Scythe and Hoes


Sea Reaver
Legends tell of how the mighty hero Igulik, was blessed by a visit from the great water spirit of Lake Ashane. The stories tell of how the warrior was given the holy Sea Reaver to defend his people from an evil wizard, who sought to enslave the tribes of the north using summoned elementals. In the traditional fashion of Rashemi legends, the hero was successful, but died valiantly after killing the treacherous wizard. When he died the holy weapon was returned to the water spirit, to return when another hero was needed.
This +8 Scythe deals an extra 2D6 sonic damage and can cast resist elements 3/day

Death Scythe
This is a truly fearsome magical weapon. This scythe glows with blue, magical death energies, warning everyone of the danger they will face when engaging its wielder. This weapon not only causes horrible wounds, it actually drains its victims of their life energy like a vampire, bringing foes a quick demise. This makes the Death Scythe one of the strongest, and most cruel, weapons. It’s thankfully rare, only existing in Britannia.
Stats- This +9 Keen Scythe does 1D20 points of vampire drain per hit, and casts Des Sanct upon hit 10% (DC 17) and has a 1% of taking away a random spell.

Wicked Union
On the eve of war in Hillsfar, 679 DR, a militia force desperate for arms approapriated the wares of several traveling merchants. One of the wagons seized held weapons bound for the enemy, a score of scythes that radiated evil. Clerics tried to erase the tain within and render them useful, but the result wars far from perfect. They were left as a ‘Wicked Union’ of fell and fair, with neither satisfied completely.
Stats- This +3 Scythe is vampire (3) with a 75% chance to stun (DC 14).

Nature’s Scythe
This weapon is a bicious implement of war formed from the gnarled branch of a great oak and a monsterous blade of rough-finished cold iron. This example and several others were among the unwanted remnants of battles with demonic creatures, proabably those under Malimshar or Gaulguth in the Weeping War. Left in the purest of groves for years on end, nature has leeched the evil away, leaving the pure material of the weapons behind to be her vessel.
Stats- This +1 Scythe is +4 against humans.

Hoe of Destruction
Accidental glory. One of the most recent magic items created, this once ordinary hoe dates back to only a few years ago when one of the first mages (a bush mage of no real merit) to succumb to the illness that now plagues all mages, was asked to both repair a broken hoe for a local farmer and enchant a sword for a warrior. Unfortunately, his perhaps-never-to-be-repeated-enchantment has made this hoe one of the better melee weapons around today. This hoe can be distinguished by it distinctive red, glowing head. Be wary if thou dost ever face it.
Stats- This +7 Hoe deals an extra 1D12 damage and damage is tripled on critical hits. It also ignores all non divine damage reduction.


Scythe and Hoes

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