Brutal Impact
As one of the perks of being Tyrannar (high cleric) of the Xvimian faith within the Legion of the Chimera, Brutai Mar received the deadly warhammer, Brutal Impact. This hammer sports a finely etched shaft with images of Iyachtu Xvim fending off legions of paladins. Its exquistely crafted mithral hammer is much larger than most warhammers, yet seems no heavier. Like many weapons made with the unholy enchantments of Iyachtu Xvim, the metal of the hammer seems to absorb light into its unending blackness. On the few occasions that the Tyrannar Brutai Mars has used his weapon on his foes, Brutai has felt increased strength and improved accuracy. In addition, some of the crushign blows were accompanied by bruts of Xvimian acid- same acid thatflows through the waters within the severed hand.
Stats- This +3 warhammer scores a critical hit on 19, 33% chance of inflicting 2d6 extra acid damage, and 10% chance of inflicting 2d10 extra acid damage, gives +2 strength If upgraded to Xvim’s Brutal Impact, it becomes a +5 warhammer which gives a +5 to strength

Craftsman’s hammerhead
This heavy-headed hammer looks like it was used for construction on the Palisade of Targos, and its possible that none of the workers were aware of its enchanted nature. While this weapon is a little slower and heavier than a warhammer, its swing is true and does more damage when it hits. A single tap from this hammer creates a clear, ringing note.
Stats- This +1 craftsmen hammer dispels the spell silence and deals double damage to constructs.

Hammer of Darkness
Duergar master artisands forged this hammer of dull gray steel. Its head is marked with a run of terrible black power; even a single blow from this hammer has a chance to swathe an enemies eyes in darkness and blind them.
Stats- This +2 war hammer has a 50% chance of Blinding the target, immunity to the spell darkness, and a 66% chance of limiting the targets vision to only 5 feet.

Hammer of Lightning
The head of this heavy hammer is made form adamantine steel. The haft is carved from solid oak and wrapped in thick cured leather. A mithril spike is attacked to the haft where it protrudes from the head. When drawn, the weapon glows with a soft blue luminance. The Hammer of Lightning can call upon the elemental power of lightning and is naother weapon crafted by the dwarven smith Braegar of Dorn’s Deep.
Stats- This +5 hammer lets you cast Gedlee’s Eletrical Loop Twice per day, and Chain lightning once per day.

This hammer was created by an ingenious gnomish inventor and wizard named Airon Bronue. Actually knows if Airon is a gnome or not because no one as actually seen him. Apparently overnight he had taken over an abandoned shop at the edge of a smal town. One day the shop was vacant and then the next it was boarded up tight with signs in every language telling passerby to go away. Infuriated, the previous owner demanded that he leave, but quickly relinquished his claim to the shop when a large sack of gold appeared at his feet. The very next day, mysterious notes began to appear all over town. They all contained the same message and read as follows:
“Bring Potatoes, will pay in gold”
Airon Broun
Intrigued, a few townspeople decided to take him up on his offer and delivered sacks of potatoes to the shop. They would shove the potatoes into a delivery chute located in the back of the shop and then soon after a small sack of gold would appear, usually five times the worth of the potatoes. The better quality of the potatoes the more gold would appear. News soon spread of this wonderful offer and it was not long until every potato in town was sold to the curious gnome. NO matter how many potatoes were delivered, there always appeared a sack of gold for payment. Needless to say, every farm for miles around started growing potatoes, and each farmer would try to outdo the other by producing the biggest and tastiest potatoes. This continued on for years until finally, the quality of potatoes was so good that instead of gold appearing, magic items of all sorts would appear. Not realizing the magical nature of the items given, the farmers osld them to passing merchants, and stopped farming potatoes alltogether. This hammer is one such item. By inserting special enchanted plates into the head of the hammer, the user is able to modify the abilities of the hammer. This particular hammer comes with plates to do extra acid, cold and fire damage.
This +5 warhammer crits on an 18, and can deal 1d6 extra acid, cold, frost, or fire damage and a 10% chance to deal 2d10 extra damage of the type

The Protean Hammerhead
Another such item made by Airon Broun
This +3 light hammer deals 1d6 extra damage of every energy type

Rune Hammer
Glittering with silver runes, capable of absorbing powerful spells, this mighty war hammer was the holy artifact of a Dwarven tribe known as the Broodhull Clan. For centuries of the Broodhulls ruled the mountains of Vilhon Reach. Then, in only a single year the entire clan of over two hundred dwarves disappeared entirely. Only their empty halls remains, although some claim that the ghosts of the past can still be heard, echoing through what became their tomb
Stats- This +8 warhammer gives SR 16

A divine Champion of Selune, Ashen Harcall wielded this warhammer against the fiendish forces of darkness many times. His last mission sent him into the bowels of the Underdark, searching for news of a possible outsider invasion. No word of him has reached the church and they fear him dead
Stats- This +5 warhammer is +10 vs. outsider, and gives a +5 AC, Torm worshiper only.

Hammer of the Wisp
A clan of svirfneblin deep within the Underdark created the Hammers of the Wisp to guard against vicious drow hunting parties. They hoped to model an item that could erupt with light, slowing or repelling their enemy. They were initially successful and a dark elf group broke ranks the first time the weapon was used. No record of the deep gnome exists after that, however, and it is unlikely they survived the drow reprisal.
Stats- This +2 warhammer is +3 against drows, emits light, 50% Fear/2 rounds/DC 14

Lady Ashideena was a remarkable strategist who honed their skills against the orc armies in the Year of the Black Hoard. She met Dergat Wiltoon the warrior that wielded weapon-when he foiled an ambush led by the great orc Varstok, and soon after made her Field Captain. After serving at each other’s side for the entirety of the war they fell in love and eventually married. Historians report that Dergat named this warhammer after his bride to remind himself of the love he fought top protect. What Lady Ashideena thought of this is unknown.
Stats- +3 Warhammer inflicts an extra 1D6 points of electric damage a speed of 5.
Borok’s Fist
Borok Thundercracker was a dwarven hero that led several campaigns against giants and other “tall vermin” that had plagued his people in a number of their communities. This hammer was his blessed weapon, which his elven allies called his “little iron fist”, though not to his face.
Stats- +2 warhammer that deals an extra point of electric damage.
The capper
The Knee-capper or ‘The capper” as it is affectionally known in dwarven circles, is rumored to have been forged by Clangeddin himself. He gave it to a small clan of homeless dwarves that they might carve a place for themselves amongst the giants and ogres in their area. The hammer has been passed from hero to hero, occasionally finding its way into non-dwarven hands.
Stats- +1 War hammer, +4 vs. giants, and it gives you a +4 to defense against giants with a speed of 2. Also deals an extra 2 damage against giants.

Crom Faeyr
This is the true name that the dwarven weaponsmith, Silverblade, gave to the weapon he intended to create for his son. Alas, his son died before the weapon was ever completed, but here it stands complete…forged from the combined magic of the original hammer with the Gauntlets of Ogre Power and a Girdle of Frost Giant Strength. Crom Faeyr gifts its users with all the powers of the original Hammer of Thunderbolts, in addition to enormous strength and the ability to kill golems, ettins and trolls in one blow.
Stats- This +5 warhammer gives a +7 bonus to defense, a speed of 1, and over comes any damage reduction or magical defense. It deals an extra 2d4 +3 damage with another 5 points of electric damage, and raises your strength to 25. Against stone golems, clay golems, trolls and ettins the weapon will deal an extra 4 points of damage, with additional it being a +8 against trolls and ogres, 75% of stunning for 1 round (DC 14)
Hammer of Thunderbolts
A dwarven smith, Silverblade, forged this hammer and two other items; a girdle of giant strength and gauntlets of ogre power. His intention was to gift them to his son, who was then a high officer in the dwarven armies, fighting the giant and ogre tribes of the reach. Unfortunately Silverblade’s son died just after the completion of the three items and before they could be gifted to him. In grief, Silverblade himself donned the girdle and the gauntlets. Taking up the Hammer of Thunderbolts he went to battle against the giant folk. He died valiantly. Along the hammer of Thunderbolts is a powerful magical weapon but when merged with the gauntlets of ogre power and a girdle of giant strength the transformed.
Stats- This +3 warhammer deals an extra 1D6 in thunder damage, it becomes +4 with either the gauntlet or the girdle, or +5 with both.

Ice Grinder
‘Nothin’ finer than dwarven forged hammers to break through the ice to where I keeps me ale. I tired to use a pathetic human forged hammer once and it shattered in me hand. I went three days without ale; gods wipe that image from me mind!”- Kilrav dwarven rogue
stats- This +1 warhammer deals an extra point of sonic damage

Rift Hammer
During the Time of Troubles the walls between dimensions seemed particularly thin, and many creatures normally confined to other planes walked the face of Toril. Unfamiliar items appeared as well, including several of these weapons found after portals or rifts were sighted. The true origin of the Rift Hammers have never been explained and superstitious folk refused even to hold them for fear they retain the taint of the lower planes
Stats- This +6 warhammer deals an extra 1D8 sonic damage

Dwarven Thrower
This hammer, not to be confused with the elven made Dwarf Thrower, is only usable by dwarves. In the capable hands of a dwarven warrior the hammer may be thrown at an opponent. The magic in the hammer draws it back to the hand of its wielder. If it hits an opponent it does double the normal damage that a hammer would normally do. Against giants and ogres the hammer does an additional +8 damage, due to the special hatred that dwarves hold against these races
Stats- This swerves as a +3 warhammer or returning throwing hammer, which deals a +8 damage against ogres giants, with a speed factor of 1.

This darksteel hammer has a rune of power inscribed upon its head, and has many of the powers of a mace of disruption. With the Rune of Clangeddin inscribed on the head of this hammer, it will grant even more power.
Stats+ This +4 warhammer is +8 against undead, and forces undead to make a charisma save vs. death with a -4 penalty or die. It also gives a +4 to defense. Speed of 0. If upgraded it becomes a +5 hammer that gives the wielder immunity to negative energy, fear, and level drain. 1/day the wielder can cast Mass Cure, and grants the wielder a strength of 22 for 5 rounds.

This warhammer has a huge stone head in the shape of a rectangular block. Faint traces of gore and blood are on all sides of the hammer’s head. The shaft is of a thick wood that looks too weak to support the hammer head’s weight. This enchanted hammer was used as a tool by the Athar at one time during their religious persecution phase of their faction history. The magical wear-hammer “Foolsmiter” was constructed so that it did additional damage against opponents who were particular stupid. When it was crafted, however, the enchantment was twisted such that if the user was less intelligent than the target struck by the wielder the wielder would take damage as well. For many years, the hammer became a test rite between rival members of the Athar as a primitive (and lethal) IQ test. It was stolen from their headquarters in the Shattered Temple many years ago and has resurfaced once or twice across the Planes. It is believed that the Intelligence contests the hammer once inflicted has dissipated from the hammer over time, but no one has been confident enough to put it to the test.
Stats- This +2 warhammer deals an extra 1D6 damage for each point below 10 their intelligence is. So an extra 1D6 to a target with Int 9, 2D6 to Int 8, 3D6 to Int 7. If the wielder is stupider than the target they take 1D6 for every point of int below they are. Only Athar can use the intelligence aspects.

This enormous hammer is the third weapon in the Godsmen’s “Triad of Tests”; the other two are the axe “Ascension’ and the dagger “Enlightenment”. Its head is covered with mystical runes and engraved with the symbol of the Godsmen. It thrums in your hands. You are the first to bear this weapon.
Stats- This +2 two handed hammer adds +1 to charisma and AC, only usable by Godsmen

Brimstone Hammer
This type of weapon, thought to be forged by the flames of the elemental plane of fire, is extremely rare, even in Sigil. The elemental properties of the hammer grants it wielder an increased resistance to fire and fire-based attacks. In addition, when used in combat, the hammer deals out additional damage when it successfully connects, searing its target with crackling flames
Stats- This +1 heavy hammer deals an extra 4 damage and gives 25% Fire Resistance

The Divine Sledge hammer
This happier bears a wounding enchantment and is much lighter than a normal hammer, allowing it to be swung faster and do more damage in combat. Any history or legends concerning this hammer have been eclipsed by other, more famous weapons in the Encyclopedia Magica. Nonetheless, this sledgehammer carries itself with quiet dignity.
Stat- This +1 Sledge hammer is weightless and damage from this weapon can only be healed naturally, no magical healing.

Hammer of Commutation
Research reveals that is a formidable weapon indeed. Far superior to a normal sledgehammer, this war hammer delivers a devastation strike that not only inflict crushing damage, but also fractures any surface it contacts, whether bone, metal or wood, inflicting extra damage…if the victim survives it also softens her up for the next attack. It was used extensively by Enote, a Doomguard priest, in 14 E.U. A philosopher who was prone to violent mood swings while debating theology, he was known to espouse the virtues of the hammer as a means of furthering the decay of dead matter. Whether or not what he struck with the hammer was dead or alive before the blow is open to debate.
Stats- This +2 war hammer deals an extra 1D6 Acid damage, and if the same target is hit a second time it deals an extra 1D10 damage. Counts as +3 if wielded by a Doomguard.

This hammer was made by a self-styled prophet of providential rejection. His name was Phellep, and he believed that the actions of the individual were of were of no consequence to the fate of humanity as a whole. As a result, he rejected concepts of good and evil, instead adopting an attitude of enforced indifference and abstention from social, moral and political activity. The hammer he carried with him was used to pound on the doors of churches, what he called, “the dens of fools and mindless men.”
stats- This +4 warhammer is +5 against Good and Evil Creatures, deals 3 extra damage.



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