Caridin’s Shield
This was made by Paragon Caridin himself. The design is deceptively ordinary, but the shield is flawlessly smooth and perfectly round. The metal is warm, as if just taken from the forge.
Stats- This +5 Targa gives 10% cold, electric and Spirit resistance

Mythal’s Shield
The symbol of Mythal, the Dalish god of Justice, is eerily vivid on the face of this shield. Strangely, the shield refers to Mythal as the goddess of vengeance, even though she famously calmed the vengeance of her husband.
Stats- This +1 Targa lets the wielder deal 1 extra damage on critical hits and gain 10 extra hit points whenever healed.
User- Fenarel

Ruck’s Shield
The masterwork of the Smith Teruck, this was a gift from Filda for news of her lost son Ruck, and is designed specifically to fight darkspawn.
Stats- This +5 Targa gives 10% spirit resistance, gives +4 to attack, deals 4 extra damage against darkspawn and deals double damage to Blighted.



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