Throwing Axe


The origin of this weapon is unknown, but it is believed to be the result of some sort of joke. Screamer appears to be a normal throwing axe. However, once it is released from the hand it actually emits a high piercing ‘scream’ as it travels towards its target. Upon a successful hit, the target will take additional sonic damage. Screamer is not a suble weapon and should never be considered for any kind of stealthy endeavors. The one benefit of Screamer is that it confers immunity to silence spells upon its wielder. If upgraded to the “Screaming axe” its abilitis are even more enhanced.
Stats- This +1 returning throwing axe has a 50% chance to deal an extra 1D6 damage and renders the wielder immunity to silence (the axe screams when used). If upgraded becomes a +5 throwing axe that deals an extra 3d6 automatically in addition to its 50% chance to deal an extra 1D6

The Dwarven master smith, Magmar Ironsmelt, created this axe. It is said he spent his entire life studying various blacksmithing techniques in preparations for creating this axe. Thirty days and thirty nights, Magmar secluded himself in his shop with only the steady company. On the thirteen night Magmar completed Stormshifter whereupon he promptly fell over dead. Now it is rumored that whereupon he promptly fell over dead. Now it is rumored that although the utmost respect was offered by his fellow smiths during his funeral, titters of laughter could be heard behind muffled, closely held conversations. It seems that Magmar’s final work was not the great work everyone was expecting, in fact it was rather plain and hardly worthy of a Dwarven forged weapon let alone one forged by a master smith. For many years, this long forgotten weapon hung upon the walls of Clan Ironsmelt, until one fateful day a hoard of goblins invaded. In the final moments of the battle, a lone injured dwarf grabbed Stormshifter in desperation from its pruchase and flung it at the hoard, who were breaking into the throne room. To his surprise, Stormshifter transformed into a ball of pure energy and surged through the throngs of goblins with deadly accuracy. As fast as he could throw the axe it would return, leaving smoldering goblin corpses wherever it traveled. By any rights this should have been a tale of legend, but with any legend their has to be survivors to tell the tale. Unfortunately, Clan Ironsmelt died that day along with the unnamed dwarf, who the goblins eventually overwhelmed at great loss. The reason why the story is known at all is thanks to goblin historians who wanted to understand what the hell just happened. To them.
Stats- This 5 throwing axe deals 2d65 electric damage to all creatures within 5 feet of of I the weapon every round, including when thrown. So if the axe is thrown in a 30 foot line, it deals 2D6+5 damage to everybody within 5 feet of that line. If used as a melee weapon, it just counts as a +5 hand axe, that deals 2d6 (no +5) to anybody within 5 feet of the wielder

Axe of the Coming Storm
The pride of the Thunderkind Corps until their dissolution in 1095 DR, these axes have seen battle countless time. Unfortunately, any individuals act of heroism accomplished with these weapons have been forgotten, forever overshadowed by a more dubious honor. Hangard’s Axe is the only one of the lot individually remembered, losing its original name after a dwarf fond of ale made it famous by continually burying it in the foreheads of his friends
Stats- This +3 returning Throwing axe deals an extra 1D4 electric damage.

Black Raven Axe
These weapons supposedly came from a group of druids and rangers who appealed to Mielikii for aid in the defense of their wood. In answer, a flock of ravens descended, each transforming into a throwing axe capable of striking fear into the heart of its target. As with many such tales, the name of the groups and even the location of the forest change with every teller.
Stats- +1 Throwing Axe has a 50% chance of inflicting Fear for 2 rounds, DC 14

Fire Axe
These glowing red axes explode in flames when they strike their target. Like many such items, they are viewed by druids and rangers with suspicion by treant with open hostility
Stats- +1 Throwing axe deals 1D4 fire damage.

Juggling Axes of the 12 Short Adventurers
The Twelve Short Adventurers were a popular seafaring circus that traveled the length and breadth of the Nelanthar Isles. The company, comprised of Halfling Acrobats and escape artists, gained fame and renown for their lavish and imaginative performances.
Stats- This +1 Throwing axe deals an extra 1D4 damage, halflings only.

Rifthome Axe
These items are vexing to modern sage, since their dwarven creators remains completely unknown. No dwarf yet encounter has claimed kinship with the mysterious smith, and further investigation are met with gruff explanations and eventually stony silence.
Stats- this is a +3 mighty throwing axe

Thunderbeast Axe
These axes are so named because each strikes with a blast of thunder, often dazing or deafening the target. Though legend hold that the axes were a gift from the heaven themselves, they are too variable in power to have come from a single source. Most scholars agree that they were likely fashioned by several different artisans, perhaps in tribute to a lost original.
Stats- This +3 throwing axe deals an extra 1D4 sonic damage.

Pole Axe
Axe of the Minotaur Lord
This fine weapon once belonged to the Minotaur Lord in the Luremaster’s catacombs. The axe sports a double blade mounted on a solid oak shaft. It is finely balanced and may be used one handed by the giants.
Stats- This +4 pole axe renders you immune to the Maze Spell.

Joril’s Axe
this mighty weapon consists of five to six-footed haft with a heavy blade, and while unwieldy, a skilled warrior can strike blows of tremendous strength with it. Joril Frostbeard, the frost giant leader, shielded this axe. The weapon has been enchanted with several beneficial magics.
Stats- This +3 Poleaxe gives a +1 bonus to Con, and a -1 penalty to Dex

The Celebrant’s Blade
This beautiful axe was carefully made by Briath Silverhand a master craftsman and devoted worshiper of Moradin. Briath created the weapon to celebrate the completion of a glorious monument to his god, the father of the dwarven race. He placed it in the monument should a hero need it to liberate Dorn’s Deep at some future date.
Stats- This +4 double pole axe deals an extra 1D6 sonic damage.

Long Cleaver
This weapon was commisioned by the eccentric nobleman Pelp Cadari. Pelp was a friend of all chaotic priesthoods, frequently donating money to whomever he fancied at any given time. His associates and servants always kept their distance, as his wild mood swings could take him from joyous euphoria to miserable melancholy or furious rage at any moment. He paid over forty thousand gold pieces to have this halberd made, despite the fact that he only used the item to ‘cut’ his fowl at his long dinner table. When Pelp died, he left the weapon to his pet goat, Azuth. In case of Azuth’s death, this weapon would be then passed on to the first girl wearing a blue dress who entered his study. Twelve years after Azuth died (yummy), Pelp’s niece, Amara, went into his study to find a book. The chamberlain of Pelp’s mansion gave Long Cleaver to Amara when she turned sixteen. She wold the weapon to finance her entry into an academy of magic.
Stats- This +4 Pole Axe gives you constant protection from Law


Throwing Axe

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