Imperial Dreams


Gold: 5
Silver: 8
Copper: 36

5 Dirty Rat Charms

Wand of Cure Critical Wounds, Wand of

Scroll of Fire ball

4 smite evil scrolls

4 protection from planar effects

1 Bind Nether

1 Bound Demon

1 Smite Chaos

Magic Glaive (???)

Magic Sword (???)

Magic Bow (???)

Cure Lesser Wound Wand (1D8+2) 44 charges

Xantippe inventory
cloak, kimono, japanese sandals, witch lock of hair

Keiko, inventory
A good katana in slightly rough shape
Bastard sword, chipped
Long sword, burnt handle
A mediocre katana, good condition
Self bow, magical, provides one lightning bolt per day, for invocation whisper: ‘eco-terrorism’
2 japanese sandals, one of each gender
1 ruby, to be put into a ring

Apu-Illapu, inventory
Severed heads: Hornet robber, Hornet Davy Crockett, The Panther
4x flashbang grenades
2x energy potion
1x mana potion
1x potion of cat’s grace
2x misc. kami scrolls
Shitty dagger
Pearl necklace

The glaive of Goroa samura
+2 Glaive, extra 1D12 damage against undead
This glaive gained notoriety for its use during the battle of the Bloody Grass, where the Ronin Koro, Gatsu was able to show great bravery and held off an army of attacking zombies for an entire day. The glaive was used for the next 200 years until it was lost in Planescape/Sigil

Yellow Turban items
Bow, 30 yellow arrows, 40 red arrows, 20 smoke arrows, 2 black arrows, scrimitar, turban, chainmail shirt, greaves, dagger, 5 tanglefoot bag, 4 grease potions, 5 flashbombs, amulet of immunity to flashbomb, a ring of magic resistance, ring of protection +3, belt. 5 letters

“Hope’s Last Tea. When an archon of sufficient power is destroyed, normally their bodies burn into a cripse. However, if the Archon died still believing that their mission could be accomplished, then a feather like this is created. The feather can be used to negate the negative effects of the lower planes. One person only, constant effect.


Retake Dustman Crypt

Defeat the Hornets/Kills their leaders

Three Fingers, Scar Face, Yellow Turban (dead), Mad Dog
lucky dog casino
rising moon pub
backroom at little death brothel

Find Erador the Angel



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