War Rod


Debian’s Rod of Smiting
Rods of Smiting are extremely uncommon weapons, though they can be very useful against some foes. This particular rod was last in the possession of a priest of Gond named Debian of Urmlaspyr. Debian was an eccentric adventurer, who took it upon himself to investigate every type of golem that had that had been reported in the realms. In many cases, the the creator of the golem would send his or her creations after Debian for his snooping. Debian usually escaped without much personal harm, but unfortunately for him, his luck ran out when he investigated the liar of the Machinery Man, a bizarre lich who happened to be the creator of golems and other animated constructs. The machinery Man’s lab full of iron golems proved to be too much for Debian to overcome.
Stats- This +3 war rod, 5% of instantly destroying an enemy golem, deals 1D12 extra damage against golems, and against Outer Plane creatures has a 5% chance of dealing 1D20 and 1D6 extra damage.

Scepter of Tyranny
Owned and enchanted by an archetypical priest of Bane, the Scepter of Tyranny was at the forefront of many terrible battles. Archendros of Bane was a snide, malicious man of almost perfect mental and physical abilities. He could be found leading groups of impressionable young fighters, rogues, and other assorted thugs in press gangs wandering Waterdeep. Faced with opposition, Archendrows would simply employ the power of the black and red scepter and urge his minions into the retreating crowds. The charismatic Banite was eventually killed in battle by a priest of Torm and his paladins comrades
Stats- This +4 war rods renders the wielder immune to fear effects, +1 to Charisma, Domination and Cloak of Fear 1/day


War Rod

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