Utility Items (Zelda)


Roc’s Feather- This item allows the character to jump without having to take their own body weight into effect. It can be upgraded to allow you a double jump

Roc’s Cape- This cape will allow you to to glide through the air up to 10 feet, used best in combination with the Roc’s Feather.

Hookshot- This returning item allows you to shoot out a blade that will then take yto that location. Only connects to organice objects (Wood, vines, etc). It can be extended with an object known as a longshot, which instead of the original 15 feet will take you 30 feet. IF used against a living target, it will deal a single point of damage. The Nice Longshot will be able to pull switches and deal 1D3 damage instead

Switch Hook- This strange item has a range of 15 feet, and if used against either an un fettered item of the same weight as the user or a living creature, will switch places with them. THe Long Switch extends this to 30 feet.

Clawshot- Very similar to the Hookshot, this item is basically a giant claw on a chain (range 15 feet) and if it can grab unto something (like a grate, or a vine or a ledge) it will allow you to hang from that point. While the Hookshot takes you to that location and then lets go, the Clawshot will let you hang out for a little bit while in that position. Unlike the Hookshot, you can stop yourself part way up the chain.

Grappling Hook- Its basically a grappling hook, its only advantage over the Claw or Hook shot is that you can use your body weight with it and you can swing yourself.

Deku Leaf- This small leaf serves two purposes. Firstly it can be used to blow a gus of air that will knock objects over or knock flying creatures to the ground. However in the Short term it can be used for floating through the air like a massive parachute, draining 5% of ones mana per round

Gus Jar- This strange item can be used to suck things into the area, anything in its range (15 feet) that weighs 50 pounds or less will be sucked into the jar, living creatures must make a strength check to resist. It can also shoot out said objects at a very high speed dealing 1D6, 1D8, or 1D10 points of damage

Gust Bellow: this object can shoot out a massive gush of air, like a hose, that will blow almost anything back that goes up against it

Spinner: This strange top automatically allows the wielder to ride it without risk of falling off. The spinner will move at a rate of 20 feet per round for 4 rounds before running out of energy, dealing 1D8 damage to any foe in the way. However if it has a a railing or track to attack itself too, it can move at a vastly increased pace and move independently for as many rounds as it was on the rail.

Hint Glasses: These allow you to see a hint ghost you filthy cheater

Tornado Rod: This Rod can serve as a hand held helicopter for 5 rounds, moving at a rate of 10 feet per round

Ravio Braclet- Lets the user turn 2-dimensional at will, provided there is a wall there

Bow of Light: This bow is the only weapon that can be used in two dimensional Form

Fireshield earings: These allow the user to put out any small non magical flame within 10 feet

Waterdragon Scale: This item allows the user to create a whirlpool in any water they are located in…be careful

Fairy Bugcatching Net: this net is used for…well capturing bugs. However once a creature is caught in the net, it cannot escape.

Fishing Rod: Figure it out

The Beetle: THis odd little object sends out a flying claw that will pick up various objects and move them around remotely.

Magnetic Gloves: These Gloves can mostly be used to either bring metal towards you or pull yourself towards metal. Its awesome.

Minish Cap: This can shrink you down to the size of about a 10th of an inch

Gnat Hat: this allows you to shrink to about a single inch

Magic Mantle: This cloak allows the wielder to turn into a ghost for a brief period, letting him move through physical barriers and avoid enemies. However every round doing this costs 30% of MP

Magic Powder…this….odd item that does a great deal of stuff; Firstly it will make a shapeshifter reveal their true self or an alternate form if they don’t have a true self, removing status effects and lighting fires. It uses up 5% of MP when used however.

Book of Mudurna: This book allows you to read (though not speak) any language

Ramble Nut: This nut allows you to speak (Though not read) any language

Lence of Truth: This item allows you to see through any illusion. Cost 5% of MP per round

Deku Nut: When thrown, this small nut will cause a flash of light, blinding opponents for 1 round

Deku stick: These light sticks can deal 1D10 damage but break after one hit. They also work as makeshift torches

Stone of Agony: This stone starts to rumble if a magic item is near by

Magnifiying Glass: Lets you see the Minish World

Fairy Shovel: This item lets you automatically dig three feet into the ground below you

Mole Mitts: Lets you burrow through the Earth


Utility Items (Zelda)

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