Short Bow


The Monte-de-glace Strand
The Mont-de-glace bowstring is the legacy of an archetier who believed no chevalier should be disarmed by something as mundane as poor waxing and wet weather. ‘The bow is the string.’.
Stats- This +1 longbow lets you shoot an extra bow per round.
The Sorrow of Arlathan
Ancient carvings cover the limbs of this bow. It looks to be some form of elven, either a poem or a prayer of some sort.
Stats- This +5 longbow lets you shoot 3 extra arrows and ignores 4 points of DR

This bow is said to be cursed. It gives its wielder great power, but its use portends a violent death, eventually.
Stats- this +7 longbow lets you make one extra shot per round, and is cursed.
User- Howe

Wolf-Killer was crafted by a master Dalish craftsman. An arrows fired from it will almost always find the heart of the beast it is aimed at.
Stats- This +6 longbow deals 8 extra damage against beasts and 4 extra against undead

Marjolaine’s Recurve
Leliana’s mentor taught her apprentice more than just social graces, and the younger bard a had always coveted this masterfully worked longbow. Beautiful carving and delicate inlays around the grip wordlessly convey one of Marjolaine’s great lessons: just because something is deadly, there is no reason it cannot be beautiful.
Stats- This +4 longbow deals 3 extra damage and gives +3 to cunning. One extra shot.
User- Leliana

Far Song
Sitting in the back of a shop for decades this bow gathered dust instead of victories. It almost hums with a mysterious power. Its history is no doubt long and varied, but sadly that tale has been lost to the ravages of time.
Stats- this +2 longbow deals 10 extra damage, 20 on a sneak attack.

This longbow is named after the Dalish god of the dead-Falon’Din. None can escape Falon’Din’s Reach, when it is their time.
Stats- This +2 longsword lets you shot an extra shot per round.

Bow of the Golden Sun.
There is no more famous ruler I history that Kordilius Drakon, first emperor of Orlais. Few, however, know the story of his empress. Empress Area was not the fairest of ladies, but could shoot the wings off a bumblebee at one hundred paces. By all accounts, when he witnessed that particular feat, Drakon was instantly smitten. On their wedding day, Drakon presented his bride with a golden bow crafted by the mages of Val Royeaux, so that they could ride into battle, and spread the Light of the Maker side by side. The limbs of this bow have a beautiful sheen to them, and are decorated with polished brass pieces that glint with reflected light.
Stats- This +4 longbow overcomes DR

The Pentaghast family of Nevarra are said to have been responsible for bringing dragons to near-extinction. How this bow got out of their armory is anyone’s guess.
Stats- This +4 shortbow gives an extra shot per round, adds 10 damage, deals 20 damage against dragons, and lets you Reduce Hostility.

Bregan’s Bow
This bow once belonged to the Orlesian Commander of the Grey Wardens, Bregan. When he ventured into the deep roads for his Calling, he left this bow in the hands of a young recruit. What happened to Bregan after this is a mystery.
Stats- This +5 shortbow has Armor Penetration 6, deals 10 extra damage.
User- Dalish Warden

Whitewood Bow
The bow is engraved with the Qunari saying: “With strength, become steel”
stats- This +3 shortbow deals 1d8 extra damage on a critical hit

The Fox’s Bow
This bow once belonged the Black Fox, a dashing rogue whose exploits have inspired many a legend.
Stats- This +2 shortbow gives you +2 dodge against ranged weapon

The Dark Moon
They say that Shartan’s followers stole whatever they could find to make weapons. They fought with knives of sharpened stone and glass, and with bows made from broken barrels or firewood. This bow was ox horn, made in secret over the cousre of months by a slave who worked in the slaughteredhouses of Minrathous. The slave’s name has been lost to history, and verses that spoke of his deeds stricken from the chant, but the weapon endures. There are patterns like flames carved into the arms of this spectacular bow.
Stats- This +2 Shortbow gives +2 to willpower.

Short Bow of Ebullience
This slender bow radiates an intense amount of heat, yet it seems cold to the touch, as if it were drianing energy from the user’s body. An aging necromancer from Bryn Shander enchanted it, after his lava-mephit familiar was slain by an Aurilite high priest. The bow was then given to an assassin for hire, Teraven Docen, who was quite successful in bringing down many of the ice-maidain’s children over a three year period of bounty hunting. The assassin met his match however, when attempting to ambush a traveling gnome who carried a wand of fireballs. Only the bow survived the repeated immolations.
Stats- This +3 Shortbow has a 25% chance to deal 2D3 fire damage, extra shot per round, 30% cold resistance, -2 to Con

Storm Bow
This weapon is holy to warriors in the service of Talos, god of storms and destruction, and has seen decades of use in their capable hands. A short bow made of many composites layers of wood, the Storm Bow has been used against the myriad enemies of the church of Talos. Most recently, the bow was in the possession of a Storm Knight named Kalassan Breverd, who was killed after striking down a number of rangers and druids on the Moonshae Isles.
Stats- This +3 Shortbow deals 2 extra damage and lets you cast Storm Shell 1/day

The Black Bow
A rough bow wit ha dusty appearance, the Black Bow was created an instrument of vengeance by a Cormyrean settler in the Western Heartlands of Faerun. A former soldier named Jonan of Suzail, afte years of campaigning in the name of the crown, finally returned home to marry his childhood sweetheart. Through all of his years in the military, he remained true to his love and saved his earnings. He and his new wife moved west in the hopes that they would find frontier land to settle. In the lands north of Baldur’s Gate and east of the Trollbark Forest, Jonan built his home and farm. Within five years, there were raiders in the area, and farms were being destroyed all around Jonan’s. Eventually the raiders targeted Jonan’s home, killing his wife and child, and leaving him for dead. His farm was burned to the ground. Weeks later, Jonan creafted this bow and rubbed the ashes of his farm and family into the grain of the wood. He later went on a murderous rampage, slaying each of the bandit where he found them, and lather killing anyone they associated with. Sages debate how the bow became enchanted, but most believed that, after Janah’s death, it was blessed bya god. Some say it was blessed by Tyr, some say Hoar, and others say Bhaal. Theories tend to revolve around whether the speaker believed Jonan’s action were just, vengeful, or murderous.
Stats- This +3 shortbow deals 4 extra damage and lets you cast Snowball Swarm 1/day

Tansheron’s Bow
In 1099 DR, scholars attempting to verify tales of Tasheron the lich found only his ramshackle keep and withered husk. Evidence suggests a long siege by at least four distinct groups of adventures, a campaign that eventually wore down his defenses. Presumably weapons of this type were among the loot claimed. The thin, frayed string of this bow appears unusable, but when it is drawn a solid, invisible arrow becomes tangible
Stats- This +1 longsword has unlimited invisible arrow and deals +1D6 lightning

Kiss of the Gloomfrost
This weapon was fashioned by your hands, guided by the dwarf, Tiernon. Forged from ice taken from the walls of the Gloomfrost, this blade has taken some of the glacier and some of your strength into it, creating a formidable weapons. Though made of ice, the weapon is only slightly cold to the touch, and does not melt, even when exposed the hottest flames.
Stats- This +4 longsword, 10% fire and cold resistance, Storm Shell 1/day, 5% chance dealing 1D12 cold damage.

Assanti was once a demon worshipped by the kuo-toa, until the tribe that worshiped him was slaughtered and the demon was captured by a powerful drow wizard. The demon is said to reside in this weapon, which was made for the wizard’s pet, a drider named Harahasha. When the wizard’s clan was destroyed by a rival family, the weapon was lost in an earthquake that engulfed the wizard’s home.
Stats- This +5 composite shortbow is +5 mighty, deals 1D6 lighting, unlimited arrow, Lightning Bolt 3/day

messenger of Ssseth
This wicked bow was crafted thousands of years ago for a powerful yuan-ti archer named Apall. The number of men, women, and children killed with the aid of the bow is almost unbelievable, as the soldiers waged war against humans for hundreds of years before he was finally laid low in Chessenta by a priest of Assuran, god of vengeance. Appall had killed the priests’ great-great grandfather in Chult offer a hundred years earlier. The item is easily recognized because of the red and black banding on the grip and the carved snake heads on the end of the bow. The red and black banding represent Apall’s family, from a caste of priests. The snake head represents Sseth, the god of the yuan-ti.
Stats- This +1 Shortbow deals 2 extra damage and lets you make 3 extra attacks per round
User: Ashley Williams
Battle Legion Bow
No one remembers much about the mighty battle legions of ancient Unther, but if this bow is a representative of there armament, then it is no wonder the Mulhorandi feared them so. Now that time has passed, and Unther is weak, these bows are rarely found within her borders. Occasionally one turns up in the black market of Mulhorandi, where it will sell for as much as a legion of modern mercenaries.
Stats- This +8 shortbow gives Damage Reduction 10, pointblank shot, and Freedom.

This bow and its kin are mostly famous linked to Hannable the White and his defense of Gulthmere Forest. He and his men went to the aid of local dryads and defeated legions of orcs, forcing them to abandon their destructive plans. Those of Hannable’s force who left the forest were paid with these bows, while those who remained with the grateful dryads received less tangible, but no less enjoyable, rewards.
Stats- This +3 shorbow gives a +2 to Perception.

Kaylessa’s Bow
This fantastic bow was made during the golden age between the elves of the Seldarine’s Hand and the Dwarves of Dorn’s Deep, and is now being used to retake their legacy.
Stats- This +2 Composite Longbow can use Holy Smite 1/day
User: Kaylessa

Lesser Oathbow
This bow is one of several attempts to recreate the wonderful elven Oathbow, which stoped the rampage of Kaltooth the Aged during the Year of the Dracorage, 1018 DR. Made by human hands and not as powerful as the original, the Lesser Oathbow is still a very effective weapon.
Stats- This +3 Composite Longbow is Mighty +3, extra 1D4 on crits, immunity to Gease

Kaylessa’s Bow
This Bow was one of the legendary items used during the war, and it has quite a reputation, because she is a massive badass.
Stats- This +3 Composite Longbow deals 3 extra damage, gives +1 to dexterity, extra attack per round.

Lilting Note
This finely crafted bow has the notes of a soft silting song carved at the grip. The earliest example of this type was found in 884 DR, but the maker was never identified. All are nearly identical except for the melodies, which were until recently, invariably elven.
Stats- This +3 composite longbow +3 mighty, Perform +8

Phantom Bow
A small village of halflings found itself the target of an evil knight’s greed for their gold. The crafty halflings crafted a series of bows that were able to create illusions, making appear as if an entire army defended the village. Sadly, the observant knight eventually realized the ruse, and the halflings were driven away from their treasure.
Stats- This +3 Hasted Composite Shortbow gives +3 Mighty and Phantasmal Killer 1/day

Bow of Arvoreen
This enchanted bow has been in Mazzy Fentan’s possession for several years, given to her by her god Arvoreen. It is usably only by Halfling.
Stats- This +2 Bow gives a +1 bonus to spot checks
Through arcane sorcery, the contradictory elements of fire and ice have been combined within this magnificent short bow. Gond wonderbringer, the God of invention and innovation, created this enchanted bowstring to improve the accuracy of even the most powerful of magical bows. The magical Bowstring of Gond makes this strongly enchanted short bow more accurate and powerful.
Stats- This +4 offers a Fire and Cold Resistance 5. Also this allows the wielder to use this bow once per day to use Improve Haste. If upgraded this becomes a +5 short bow

Protector of the Dryads
In order to protect their community from an encroaching orc logging encampment, the hero Hannable the White was giving this magnificent bow by the dryads of Gulthmere Forest. A deadly confrontation followed when the loggers attempted to cut down a great oak tree, nearly killing the dryad linked to it. With the help of powerful forest animals Hannable slew entire bands of orcs before any more damage was inflicted upon wood. The orcs were forced to abandoned their plans, lest they suffer the continued wrath of Hannable and the forest. Needles to say, the hero who aided the grateful dryads lived happily, nay VERY happily ever after
Stats- +2 Shortbow gives the user a +1 bonus to Charm

Tansheron’s Bow
The thin, frayed string of this bow appears unusable, but when it is drawn a solid but invisible arrow becomes tangible. The lich Tansheron gave this bow to his Watcher, the guardian of his keep who stood atop a tower with neither entrance nor exist. When anyone approached, down would fall a never-ending rain of phantom arrows until were dead or fled. How this bow was wrested from the Watcher’s Hnd until is know know, but it would certainly make a great tavern story.
Note- Avoid equipping normal arrows on your character, else the bow will fire these instead of the phantom arrows.
Stats- This +3 Bow can summon an invisible arrow per will.
Tuigan Bow
The Tuigans are a nomadic peoples widely dispersed acrossed the steppe regions of Faerun but bound together by a common bloodline. The bows they made are especially tailored for their mobile warriors, and the process used is carefully guarded, but the result is well known: any bow of Tuigan origin can be fired faster than is possible with a normal one
Stats- +1 can fire three arrows per round

Legends say that craftsmen Pinn O’Reffen fashioned this bow from the heart of a Treant, though how he came possess such material is unknown. He certainly did not anticipate the enchantment within, magic that makes the archer’s aim almost infallible for a short period every day. Pinn claimed his skill was responsible, but it is more likely some aspect of the soul of the Treant is still within the wood.
Stats- The +3 Composite longbow can once per day become +4 for 7 rounds

The Sunburst Bow
This longbow is marked with the seal of a sunburst. It proably once was a bow used by guards in the service of the god Amaunator. These guards would used the enchanted bows to keep the preists of that long death faith safe. Few of these bows still exist, so they are sought after by many arhcets looking to improve their accuracy and their lethality.
Stats- This +3 Composite longbow does an extra 1d4 damage against undead.

Mana Bow
Kestsa was given this longbow many years by the Cowled Wizards, as a reward for his exemplary service in the Athkatla city guard. He was tireless in bringing to justice those who unlawfully used magic. The bow served him well in his cause, granting resistance to damage from arcane energy.
Stats- This +4 longbwo offers 20% resistance to magic.

This composite longbow was one of many made by a half-elven craftsman whose name has been lost to history. At one time there were several hundred in use, a favorite of scouts who patrolled the Anauroch dester, but many have been lost of destroyed. Only a few are still known to exist, and they see little use due to the tremendous strength they require.
Stats- This +2 Composite Longbow deals and extra 1D6 damage

Strong Arm
This massive bow was the propery of the ranger Bearpaw, who reportedly received it form a strangely benevolent ogre. The reason for the gift was never discucsed, but hw earned the respect of everyone he met and likely befriended the creature while patrolling the CLoakwood Forest. Bearpaw could draw back the bow tihout the slightest effort, but when he died it was bequeathed to his wife and sons, and not one of could draw the string even halfway. The eventually sold it to a merchant heading South
Stats- This +3 Composite Longbow requires a Strength of 19 and has a speed factor of 4. It allows the wielder to cast Friendship 1/day

Taralash was a hunter renown for his ability to track down even the fleetest of quarry by foot. Few animals ever escaped once he had them in the sights of his mighty longbow. The magical bowstring of Gond makes even the legendary longbow of Taralash more accurate and powerful.
Stats- This +4 Longbow, if upgraded it goes to a +5 longbow which will increase the wielders movement speed by 5 feet.

The Dead Shot
Driven by years of rivalry, the Dukes of Spandeliyon and Delthuntle decide to organize a private contest of that would proclaim the better archer between them. Both boasted the power of their magical bows, but that wasn’t enough for Edwall Dest, Duke of Spandeliyon. He arranged for the theft of his opponents’s bow, and on the day of the contest, he couldn’t help but gloat at his adventure. The Duke of Delthuntle, known only as Raymond, demanded a demonstration of Edwall’s skill on a scarecrow that he had placed. Edwall Dest drew his longbow and released the arrow with determination, not stopping to think how uncannily the target resembled himself. The missile split the large voodoo’s doll’s head in twain and at that moment Edwall’s head did much the same.
Stats- This +3 lonbow deals an extra 2 points of damage. Speed of 5.

Serpent Bow
Stats- This +4 Longbow adds 1D4 damage to all attacks.

Infinity Bow
The Infinity Bow, found on the Serpent Isle, is a true masterpiece of magic in that it will never need ammunition; the bow magically produces a new arrow every time one is needed. This makes it a very useful weapon, and many archers would kill to get one of these into their hands.
Stats- This +2 longbow gives infinity arrows but at a cost, it cannot use other arrows.

North Wind Bow
These bows seem primitive at first glance, but behind the crude sinew and hide is a powerful weapon. They are most often found in the far North, but unfortunately, they are also often found in the hands of a devotee of Auril, the Icemaiden. Most observers will get a good look at the point of the arrow before ever seeing the bow
Stats- This +8 Longbow is +8 Mighty, deals an extra 1D6 cold damage, Cold Resistance 20, unlimited arrows, deals an extra 3 on crits.

Eliak an elven ranger, was consumed with a hatred for trolls. As a child he had witnessed the death of his parents at the hand of marauding trolls. The trolls killed, then ate his parents, while the young child cowered under a nearby bush. Elaik spent the rest of his life trying to hunt the creatures to extinction. Eventually his lifelong enemies caught him and tore him apart in the borderlands of the Silver marches. His magical bow was all that could be recovered from his remains.
Stats- This +1 Longbow deals double fire damage against trolls, extra 3 against crits, Ranger only, +3 against trolls

Elven Court Bow
This yew bow is more of a work of art than a weapon of war. Fine engravings dance over the polished wood, and the bowstring gleams of gold, almost singing when drawn. Once thought a unique and singular example of elven craftsmanship, this theory was discarded when scholars verified half a dozen identical bows in the ruins of Myth Drannor.
Stats- This +3 longbow is +3 Mighty and deals double damage to non elves.

This elegant bow quivers with magic when touched. Engraved, ancient elven runes tells the tales of the arcane archer. Meadow Everleaf and how she found this bow growing in the forests of Cormanthor. She plucked this gentle weapon and carried it with her but could never find any material to string the ow with. One fateful evening trolls attacked her and she soon depleted her arrows. Tossing away her mundane bow she pulled out. Forever…and saw a magical bow-string appear. Knocking an imaginary arrow she let loose and slew trolls. The bow has been kept in her tomb since her death but rumors suggest that the drow thieves may have taken it.
Stats- This +6 longbow is +5 mighty, unlimited arrow +1D6 fire, Arcane Archer only

The Pirate Isles of Nelanther are mere whimsy to most common people, and have spanwed many a legend. One such tales of weapons able to launch arrows between islands, a likely reference to the Longarm Bows of the Region
Stats- This +2 Composite longbow gives +2 Str, double ranged, deals Bludgeon

This longbow was one of many made by a half-elven craftsmen whose name has been lost to history. At one time there were several hundred in use by scouts who patrolled the Anauroch desert, but many have been lost or destroyed. Only a few are still known to exist, and these were highly prized and rarely find their way to the open market.
Stats- This +3 composite longbow +4 mighty, immunity to Mind-Affecting Spells.

Taralash was a skilled hunter renown for his ability to track down even the fleetest of quarry by foot; few animals ever escaped once he had them in the sights of one of his mighty longbows. One his deathbed, when asked of his amazing hunting, Taralash replied with honesty that “any man can bend a blade with his hands, but a thinking man uses the forge: these longbows are that forge”
Stats- This +4 composite longbow is +4 mighty, hasted, and gives +4 to spot.

Valiantheart Longbow
This finely-crafted longbow most recently belonged to the Arcane Archer Ferran Valiantheart…and has been passed down from generation to generation within the Valiantheart clan for thousands of years. The magic of this bow, a spell written into the grain of the wood in the eleven language, is designed to enhances a hunters senses….making it easier to spot one’s prey and the archer more accurate with his arrow when firing.
Stats- This +1 longbow gives a +2 to spot, Survival, and Wilderness Lore


Short Bow

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