Ajantis (Iconic)

A young paladin trying to prove himself, hindered somewhat by his black and white morality


LG Male Human (Celestial Bloodline Minor) Paladin 7/ Fanatic 3
Color: Red
Temperament: Melancholic/Choleric

“We have much evil to fight, we have no time for idleness

Guile 7
Strength 17
Dexterity 13
Spirit 8
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 17
Adroitness 10

Weapon Style: +3 holy liberator Hand and a Half Sword and +2 Medium Shield

Equipment: +1 half Plate, +1 Horned Helmet, Masterwork Bastard sword, masterwork dagger, +2 Composite Longbow


When asked about his past, Ajantis announces that he is a squire-paladin of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart, and that he enforces the power and discipline of Helm. He belongs to the noble family of Ilvastarr in Waterdeep, and has studied swordplay under such luminaries as Myrmith Splendon. His skill and devotion apparently brought him to the attention of the paladin Keldorn, one of the most respected of the order, who decided to take Ajantis under his wing as a squire. Recently, Ajantis has asked for the honor of becoming a full-fledged member of the order. To accomplish this he has traveled to the Sword Coast, in order to help curtail the increased humanoid activity in the region. If he succeeds in his quest, the order will vote on his eligibility for membership. He seems utterly devoted to his mission. Ajantis is desperate to prove himself and so he wanders the wilderness trying to put an end to bandit and monster activity

Joining the party: Ajantis can be found wandering around the wilderness, most likely a day or two away from the main road, looking for bandits who he can kill. He will be initially rude and appreciative to anybody who he meets, however if they present themselves as good and promise to help him defeat evil, then he will join up with them. He is fairly surly and is an utter extremist to the cause of being a paladin, however that is mostly from his extreme youth, he is very young and idealistic. He is extremely willing to run into dangerous situations in order to “prove himself” and he has no tolerance at all for obvious evil. He isn’t intentionally trigger happy, however he isn’t a total zealot, just over eager. He is also very conservative/insecure about sexuality, and tends to try to avoid situations that involve sexuality.

Approval: Any good action, telling the truth, attacking first and asking questions later

Disapproval: Complexity, tolerating evil party members, tolerating evil people

Friendship: Honor, Turthfullness, High Reputation, and talking about what he is doing right, also encouragment.

Rivalry: Lying, dishonorable acts, working with evil people, and critizing his style

Personal Quest: The Family of a bandit he killed, who lost everything with his death, want vengance. The PC can help him kill them, kill him, or hopefully work out a compermise where they give the family some money but acknowledged what they did was wrong.

Death: Despite being ensured a place in the inner City by Martel, he gave it away to some civilians in order to go into the outer city to help. He fought for two whole days in the destroyed city before finally being attacked by the Black Talon mercenary band, who were able to kill him with some heavy losses.

Ajantis (Iconic)

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