Rods (Zelda)


Fire Rod: This rod can produce ether a fire ball (dealing 1D8 fire damage) or a Line of fire in front of him up to 30 feet, everybody in the area getting in 1D10 fire damage. Obviously anything remotely flammable gets burned up. THe line of fire is only for to upgraded Fire Rods. Finally a level three fire Rod can create a small flame that will simply sit there existing, until activated, at which point it will explode causing 1D8 damage to all people within 10 feet

Cane of Somaria: this odd item creates a 5 by 5 foot cube to appear out of no where (there has to be space for it to be, which can be used for climbing or putting pressure on items. The cube has a hardness of 1 and 8 hit points. It can be used to to fall down on people or thrown at people if you wish, the block dealing 1d6 damage+strength bonus if thrown and 1D6 per 10 feet if dropped.

Ice Rod: This rod shoots a blast of frost dealing 1D8 Ice Damage and freezing any item that it touches. Or it can shoot a line of ice dealing 1D10 cold damage to anyone in 30 feet, as well as freezing the ground making it into ice. Finally it can create 4 1 foot by 1 foot blocks of ice around the user, which can be used for throwing or water if you wish.

Magic Rod: This rode can be used to shoot a blast of magic (much like magic bolt) dealing 1D12 points of damage, and overcoming any damage reduction

Sand Wand
This rod can form a mass of sand into a solid block (10 by 10 feet) which will last 1 round. It also allows the user to blow that same amount of sand into the air creating a dust cloud

Cane of Pacci: This rod will fire a bolt of energy 15 feet, if it hits a an object weighting less than 50 (and not bound to the ground) and flips it over.

Cane of Byma: This Rod will create a ball of energy around the user, which will render the user immune to physical damage, however the user will be knocked back 1 feet for every 5 points of damage)

Domination Rod: This Rod will shoot a bolt of energy which will cause statues to animate (as in the animate object spell) and will act parallel to user’s movement, if used on a construct it is allowed a Charisma save to overcome.

Rod of Season: This rod will change the seasons within 1 mile radius.


Rods (Zelda)

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