Shields (Zelda)


Deku Shield: This wooden shield counts as a +2 Light shield even though it only weights 1 pound. However any contact with fire will destroy it in seconds.

Mirror Shield: This +7 Medium Shield has the ability to both reflect light and magical beam attacks back at the opponent (like Ray of Frost, Scourching Ray etc). Homing attacks (Magic Missile) need to be blocked. If the wielder chooses, he can hold the deflected spell for three rounds before launching it back at his opponent

The Sacred Shield: This +3 Medium Shield will inflict 1D8 Holy damage to any evil creature who makes physical contact with it.

Divine Shield: Same as Sacred Shield but +4

Goddess Shield: Same but +5

Red Shield: This +4 Large shield can reflect any fire attack blocked with it

Hero’s Shield: This +3 Hand Shield makes the wielder immune to fear

Hylian Shield: This shield is non magical but counts as +3 medium shield due to its good quality.


Shields (Zelda)

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