Spell Charm (Zelda)


Din’s Fire: This charm will produce a bunch of fire in every direction in ten feet inflicting 1D12 fire damage to everybody in the area. Works 1/day, with an addition use per every 20% of magic bar

Nayru’s Love: This spell creates a diamond around the user making them immune to all damage for 1 round, and another round per 10% of mana. They person still can be physically knocked back and no other spells can be used while this is working

Farore’s Wind: This spell serves as an anchoring point, if put in a specific location, allows the user to teleport back to that point. The point has to be within ten miles of the original place.

Din’s Charm: This item turns the user’s uniform red and makes the next attack deal an extra 1D12 damage (last 5 mins)

Farore’s Charm; This item turns the user’s clothes purple and has their next attack deal 1D8 damage and allows the user to heal 1d8 hit points any time within the next 5 mins. It uses up 30% of the the user Mana

Nayru’s charm: This item turns the uniform blue and lets the user heal 1D12 hit points one time in the next 5 mins

Spell Medallions

Ether Medallion: This program causes lightening to come down in a 50 foot radius. All flying enemies are have to make a Reflex save (DC 18) or take 2D12 damage, land based enemies have to make a reflex save (DC 15) or take 1D12. If you want to use this more than one, it cost 40% of mana

Quake Medallion: This Item causes all ground based enemies to make a reflect save (DC 17) or take 1D12 damage. Plus they must make a fortitude save (DC 13) or be turned into a slime for 1D8 rounds. If they roll a 1, they will turn into a bit instead. Using this takes more than once takes up 70% of the magic bar

Bombos Medallion: This item will causes a circle of magical energy to shoot 30 feet around the user, anybody touched will fucking explode. Unless they make a Reflex Save (DC 17)will take 2D20 damage, and are considered on fire (taking 1D6 points of fire damage each round until the fire is put out). This uses up 80% of ones mana after the first attack


Spell Charm (Zelda)

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