroitness: 15
Spirit: 10

Starting Equipment:

Annah’s Punch Daggers*
Annah’s Vest*
Chained-Teeth Earrings*
Mark of the Savant*

Mark of the Savant
Enchanted: 4
2 to Armor Class
…..1 to Dexterity
15 to Base Hit Points
…..25% Open Locks Skill bonus
25% Stealth Skill bonus
…..+10% Detect Trap Skill bonus
Cleverly designed, this object splits into two pieces to form punch daggers. When properly used they are deadly in combat. The easily accessible levers and gears shoot out and twist various blades almost as if they were extesions of the hand. Although excellent as a combat weapon, those same mechanisms used to shred the flesh of an enemy can also be used for the delicate procedures of opening locks and disarming traps.

Only the most gifted of thieves possess items such as this. As it takes keen mind and skill hand to properly operate.

Jerkin of the Flitting Shadow
Armor Class: 6
…..15% Pick Pocket Skill Bonus
25% Stealth Skill Bonus
Weight: 8
Usable only by Annah

This piece of light leather armor was clearly fashioned for a woman. Even at a glance one can tell it is of teh highest quality; every part of it, from its supple leather banding to its quadruple-stitched seams and padded silk lining, speaks of impeccable craftsmanship. Goncalves wove a number of enchantments into the lining of the jerkin so that its wearh3. er is more prone to blend into surrounding shadows, making them difficult to spot and often allowing them to pass by others entirely unnoticed.

Chained-Teeth Earrings
Special: +5 Open Locks Skill Bonus
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

Perhaps the idea that Annah would wear anything solely for ornamental value makes you suspicious of these earrings.

Upon closer examination, you should discover these thin metal earrings are actually a series of well-crafted lockpicks. If need be, you can unhook them and use them to pick open stubborn locks.

NOTE: These earrings will only add to your Open Locks skill when they are equipped.

Obsidian Earring
Special: +10% Stealth Skill Bonus
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

This small earring is made from polished obsidian. Despite the smoothness of its surface, it reflects no light whatsoever.

Commonly referred to as “a rogues’s best friend,” the black gem this earring is made from possesses magical properties that absorb light, making it easier for its wearer to move undetected

Spider Bracelet
…..25% Resistance to all Normal Attacks
10 Base Hit Points
…..-1 Intelligence
…..-1 Wisdom
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

In actuality this is a living spider not jewerly. When attached to ones wrrist, the spider will sink its fangs into the users flesh and feed from the hose, providing both beneficial and detrimental effects.

Serpent Ring
…..Immune to Poison
…..33% Resistance to Magic
2 Save vs Spells
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

This appears to be a baby serpent of some sort that has been frozen into the shape of a ring. Its eyes glitter and swirl like jewels and even appear to move occasionally.

Twisted Ring
+1 to Armor Class, Immunity to Confusion
This ring looks like three rings that have been wrapped around each other. Just looking at it makes you dizzy.

Tattoo of The Shattered Lock
Invokes: “Knock”
Grants Experience Points When Invoked
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

This tattoo recognizes your mastery of the art of opening locks, so much so that you may touch any lock once per day and open it without resorting to lockpicks. This ability goes beyond just opening the lock, however; when you invoke the tattoo’s power you gain an insight into the workings of the lock you open, giving you a small experience point bonus as well.

When the Knock ability is used up, the tattoo vanishes.

Tattoo of The Thief
…..1 to Dexterity
5% Open Locks Skill Bonus
…..+5% Pick Pockets Skill Bonus
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

This tattoo heightens your reflexes and thief skills, giving you a greater percentage chance of success.

Tattoo of Tenement Shadows
Special: +15% to Stealth Skill Bonus
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

This tattoo tells of your experience in escaping the Tenement of the Starved Dogs; the tattoo has the same color as the Adder’s Tear which Sybil gave you. It gives you an additional bonus to stealth as long as it is inscribed on your flesh.

Tattoo of The Cutpurse
…..“Copper Blessing”
…..Grants Experience Points When Invoked
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

This tattoo recognizes your mastery of the art of picking pockets, so much so that you may pick the pockets of anyone on the same plane as you – no matter where they are and whether you can even see them or not. Simply close your palm once per day, then open it, and it will be filled with a handful of coins. This ability goes just beyond picking pockets, however; when you invoke the tattoo’s power, you gain an insight into the mind of the ‘mark’ from whom the coins were taken, giving you a small experience point bonus as well.

When the Copper Blessing ability is used up, the tattoo vanishes.

Tattoo of The Master Thief
…..3 to Dexterity
1 to Luck
…..5% Open Locks Skill Bonus
5% Pick Pockets Skill Bonus
…..5% Detect Traps Skill Bonus
5% Hide in Shadows Skill Bonus
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

This tattoo represents the fact you have achieved the pinnacle of your skills in the stealthy arts. This tattoo gives you a good fortune, heightens your reflexes, and enhances your thief skills, giving you a greater percentage chance of success.

Tattoo of The Bonesinger
Invokes: “Hold Undead” 1/day

You have learned to speak with the dead and hear their stories, even from beyond the Eternal Boundary. This tattoo draws upon your powers over undeath and heightens them, allowing you to chain the undead within range with a single command.

attoo of The Betrayer
+1 to Strength
+1 to Intelligence

This tattoo describes the defeat of Trias the Betrayer, and how you dealt the death stroke to the corrupted deva. It represents the strength necessary to defeat him and the smarts required to outwit a deva.

Magnifying Lens
+10 to Lore Skill, -2 to Damage, -2 to Missile Weapons

This snap-on lens is good for examining things up close, but makes for a poor sighting scope.


Annah is a tiefling, a brash girl on the brink of womanhood. Her tail lashes when she’s angry. She’s a canny guttersnipe, and the Hive seems to be a second skin for her.

Aye, now what yeh be wantin’ to know about me for? Are yeh jest bored? It’s not some grand tale, it isn’t, so if yeh’re expecting some epic yeh’d best go rattle yer bone-box at someone else, jig?

I seen the way yeh look at me tail — if it’ll keep yeh’re eyes to yerself, then I’ll tell yeh where it came from: it’s a blessing from me Grand Da… or me Grand Ma, whichever o’ them was the fiend. I’m a tiefling, so I am, with just enough of the demon blood in me to sprout this tail outta me back. That blood trickled its way from me Grand Ma n’ Grand Da to me… after passing through me own Ma an Da, whoever they were.

Pharod? Me Da? Ha! Ol’ stutter-crutch isn’t me Da — not me real one anyway. He just fostered me, he did, dragged me outta the Hive and brought inta his stable.

Don’t get him wrong by thinkin’ he had a kind bone in his body… he wasn’t shedding no tear for me bein’ an orphan — he just needed someone to scarp deaders off the streets of the Hive, an’ I’m small enough so I can get inta places his other boys can’t. Plus, most of the gullies in his pack are wee boys with the fear in ‘em, so I end up finding most of the deaders in places they’re too ascared to look. The Dusties pay a nice bit of copper for the deadies I bring ‘em, and Pharod don’t take so much off the top that it leaves me a beggar, so he’s not so bad, I spose.

Enough of yer questions. Now I got some things to say ta YEH, I do.

I seen the way yeh act, an’ yeh need to be told some things if we’re goin’ to be travelin’ together… first — don’t go flappin’ your bone-box and locking eyes with everyone yeh meet. That’s a sure street to trouble, it is. An’ don’t be takin’ no one’s name in vain or yeh’ll be attracting the worst sort of attention, and right quick, too.

An’ one last thing. Don’t be thinkin’ yeh can treat me like a cobblestone, neither — yeh start doin’ that, an’ I’ll take these blades an’ carve yeh, I will.

Me blades? Aye, these dags are mine. I like these punch dags, I do — yeh can keep yer axes n’ hammers n’ clubs — these dags are more me style. Yeh just behave yerself, an’ yeh won’t be wearing ’em, aye?

Personal Quest: You need to find and kill her grandfather

Death: Dies fighting against a small band of Black Abishai

Annah (Iconics)

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