Formed from the soul of a Liche, this weapon was known for how damaging it is against ghosts.
Stats- This +5 Saber deals double damage against undead and lets you deal critical hits against undead. It counts as +7 against Liche and ghosts

Flame Sting
Normally, the sorcerers of Pagan shun physical weapons, instead trusting their Sorcery to the power of Pyros. However, when the element of Fire is introduced to the weapon’s powers, many sorcerers become interested at once. The result of this is the Flamesting, a truly horrible weapon that engulfs its foes in devastating flames with each strike, doing massive damage. The burnt victim is then forced to serve Pyros for all eternity.
The Avatar discovered the Flame Sting while being tested in the Obsidian Fortress. Though it was guarded by deadly traps, the Avatar still managed to obtain the weapon, one of the most powerful in Pagan. It is unknown what happened to the Flamesting after the Avatar left Pagan.
Stats- This +3 Saber deals an extra 1D10 fire damage, and gives a +1 to dexterity. It cannot harm Daemons who automatically are immune. Any mortal slay with this weapon cannot be raised as a mindless undead.



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