Shocking Whip
Crafted from the skin of a shocker lizard capable of unleashing a burst of electrical energy when hitting, causing heavy damage and potentially stunning the target for a short period of time
Stats- This +3 bullshit deals 1D6 electrical damage 10% chance of stunning (DC 22) 4 rounds Upgraded becomes a +5 whip which deals an extra 2D8 damage and has a DC 26 for stun

Lightning Whip
A normal whip has long range, but isn’t very powerful against any kind of foe. This was also known to the fighters of Britannia, and so they decided to get their battle-whips enhanced by magic. Enhanted with electrical magic, the Lightning Whip more than doubles in sheer power, shocking the enemy with every hit with a stronge electric charge. Lightning Whps are somewhat rare these days, having mostly fallen out of use due to their popularity in the local…um…Secret Societies with a focus on the physical pleasures.
Stats- This +5 War whip deals 1D12 electric damage with every hit, 1D20 on a critical hit.

Hellish Whip
Usually the weapon of choice of the hellish Eriynes, these whips inflict fire damage on hit
Stats- This +2 flaming bullwhip deals an extra 1D8 to demons



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