Temperament planes part 2

Actually fuck that, these are the Dosha PLanes.


Inclusion: Melancholic
Inclusion: Choleric
Inclusion: Phlegmatic
Inclusion: Sanguine
Inclusion: Supine


Affection: Melancholic
Affection: Choleric
Affection: Phlegmatic
Affection: Sanguine
Affection: Supine


Control: Melancholic
Control: Choleric
Control: Phlegmatic
Control: Sanguine

Control: Supine

Avidarel: The Sundered Star

Natives- Memory of starlight
The Maze Supine/Choleric, the Realm of False Harmony

This is basically the Maze from the game, except the theme is more false sense of safety, a false harmony. However the maze is only one aspect of it, rather it is like a series of intense games, like Japanese Game shows (Battle Royal, Gantz, survivor ect), except its super high stakes. The natives here don’t understand charity, and they punish people for it.
Curnorost – Phlegmatic/Melancholic

like Curnorost from the books, except instead of angels it is secrets, secrets that have never been told, and died with somebody. The secrets take the form of the last person who knew the secret, who takes a long Pilgrim to the main city where the secerts take the form of small shards of ice,

Natives- Rephhidix, the Eaters of Memories, massive horrible beings that find the lost secrets and devour them, thus taking them away from mankind forever.

Colaris A heavenly realm where angels sing a song of creation, creating their own sentient god like mind
The Wheels of Sostear An alien realm where xill build strange hive-cities on spinning wheelse that float through space, occasionally colliding. The theme of this realm is insects and conformity
Wordor An air elemental plane ruled by a conclave of dijinn who also run an academy for wizards in a city of Glass. No i have no idea how to make this work logically at all
When the stones rain from the sky of this world, the inhabitants hide in their cave cities, wating to search for gemstones when the rain stops. Kinda shitty.

The plane is made entirely out of floating astroids, upon which are many small settlements. The largest one has a giant city, surroned by a great dome that protects the city from the falling rocks and fire. One of the greatest metropolitian centers of the planes, this city has recently been beseiged by plague, internal strife, and enemy invasions. While still a massive trading city, it instead acts more as a the largest planar black market in existence, a place where slavery, drug dealing, extortion, prostitution, and gambling are not only properous but welcome. Conventional trade exists as well, but it is nowhere near as popular as crime which dominates the city. The City is mostly run by a mix of gangs, mobs, guilds, families, and merchant cartels, all of which are looking out for themselves. The city has a hopeless feeling to it, that crime begets crime and nothing can be solved.

Natives- Afghul, winged humanoids who live on the astroids and destoryed rocks outside the city, they prey upon the living and mostly live to hunt. Symbolically, they are a vicious hunter society which metaphorically repersents the one within the city itself.

A vast underground complex, with the surface being a ruined wasteland, with the underground acting as a shelter from the devastated world above is under siege from the denizens of the deep reaches of the world.

massive castle hangs in the sky like a satellite over this pastoral world. Its orbit decays a little more year after years, however, and there’s no means of exist for its residents. Yeah, i don’t know

A mountainous land of treacherous slopes and dangerous weather with rope bridges strung across the casms that break this land apart. So visually it is a bunch of little societies that are connected by extremely tricky trade routes

A loose confederation of topical city-states run by thaumaturges. The cities face annihilation at the hands experimentation who are escapees from wizards laboratories


A calm and wooded land with a peaceful agrarian economy, this world is in fact a stepford wives type setting that sells its people unwillingly to slavery


As part of a study of morality, titanic angels split all visitors into good halves and evil halves that exist indepndently but remain psychically linked. Each pairs must petition the locals to be rejoined to leave the plane.

The Indigo Isles
A series of idyllic islands located in a glistening sea and populated by lammasus, celestial angels and dolphins with feathered wings……seriously what do i do with that
A rigid plane of celestrial hosts organized into militarylike regiments. The angels sometimes hire themselves out as mercenary companies to deserving allies. Ok, so this should be more of a private military contractor sort of situation
The Silver Sea
Angels on ships of glass with sails of smoke ply a sea of silver holy water in this heavenly plane……..ok, what is the point of this? Maybe cabin fever.

A reality- eating virus threatens all to to consume this reality even as an ancient war still rages between the Magi Imago, who gives life to their drawings and the Narramonks, who literally write their own destinies. So um…meta?

A fire elemental plane with fiery pits tended by efreet lords and salamander-filled lava pools. Um……unique? Ok, so what can i do with this? Ok, how about a spa? Honestly, a realm of relaxation and mallowness, that hides underneath a realm of politics and self interest. Many powerful planar creatures from various factions come here to “relax” and by that i mean talk politics. Treacherous business deals, ruthless backroom politics and the ever present trap of debt and hedonism.

Strange green forest surrond ancient volcanoes of acidic chemicals on this plan, where humans, elves, and dwarves live in domed cities of crystal. So this could be um…..hmmm, ok, so I think this should be the realm of cultural isolation? Cut off from others living in their own realm special later?

This is a massive gladiatorial game, the most wide spread and elaborate in all of existence, the natives (in addition to alot of mephits), and gambling is the major part of this plane

Half-Mechancial demons who worship a gods of nothingness round up victims to feed an enormous bloodthirsty machine that, it is said, will one days explode and annihilate not only this plane, but all it touches. OK, so……Fitz Lang…..um….

Riv Ruallithash
Here, time is as mercurial as the weather so some people exist an hour in the future, others leave trails of after-images behind them whenver they go. Travelers barter with chronoranchers for corked bottles of compressed moment. Huh, lets see what we can go with this

This plane lies entirely within a seemingly infinate castle brimming with rooms and secret passages but not exterior doors or windows. The pale natives and various humanoid who have dwelled here for generations have non conception of weather, sunlight, or even the outside.

A misty wooded realm, of tall trees, shimmering lakes, pure air- and sudden, vicious violence, as the inhabitants attempt to gain control over various natural landmarks. This is the more “savage” aspect of the state of nature

A topical world gleaming under constant starlight, its inhabitats offer sacrifices to evil gods under the sea who emerge when the world is dark. Ok, what can i do this, i think the duality of the Night and Day could be interesting, everything you take as normal and comforting suddenly becomes sinister and foboding, while what you are ignored or forgotten in the daylight realm is suddenly important and life saving. On the flip side, what is abonded and considered unimportant in the night realm is often the most important thing in the day realm, while what is seen as the route of power proves fruitless in the night realm. I think the theme of this realm should be people being misunderstood, that the helpless and powerless in the Day realm grow up to become the strong and the meek and powerless in the night realm are the heart and soul of the day realm



In the cavern of the Machine, their is a small door that leads to a world of soot and steam, black iron and rage. Beneath it all lies a jewel of black magic that keeps the world spinning. OK, so this has a “journey to the center of the earth” feel to it, one where you are exploring the bones of universe, where the actual gears of reality are turning. So how to do you make this cool? For some reason I have drama sense from this

A land of elven kingdoms where other races have been enslaved for their “own benefit” and where a resistance to the elves is growing in the swamps. OK, so kinda typical, lets extend this and make it a fight between servatude and freedom, where the natives wish to enslave the world in order to make things ok, while the resistance is made up of creatures from every part of the multiverse


An energy plane teeming with positive energy and inhabited by ravids and golden plants whose vine grow at a rate of 2 inch per minute. They are kept in check by large silvery insects that feed upon them as they spew forth oxygen. Um……..theme?

An Lien realm that occupiesthe interior of a hollow metallic cube 1,000 miles acccross, filled with warring destrachans and will-oe wips that fight within a massive maze. Ok, i think this should be based upon the Cube, sort of a massive puzzles

A beautiful plane where little is what it seems, the flowers shoot dealy spines, the babbling brook is actuall an evil elemental creature, and the grass itself feeds on flesh. OK, I think this realm should instead be about how everything has a political view point, even inanimate creatures, everything is alive wind and the willows style, and most of it is out to kill you

Ancient Underhill
A labyrinthe world of wooded hills and mountains that divide tiny kingdoms of gnomes, pixies, and other fey. The theme of this realm is simplistic, it is very minimalist and seems almost human.

The Grasslands
This massive grasseslands full of…….stuff

The Round Road
This mile-wide, circular plane is dotted with numerous doorways, many fine inns, and literally thousands of planar travellar,s and planar bandits. This is the realm of travel and exploration

A plane of elemental plane of fire that heats the earth and hatches the eggs of salamanders who build their cities within its volcanoes. I think i should expand this theme and make this place a general hatchery for great creatures across the multiverse, regardless of AL, Color, or Temperament

Freedom-In Flight
A land of air, light, and radiant goodness, in which angesl wheel and soar in formation and golden castles float atop beds of clouds. Personally I think this realm should be more about banality of goodness rather than anything else

The land under lash
Home to the court of Prince Marrazat, the scaled Demon Lord who has the power to imprison angels. A sunken plain surronded by jagged mountains, floating palaces and a sky afire are its more prominent features- the demonic guardians are much more subtle. Of course Cook doesn’t give us any details, but i think this should be the ultimate slave market, the greatest slave market in the entire realm.

Over this vast crystalline plain hover patterned super-intelligences who plot, plan and guide the motions of those who fall under their many-eyed gazes. I think the whole premise of this realm should be something more matrix like and very much a computer like.

All vistors to this monastic plane grow wise and content in the care of the natives who watch over it, few leave.


This tropical paradise is overrun with travelers from throughout the planes becasue of its sweet win, coconuts, sunshine, and friendly natives who act as servants. However, its sinister underbelly is quite out their in the open, those who live here for too long have their happyiness havested to form magical power, which is auctioned off to various political powers

The Hand of the Thunder God

This plane of elemental air is lit only by intermittently by the lighting; its cloud islands are the home of militeristic natives, who wage constantly challenges of strength and competitions

Ty Rhun
A stormy elemental plane of water ruled by the Dragon King, a water dragon, who commands legions of sentient fish and sharks. Um……ok stormy realm….ok idea, the peaceful parts of this realm act as the home for the most powerful planar auction home in the realm, those who can make it through the storms will be able to bid on magic items, emotions and mortal souls.

When something is lost anywhere in the multiverse (from forgotten knowledge to missing objects to extinct creatures), copies of them end up in this grey, snowy realm. The only way out is to prove to the gatekeeper that you are not lost because somebody else in the realm knows who/where/what you are. Those who come and then leave can take some of the this lost knowledge with them, but the more they take, the more likely they will anger the natives, who will try to make sure they are forgotten forever.

In this mercantile world ruled by a giant beholder and his hoards of intelligent vargouilles, populations of floating heads “wear” wardrobes of bodies to blend in better with many merchants and travelers. You know what, fuck the Vargouilles and Beholders, lets make this entire realm the Bizzare Bazzar, where people come to buy and sell goods from all across the realm, with the floating heads being the natives, who instead want to feed off of peoples greeds, facination, and curosity, rather than wealth.


Massive floodwaters wash in and recede like clockwork here, and the amphibious denizens live in elegant coral cities that are submerged half the day and dried out under the plane four scorching suns on the other half. Um…….social change? What is the bloody point? This works as a cool adventure town/continent, but how do i get a theme out of this

An alien realm where the natives are incorporeal spirits that share and trade bodies that otherwise remain inert until inhabited. Huh, ok so what does the world look like, what can we do with the actual world? I’m sure their is more to do here

Twelve houses of Vacarar
A hollow world with 11 other hollow worlds within, each one nested in the world pervious (like a cliche russian doll). Strange elevator like towers connet them all, run by a powerful Slaaadi god king named Vacarar. Ok, so ignoring the Slaadi, i kinda want to make this world a play on the idea of a “Golden Age” maybe taken the various ages of Greek history literally

The Innros
A land of enslaved steam elementals and mechanical powers, Innos clanks and clatters under the eyes of dwarven ancestor gods. Ok um….steampunk? Yeah, thats fun.

The Plain of Dust
This empty desert plane is haunted by incorporeal spirits of many travels who have visited and perished in its dust and heat. Um……………..a western?

The Weeping Stones
A plane of elemental Earth imbued with sorrow. It is haunted by grieving spirits and tunneled y morose xorn who weep for a lost god. Um…..ok sorrow, what can i do with this?
A plane inhabited minly by doppelgangers this is a fertile land of disguise trickery and betayals. Ok, i like the idea of this entire realm being a fake world where all of the natives are fake people

Dim Quamol
A world with no sun, but illuminated by suprisingly bright stars in a perpetual twilight. The mortals living here have no concept of good or evil, and the natives galled Sentinels work to ensure that nobody teaches them. I um….ignorance is bliss theme maybe

A chaotic hell of Demons, swiming through a miasma of energies, elements, liquids, gases, thoughts, and wild spells. Ok, i like the idea of thoughts mingling together like a rainbow

An empty land filled with ancient obelisks built by a long-gone race of giants, each containing some clue to a vast secret involving a multitude of uinque power word spells. Ok, so an entire world like an Indiana Jones/The mummy theme, so massive tombs to be explored and looted by adventures, while the natives prefer to try to eat them.

A tiny realm inhabited only by creatures called Wravath, who trade wishes for stories, so it is a world of competative storytelling, where in fact people fight to try to get an interview with the natives to show off their great stories

Plant creatures resembling very intelligent shambling mound inhabit this swampy world. It is filled with ancient dwarven stone cities that have almost entirely sunk into the mire, their builders long since gone. Ok um……seriously Monte Cook i know your strapped for cash, but fucking hell, you can do better than this. Why don’t you try to something new. Ok so um…..a half submered temple with evil plants, water, and undead…….ok i can come up with something for this shit

Rov Serai
A particular lawful plane where the insectoid natives busy them selves with attempting to categorize rearrange absolutely everything. In fact, lets take the entire concept of catogrization and make that the entire premise of the plane.

The Shining Faos
A heavenly plane whose only inhabitants are metallic dargons that live in palaces of glass perched atop impossibly tall spires. Um…..Thanks monte Cook what the fuck are you talking about. How about making this the realm where people just talk about philosphy with each other.

An energy plane where sound is solid here words are weapons and making music is the act of creation itself. Um…………………….NINJAS MADE OUT OF JAM

Entire cities are held aloft by gigantic gas-filled creatures are the major features of this elemental air plane. Um………..floating in the air…..very unique

Far Tollik

A world which doesn’t connect to any other plane other than the the Violet (I’m sure if i actually read the description that would make sense) this is a realm where……..wait for it….ancient undead guard crypts of titans filled with long-lost magical treasure. Ok so um……..FUCK YOU MONTE COOK GAH. OK i kinda want to take this back to what personally creeps me the fuck out about tombs, is the sense of age, that this stuff is from another age just waiting around in stagnated glory and that I am a trespasser who am going to get my ass handed to me

A world whose mages so that their spells provided everything the inhabitant needed. The people grew fat and indolent and now lay upon magical floating beds enraptured in psionic-induced fantasies, their limbs atrophying and their minds turning to mush. Ok, so Wall-E

A plane populated by haflings that ride tamed giant beetles and till crops of magical plants that grant various magical effects when eaten.

An ugly barren world where beauty is used as currency and can be stolen or traded easily as gold using various magic items.

An icy world inhabited by natives immune to cold but deathly afraid of (and vulnerable to) fire. Ok fucking hell monte cook, do you understand what a METAPHOR IS. seriously subtle theme there cook, a fucking ice world with elemental ice and cold oh fuck you. I will find something cool with this, just to reject you.

An alien realm ruled by a gigantic godlike eye that floats over and wathced everything, dispatching smaller eyes to do its will when needed. Ok um, paranoia?

The Cyrstal Roads of Deluer
This is a massive underground realm, made up of crystals and gemstones of the most amazing quality. The realm is held together by amazing diamond roads, which cristcross the entire realm, though not limited persay to the ground, these roads are more like bridges going all over the realm. They have a special up down orentation, Ie taht graverty is centered upon the roads and anybody (apart from natives) who is not on the roads will feel themselves drawn towards the road, which are the center of gravety. Many creatures from the Earth Elemental planes live here, though they aren’t natives, they like the area. The natives creatures are actually quite well known on the material plane, gemstone eaters called Xorns, who in fact are from this realm. All gems they eat in fact find their way here, where they based in the glory of the crystal and gems. They are the rulers of this realm, and take a dim view of outsiders, but they tolerate outsiders because they can’t really prevent them. They have a massive amount of rules and regulations, and the realm is dominated by a set of social codes that keep the peace, though these have to be picked up in conversation, as they would never actually tell people what is the prper behavior. All xorns apart from their king Iyuxical are equal, and they do not understand non xorns concepts of “better or worst”. The xorn ahve made a deal with a group of angels from the plane Justiral, who act as guards for the only mines in the entire plane, to make sure that the miners do not exploit their limited privilages. In return, the angels get a large percentage of the money (95%) which they use to finance their wars against evil. The King Iyuxical is a massive obese xorn who does nothing but eat, a greedy selfish glutton, he cares little more than his base needs, however he does care about his people and doesn’t wish anybody to harm them. He is the source of all of the passive aggressive codes. Mining is outlawed here (Except for angels and the dwarves in the city of mithral) but their are hit and run miners who sneak in, mine precious gems, then flee as quick as they can. The xorn are absurdly strict, but are very unfair or cruel, they just want the world to be a certain way and really don’t like it if people disturb their “harmony” The deal with this plane is that everybody wants a piece of it, and the natives don’t like anything changing

Natives- Xorn

The Lizard Kingdoms
This is based upon the “traditional” depiction of Dinosaurs, the entire realm is run by reptiles and other such creatuers. Um…..I don’t……..KILL THE JEWS.
One aspect of this world is that it is massive, it seems like the world is 1,000 times larger than anything should be, humans being the size of leaves and small plants.

Dendri (Expansion 11)

A small tropical plane, Dendri is a plane shaped like a planet that crumbled, but is still held apart by some strange force. Imagine a clay round ball that was crushed, but the pieces, instead of falling apart, stayed floating next to each other. In the middle of Dendri is the core, which is the only intact sphere left of the plane, which is made up of 90% forest. The unforested areas are made up of marsh land, lakes, and small crater shaped waste lands. The rest of the world are different type of wilderness settings, which are vaguely in contact with each other, very dinotopia like. No summoning can happen in this realm, the realm is totally closed off except via portals, and so the natives are very unaware of outsiders or even that they are in fact a plane, they just mostly focus on doing their own thing. The realm is covered constantly with a sea of mist, which brings with it an endless sense of moisture, and so fire does not work on this plane. Spells like fire ball will cause damage, but they won’t be able to burn anything after the intial explosion. The entire realm is also almost entirely covered by darkness, the natural light is only stars, and as such all natives can see in the dark. All natives also are very easily affected by daylight or other light spells. The Aranea are the natives to this land, though the Formians are trying to take over large amounts of the plane in order to add resources to their eternal war against Chaos, much to the dismay of the Araneas, who do not wish to get involved in interplanar fights. The Forminans are taking over one of the large broken land segements, to the point where only 100,000 Aranea remain free, though they ahve little chance of taking over the entire plane, they might be able to upset the balance of power. This plane is a plane of total war but it it doesn’t seem obvious when people first arrive.

Natives- Aranea, another common creature on the material plane, are infact, extraplanar beings. They appear in their true form as horribly deformed spiders with two human arms, but can shapshift into any humanoid creature, and can use illusion to appear to be any creature which they wish. Their webs are what connect the large chucks of the plane together to create a sort of web around the entire core. They are highly intelligent, but unlike the ones on the material plane, tend to be less hostile, and more content to do their own thing. Sadly, their own thing normally involves eating everybody else when they feel like it. Their are several types 1) Deep Aranea, the type most often seen on the material plane, they are seen as lesser beings in this world 2) High Aranea the most common type here who gain a few skill bonuses 3) Aranea strivers can cast spells like a 3rd level sorcer 4) Aranea Firsts cast like 6th level sorcerers 7) Aranea scratchers cannot cast at all. These seven types often have crude jokes at each other’s expensive, but little infighting, though they often don’t help each other out. most of the time they are content to work together to lay ends and other wise just make sure the food remains abundent.


One of the most beuatiful planes in existence, Faraenyl is a pocket world of myth, wonder, and legendary enchantment, underwitch the seasons march with stately grace. High lords and ladies preside over each long seaons’ glories, offering idylls, balls, and sojourns to all visitors to their lands. Despite not being a fey plane, Farenyl seems t obe the epitome of fey magnificience, and for mostt of the visitors to this land, that is exactly what it is, as all people are welcome here (though only fey can find themselves int the circles of the high). The realm is divided into four main regions, at the center of which is the massive city of Emora. It is hard to get to this realm, with the only portal being within small unknown locations like a glade or under a hill. In many ways, the place seems like an ideal paradise, one so carefully nurtured taht it seems to breath and moreve of a great volition that suggest that the land itself is alive, its mood changing with the weather or perhaps its the other way around. Those who leave often find the real world cannot compare to the paradise of this realm, leading them to be overcome with despair. If a traveler leaves through any portal, they always appear where they first entered. Time flows differently here, a day is equal to a month in the material plane, though unlike some planes, travelers do not age as tey would on the material plane. Deities are also are totally cut off from this plane, and any technology with more than 5 working parts simply doesn’t work. The realm os spring is a gentle, rolling land, all hills and dales, with light woods and many streams. The days are warm, the nights chilly and storms sweep across the land on occasion turing the fields to mud and making ground travel almost impossible. Even the storms are beautiful (but deadly), and this is hte msot populous realm for humanoid travellers. The realm of summer is equally awesome, though it is more wild and rugged, and is mostly full of animal spirits and races that like to live in the wilderness. It is a realm of King Robert like feasts, parties, tournaments, women ect. The realm of fall is the realm of mourning and death ,the entire realm is full of barrows where the dead lie. Undead Vistors tend to come to the realm of Fall. Winter is harsh, cold, and dismal, but the natives are very friendly and the pepole who come here tend to be outsiders. The Secret of the realm is this, at the very center of the realm, under ground is hte heart, and here any mortal who comes in can become the King of the Seasons. Only the bravest, strongest, and most charismatic can manage to get to this cavern, and once their it is revealed that their is another realm below the caves, one of mechanics, wheels, machines and clockworks. This is the real heart of the plane, one full of mechanics, carefully modified calculations, and constant labor. Who ever can control the heart of the machine can control the machine which makes the seasons change on this plane. Every so often the seaons stop changing and stagnation comes into play, when the old ruler dies, and the seasons do not change until a brave individual comes to claim the throne. The new rulers become comfortable wit their reign, extending their control through the land and kepeing it stable. They begin looking for greater power and discover the basic secret of the Cycle, which they dare not reveal to even their most trusted advisors. The ybring war to Emora seize the throne and solidify their rule. Eventually they explore the dungeons and discover the heart of the machine. What they don’t understand until they reach this place is that the Cylce requires two essential things to keep it moving: the strong emotions of the land’s Vistors (whether they be joy,s loves, sorrows, or fears) and the blood of the rulers of the realm, they must acrifice themselves for the good of the realm. This phiphany is the culmination of all they studied and learned in their tenure, the machine msut continue its motion. IT could be said that this wisdom grants the machine another cog, and it leads to their doom. A leader cannot come to power unless they love the land, and so all rulers to date have eventually sacrificed themselves.

Natives- The native creatures here are called Season Guides. live off of peoples emotions, and try to make the perfect land. THey are hostile, however they do draw people in to this realm and try to make them forget about everything they learned or loved about the old realm. What they do not understanding is that sometimes flaws can be a good thing, that perfection without context is just boring. The leaders of hte Natives are the Wild Hunt, who move from season to season hunting for the emotional capacity. Frankly, this realm is like Song of Ice and Fire, it surives on the strong emotions of those who live here. The Guides will offer invations to exceptional people from outside, and if they accept, them and all living creatures within 1 square mile will be taken to the realm to live their.

Burning Shadows of Kin-Li’in

An underground hell that is in fact a war between fire and ice, this is the true evil underground. The plane is entirely made up of caverns connecting massive underground pockets, to make things worst the caverns are constantly rearranging themselves to be as inconvient as possible for those who visit. The entire realm is filled with seemingly invisible Geysers, which will emerge all of a sudden out of the ground inflicting massive damage to anybody near by, either shooting up high water or absurdly cold water. As of such, the temperatures are also constantly changing, varying from extreme chill to absurd heat, with NO INBETWEEN AT ALL. Depending on how many people depends on how many geysers will emerge from the ground. Physical movement is what triggers these geysers. Another aspect of this realm is the shadow plague, an affect where their shadows can simply walk up and leave the perosn’s bodies, who normally attack their owners, if now they walk around and do their own thing. Each day somebody stays in this plane, their is a 1 in 6 chance that one’s shadow will randomly attack its owner. Normally they wait until their master is most vulnerable, so almost everybody has no shadows. If the shadow is able to kill its owner, it takes its masters form and become a lesser evil version, who almost always takes one of the two sides of the war. Only the most powerful resurrection spells can bring somebody back if killed by a shadow.

Natives- Terrorites, the natives here worshipers of the geysers, seemingly arbitrarily revering Fire or Ice, and fighting an endless war based on which is best. The war literally has no point, as all the natives look the same and apart from their elemental powers they are exactly the same. All around the plane are empty hollow beings, completely featureless humanoids who have no distingishing aspects except an empty hollow where their heart should be, if an ice shard is place in that hollow, they become a Fire servant, and if a coal is place inside, they become an Ice type. If a rock is place inside, they become one of the weaker versions, who normally act as sellswords for both sides.

The Mountain of Five Windsƒ

Ouno the Storm Realm


Sleeping God’s Soul

The Ten Courts of Ennom (Hell)

Tevaeral Magic’s Last Stand

Venomheart, Haven of the Sleep Pirates

The Violet

The Primal Gardens of Yragon

The Nexus

The Underland

The Silken Ship

The Ethereal Sea

The Celestial River

The Hidden Dimension, the Realm of Time

The Dead Vault


The Immortal Ambulatory


Neth the PLane that lives

The OBservatorium
It is a massive spy plane that tries to…observe everybody else

The Common Ground

The Plane of Mirrors

The Warp
The Birthplace of magic, which nobody ever wants to talk about again ever

The Golden Halls
Isn’t this name taken? Chaotic Good/Winter/Griffindor

The Lurking Fear
Chaotic Evil/Summer

God’s Choice
Lawful Good/Spring

Dread Conquest
Lawful Evil/Autumn

Lawful/Wet Season

Chaotic and Dry Season

Neutral Good

Terror Citadel
Neutral Evil


The Rifts

And finally
The Far Plane












THE COLORS……the colors are…………inside me

(Silence….the silence watches you)

Extra Plane- Basically a throw away idea, where everybody’s genders are switched, which can either be vistors, or the native look like gender switched version of the PCs. Maybe

Temperament planes part 2

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