Rod of Reversal
This powerful item allows a warrior to quickly remove the magical defesense of an enemy mage. It is particular prized by Wizard Slayers
Stats- 10 charges, each one will remove wizard’s defenses

Rod of Thunder and Lightning
Xkehrmensh the Destroyer was a kobold chieftain whose tribe laid waste to a vast Underdark city of goblin-folk with lightning and thunder, uncommon forces in the depths. To this day, goblins terrorize their young with the sound of drums and flashes of light; telling them that the kobolds are coming with a ‘boomstick’ to kill bad little goblins and bugbears
Stats- Chain Lightning 1/day, Sound Burst at will

Rod of Beguiling
These devices are pleasant enough to look at, crafted of solid oak and highlighted with a modest gem or two. More importantly, the rods are potent magic items, capable of calming even the angriest of souls. In the hands of one with a quick tongue, the rods are more than worth their weight in gold.
Stats- Charm Person 1/day, Dominate Person 2/day

Rod of Dawn
The Rod of Dawn is a powerful magic item created by Lathander himself, when the Rod of Blight was destroyed on his alter
Stats- Cure Critical Wounds 5/day, Divine Power 3/day, Flame Strike 1/day

Rod of Frost
This rod is one of many crafted by the gnomish wizard Jaroo. Jaroo is a teacher in the Adventurers’ Academy located in Neverwinter. Jaroo gives out these rods to students that he feels are a cut above the rest.
Stats- Frost Storm 1/day, Ray of Frost at will

Rod of Resurrection
With the power to restore life itself, these rods are prized indeed! It is not known if this particular example was created to aid in the good work of a saint or prolong the ills of an overlord, for such rods serve indiscriminately.
Stats- Resurrection 1/week

Rod of Reversal
These powerful items allow a wielder to quickly dispel the magic of fiend or foe alike. Those who hunt spellcasters particular prize them, although casters themselves are also quick to snatch them up on the open market.
Stats- Dispel Magic 3/day, Greater dispelling 1/day

Rod of Terror
These twisted rods emanate an aura of evil even while inactive, and fill all who gaze upon them with unease. They are capable of projecting a wave of unspeakable horror upon a single foe, filling even the hardiest soul with acute dread and were certainly created for nefarious use
Stats- Scare 3/day, Fear 1/day

Rod of the Ghost
These long, thin rods can make their wielder become ethereal, and thus harder to engage in combat
Stats- Ghostly Visage 1/day

Rod of Magic
One at a time, they came at you, casting their spells. All you had to do was identify each spell before it was completed and the spell would dissipate, as would the castes. But it was hard, so very hard. Ecah spell was different, some simple, some complex but you had to wrack your mind to remember what you had been taught about each. What words, what gestures, and what components were used in each spell? In the end, you passed with flying colors and Drogan presented you with a small gift, the Rod of the Magi.
Stats- You get a free use of any metamagic spell 1/day.

Rod of wonder
The Rod of wonder s a strange and unpredictable device whose effects are an odd mixture of beneficial harmful and useless. They are often the product of magical experiments in crafting gone awry
Stats- random spell 2/day

Sudden Squall
Storms at sea are a common occurrence, some have been known to descend from a clear blue sky before disappearing as suddenly they arrive
Stats- Cloud of Bewilderment 1/day, Ice storm 3/day

Ventrue Rod of Majesty
Ventrue the illusionist found himself at the head of a small nation when he used his Rod of Majesty to charm his way through an inheritance struggle. When he discovered that his kingdom was about to be invaded his first act as king was to renounce the throne and flee
Stats- Eagle’s Splendor 5/day



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