Kinetic Spear
A philosopher mage named Giddeon the Bleiever was the creator of this weapon. He claimed that there were natural ‘currents’ of energy that existed throughout the world. To tap into the power behind these currents, Giddeon stated, a wizard simply needed to understand how they function. Once he or she understood the flow of energy, he or shee could theoretically draw power from it through spellcaster or through a ‘focus device’. When Giddeon’s laboratory was destroyed by a colossal explosion in 1010 DR, this spear was one of the only times that survived. The spear guides itself along natural lines of energy as it veers towards its targets. Rarely, the spear will tap into a line of latent power and cause it explode in shaft of violent force.
Stats- This +2 spear has a 5% chance of casting Lance of Disruption.

Puny’s Poker
Puny was the smallest goblin of one the most pathetic goblin tribes known to ever exist. Although short, he made up for his lack of height in his cleverness. During a goblin raid of a merchant caravan, he found a magic spear within one of the wagons. He took the spear and made some modification that would inflict deeper wound upon striking its target.
Stats- This +3 short spear deals 1D6 damage for the next three rounds.

The Spear of White Ash
Consecrated by Malarite priests hundreds of year ago, this spear was used on High Hunts in preparation for their bloody feasts. It was last in the hands of Old Hunter Wellin, who is believed to have died when he foolishly hunted dryads near the Cloakwood. The weapon is made from a single piece of ash wood topped with a cruel spearhead.
Stats- This +3 spear has a 5% chance to cause 1D6 additional damage.

Kinetic Spear
A philospher mage named Giddeon the Believer was the creator of this weapon. He claimed that there ware natural ‘currents’ of energy existed throughout the world. To tap into the power behind these currents, Giddeon stated, a wizards simply needed to understand how they functioned. Once he or she understood the flow of energy, he or she could theoretically draw power from it through spellcasting or through a ‘focus device.” When Giddeon’s laboratory was destroyed by a colossal explosioned in 1010 DR, this spear was one of the only tiems that survied. The spear guides itself along natural lines of energy as it veers towards its targets. Rarely, the spear will tap into a line a latent power and cause it to explode in a shaft ofviolent force.
Stats- This +2 spear has a 5% chance of initiates a Lance of Disruption.

Black Kumade
These spears belonged to Gull Shatterneck and his bandit kin, a group quite used to making short work of targets with their magic weapons. Unfortunately, they choose to attack their last ‘victim’ without properly investigating them first, and captured members of the Gray Wolf Tribe tore them limb from limb at the next full moon
Stats- This +2 spear gives spell resistance 10.

Fey Spear
During a recent crisis, when the Spirit of the Never winter Woods was wounded, several dryads and nymphs worked together to create a weapon, which they hoped would help them protect their home. Before they could find a hero to give this weapon to, the crisis was ended, and the fey folk forget about the weapon, leaving it lying in the woods.
Stats- This +8 spear deals an extra 1D6 electric damage, and has 50% chance of inflicting sleep for 2 rounds (will DC 14)

Biarspikes look like they could have been plucked from some giant quill-covered beast, but the methods involved are very sophisticated and bear the hallmark of Menold of Waterdeep. This may shed some light on his fate, as he was reported lost to an orc raid on his tower years ago. He may have attempted to buy his freedom with his services, but it would have only made him more valuable as a prisoner.
Stats- This +2 speaer deals 1D6 acid damage.

Heartwood Spear
This weapon was a gift from theelven nation to the kingdom of Algarond after the declaration of peace between the two people in 1065 DR. Spear of this type are carefully crafted, and rumored to come from the wood of Evereska itself.
Stats-This +4 spear deals 1D6 acid damage and 75% of casting daze for 1 round (DC 14)

Spear of Withering
The year of the Awakening, 1001 DR, saw the reemergence of many ancient evils as treasure-hungry explorers unearthed ruins in several locations. One such breach freed Sek’coTul, a lich imprisoned beneath the Forest of Mir. He left for some unknown hold, but he opened tomb quickly tainted trees in the area. Druids cleansed the area with fire, but some of the wood was taken by a local mage and made into these spears
Stats- This +1 Spear can drain a point from constitution for 1 hour (DC 14)

Uthgardt Ceremonial Spear
This ceremonial spear radiates a powerful dweomer of magic. It is adorned with beads and feathers in the style of the Uthgardt people, and the shaft is covered with colorfully ornate and decorative runes.
Stats- This +3 spear is +4 vs. giant and deals double on crits.

Ixil’s Spike/Ixil’s Nail
This complicated weapon can be broken in two, using the spear head to create a dagger and the shaft to create a less dangerous spear. When separated, the Shaft, known as Ixil’s Nail, is a 4 spear that makes you immune to Acid Arrow. Ixil’s Spike counts as a +2 dagger that make you immune to ice arrow. If combined togheter, it becomes a +6 spear that can be used to pin the enemy for 3 rounds and deal 1D65 extra damage very round the enemy is pinned.

The electrum plated shaft of this weapon hums with magical power. Occasionally blue bolts of energy run down the length of the spear, charging it. In battle hwne it hits an opponent it strikes for additional electrical damage
Stats+ This +1 spear deals an extra 1D4 electric damage

Backbiter (cursed
This cursed spear will appeaer as a magical spear, hwoever when a combat situation arises, the wielder will attack the enemy and backbiter will attack the wielder. For every attack made, Backbiter will attack the foe and also the wielder. This is a powerful spear, but one must ask if it is worth it in the end.
Stats- This +3 spear hits the wielder for 3 damage upon every successful hit.

The impaler has a palpable aura of magic that hints at the vicious nature of the weapon and why it has been a favorite of several powerful orc chieftains in the past. When a victim is struck, they are, as one would guess, very nearly impaled, run through as the massive enchantment does it dirty work.
Stats- this +3 spear deals an extra 10 points of damage.

Kyosti’s Hunting Spear
Kyosti spent many moons working with the artisans of the Wandering Village in the creation of this enchanted hunter’s spear. Like the man himself, though the weapon is bereft of extravagant ornamentation it always flies straight and true. Some say this weapon actually seeks the heart of its target.
Stats- This +2 speak deals 1d8 extra damage and has a 33% chance of inflicting 1d10 extra piercing damage. 1D6 extra damage on crits.

Life’s Blood Drinker
Life’s Blood Drinker is a beautiful weapon to behold. The spear sports an 18 inch head with a serrated blade fashioned from adamantine steel. Upon each face of the blade are small openings that appear to lead within the haft of the weapon. The blade is also etched with glowing silver runes. Impaler is vicious in combat. The Spear is a wounding weapon and vampiric.
Stats- This 5 barbed spear, 1 additional point of damage for 10 rounds (Fort save 15), 1d42 vampiric.

Spear of Kuldahar
This spear was forged by the druids who dwelt close to the great tree of Kuldahar. It was meant to be used by the warrior who was appointed as Kuldahar’s defender
Stats- This +3 spear give the wielder an extra 8 hit points.

Nine Paces
This long spear is made of a thick shaft of oak and it looks like it has been used extensively in hunting arctic boars. It bears numerous sigils and runes along its haft to help it strike straight strike straight and true, and when held in a life or death situation, the speak can lash out at an opponent up to three lengths from the wielder, taking the victim down before they even enter close combat. While the spear seems to confer no wounding enchantments, it does look capable of harming creatures only affected by magic weapons. Its sister weapon is the spear Twelve Paces
Stats- This +1 spear is +2 against creatures with DR, has the range of a long spear despite being a standard spear, which is shown as an invisible force.

Twelve Paces
The sister weapon to Nine Paces
stats- This +4 spear has the range of a pike, and can cast Lance of Disruption and Lower Resistance 3/day

Spear of Sorrows
Pergad the Red-Handed was a famous barbarian warrior near Silverymoon in the 11th century, Dale Reckoning. His tribe’s battles against hordes of orcs, goblins and hill giants are legendary throughout the north. Unfortunately for the Pergad, the other tribes of the region decided to move south or seattle in the cities of the north rather than fight against the seemingly endless waves of foes. Pergad’s tribes, the Tribe of Dead Trees, was the last to make a standard. Through Pergad emerged victorious in a series of difficult battles, his tribe dwindled as quickly as the horde gerw. At the Battle of Surbin Shallows, in 1014, quickly as the horde grew. At the Battle of Surbrin Shallows in 1014 DR, Pergad’s tribe finally came to its end under cruel ogre clubs and giant-hurled rocks. Legends states that when Pergad finally realized that his tribe was doomed, he drove his trusted spear into the Surbrin riverbed, cursing all the goblins who crossed over the water that his people once thrived on. Orcish shamans claimed that the spot where his spear penetrated the rock bled for days. A year laters, two tribes of goblins were wiped out by a plague that spread among them after they stetted in the Surbin river valley.
Stats- This +1 spear ignores carapace effects.

Spear of Withering
Carved from the heart of a rotten Treant, this spear smells of death. When held in your hands it groans a little as if reluctant to allow a living thing to touch it. In battle the Spear of Withering spits a foul poison into his target upon each successful hit
Stats- This +4 spear deals an extra 4 points of poison damage.

The Spear of the Unicorn
This graceful spear is carved to resemble the elongated horn of the unicorn. Wielders of this spear are immune to charm and hold spells, just as a unicorn might be. Wheter the horn is or isn’t an actual unicorn horn is the subject of much debate.
Stats- This +2 speaer gives the wielder immunity to charm and hold person, +3 vs. all death effects, and a +2 bonus to defense.



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