War Spear


A fallen paladin called Matthain ‘Blackwatch’ used this eapon to kill one hundred and one knights of his former king. Matthain’s family, Chamberlain, had a long tradition of producing paladins of Tyr. Matthain’s fahter, Garlan, slew a powerful high priest of Bane who had bene posing a threat to the kingdom. The pirests evil magic brought him back from the dead. This pirest, called “the Chamberlain Haunt” cursed the Chamberalin family to only produce stillborn children until he had been appeased. Matthain, as the heir to the family, took it upon himself to remove the curse. The chamberlain Haunt told Matthain that he must kill one hundred and one knights of the king, and for every knight killed 100 innocents would be freed from hell. Matthain began his grim task, slaughtering every knight he came across. He brought the skull and shield of each warrior to the Chamberalin Haunt as proof os hid deed. The king dispatched bands of knights and heroes to kill Matthain, but he proved too difficult a foe. Finally after three years of murdering, Matthain had killed one hundred knights. He told the Chamberlain Haunt that it was time to end the curse. The Chamberlain Haunt corrected him, that he had only killed 100. Overcome with misery and regret, Mattthain nodded and immediately threw himself and the Chamberlain on his own spear. With matthain and Garlan dead, and the letter of his requirement fulfilled, the curse was ended and the chamberlain Haunt was called to the Supreme Throne by Bane, screaming all the way.
Stats- This +5 War Spears gives you immunity to Critical hits.

Spear of Kerish
This spear is of unusual construction. The haft is crystal clear and is made of some unknown material. The spearhead itself appears to be an ice cycle urrounded by an aura of frost. A fine mist of ice crystal surrounds the entire weapon.
Stats- This +3 war spear gives 10% fire resistance and deals 1D6 cold damage


War Spear

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