Imperial Dreams

Death Threat

“Dear Hero,

You have not met me before, but I thought it would be sporting to inform you before hand of my plans to kill you. My name, is and I am the man who is going to kill you. You wouldn’t know, but I am one of the greatest assassins in the verse, and normally i prefer to keep things on a strictly professional basis. However, you have done what many have thought impossible. You have offended me, and I do not suffer insults lightly. I will destroy you, completely and utterly. However, before I do so, I am going to kill everybody you love, I am going to destroy the Empire you value so much, and I am going to take away everything you hold dear. Then, and only then will I subject you to cruel torture, the most horrible torture that any individual has ever suffered. And after you have been ruined more than any mortal creature has been ruined, I will deliver you a death of such extreme agony that your previous tortures will seem a blissful memory in comparison. You might think that I am being flippant with my threats, but I assure you I am being deadly serious. There is nothing you can do, I am sending this letter only as a courtesy, to let you know that there is no hope for you to survive.



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