Tower Shied/Body Shield


Mystery of the Dead
The front of this huge steel shield is decorated with black enameled patterns and a single skull set in the center. The interior of the shield is etched with encrypted ancient writings. The only legible words are at the top, and read ’AND WHAT OF THE DEAD?”. The history of the item is completely hidden from divination. Edion has deciphered a bit more of the text, unlocking new abilitoes of the shield.
Stats- This +4 Tower Shield is +5 against ranged weapons, grants immunity to Finger of Death and Power Word Kill. Humans and Half-Elves only. If upgraded lets you use Cure Critical Wounds and Undead Ward 1/day

Shield of the Hand
Made during the golden age between the elves of the Seldarine’s Hand and the dwarves of Dorn’s Deep. Etched with elven runes across its face, this shield was made from some of the stongest metals to ever come from Dorn’s Deep. Any bearer of this shield is confident in the fact the shield wil ldeflect any blow brought upon it.
Stats- This +3 tower shield is +4 against ranged weapons
Rhino Bettle Shield
This shield ws crafted from the tough exoskeleton of a giant rhinocories beetle. Naturally tough, it has been cured and reinforced by skilled duergar craftsman. It looks and functions likea tower shield crafted from wood and metal, though it weights much less.
Stats This +1 Tower Shield is +1 against ranged weapons.

Valiant Defender
‘Many an attack has been turned by this shield, my greatest creation! This is far better than my boltless crossbow, although I still think that a crossbow that fires field mice could be potentially given the right circumstances”- Wandatin di’Noga- Gnomish Tinker
stats- This +1 Body Shield gives immunity to Snowball swarm.

Bulwark of the Great Dragon
Darson the master smith constructed this mighty shield out of the bones and scales of an ancient wyrm. While Darson, never afraid of bragging, claims he slew the beast himself, few believe it. Most likely he came upon the corpse of the great beast and salvaged what he could. What ever the truth may be, the protections on this are formidable enough to please the bravest of knights
Stats=- This +6 tower shield grants Dragon Breath (fire) 3/day

Darksteel Great Shield
For a brief period in its history, Darksteel tower was ruled by a vicious coven of surface-roaming drow. From shadowed alcoves, high priestesses stood guard over the tower by night and day, wrapping their sensitive skin in swaths of black cotton. When Harpers finally destroyed the nest, these huge and ominous shields were all that survived of Darksteel Tower. Neither the blades nor magic of the Harpers could dent them
Stats- This +2 Great Shield is +4 against Emperors

Goblin Shield of Nulbish
Nulbish a half-orc ranger became a champion of the northern orc clans during their fateful Goblins Wars. Despite his half-human heritage, they appreciated his ferocity in battle and the rousing speeches he gave from atop his piled victims. When Nulbish was killed by a members of his father’s own clan, the orc squabbled for months over who should bear his shield. Numerous forgeries were crafted during this times and the fragile orc alliance eventually splintered
Stats- This +1 Body Shield is +3 against Goblinoids, adds darkvision

Shield of the Dragonslayer
Like many items designed to defat dragons, these shields can be traced to the year of the Dracorage (1018 DR). They were built with immensely strong material and techniques and rumors put a castle engineer in charge of their construction. There may be some truth in this rumor, since the shield resemble reinforced castle gates more than ordinary armor plates.
Stats- This +3 Tower Shield is +5 vs. Dragon

Greater Shield of Dawn
During the Time of Troubles, Lathander was disturbed with the number of undead walking the realms. To counter this, he taught several of his followers how to create these shields. The shields are now bestowed upon those clerics who show the greatest ability to hunt and destroy.
Stats- This +1 Great Shield, is +5 against undead, creates white Light

Greater Shield of the Watch
A cunning mind seems to have taken control of the wemic society in the shaar, as they have now formed fighting brigades called ‘The Watch’. What plans this new leader may have can only be guessed at from the creation of the shields, that the elite wearriors carry. The nomadic human tribes are beginning to grow wary, as several tribes have disappeared completely in the last year.
Stats- This +2 great Shield is +5 against human.

Hastsezini’s Shield
A legendary mercenary of Riativin, Hastsezini urged the city’s five competing wizards to pool their valuables in a single storehouse where he could stand guard over them all. Such was the respect and fear he commanded that all agreed and not a single theft was ever attempted on his watch. Hastsezini showed no interest in the riches he guarded, perhaps because each of the five wizards was content to pay him in a full wage.
Stats- This +5 Great Shield can only be used by Lawful, gives protection from Chaos.

Imaskari Shield
Often mistaken for relic of the ancients Imaskari civilization, these massive shield were actually used against them by their enemies. While large and unwieldy, they offered substantial protection against the spells of the mighty wizards of Imaskar. Those still in use today continue to be a thorn in the side of spellcasters throughout Faerun.
Stats- This +2 great shield gives spell resistance 10.

Privateer Sagewell’s Figurehead
Born into a proud noble family, Talissa Sagewell served as a Purple Dragon Knight of Cormyr until being discharged for a crime she did not commit. Disheartened and bitter, she was eventually drawn into a life of piracy where she allowed the sea to wash away her pain and hostility. Upon acquiring her first ship, she used the shield she bore as a Purple Knight as the figurehead, a reminder that she alone was responsible for the path that she had chosen. It served as a marker towards the true path of her heart; one of honor and discipline. Noble privateers honor her to this day.
Stats- This +2 tower shield, Negative Energy Resistance 10, Good Only


Tower Shied/Body Shield

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