Quarter Staff


Staff of the Hanged Men’s Glee
This grim staff, of a most despicable repute, was originally carved from the wood of Dead Man’s Tree, an ancient black willow that stood on the outskirts of a forgotten hamlet of the Moonshae’s from which criminals were hung. All manner of bandits, murderings, rapists, and other worthies were left dangling from it’s knotty limbs, and all of the delight of the grave-digger Mordigan. For him, a secret practitioner of the necromantic arts, saw ample opportunity in which to ply his trade. Interring the remains of the evil (and wrongly convicted) men within close proximity of the three, a baleful act upon the black willow. It was given a sort of semi-sentience and the ability to feed upon the remains of those who had so recently swung from its branches. Black roots descended into rotting flesh; and alarmingly enough, the tortured visages of the slain began to appear in the the twisted knots of the black willow’s bole before its burning. But, to the surprise of the villagers, the potently ensorcelled staff carved by the hands of the evil Mordigan did indeed prove to be their undoing. And thus did the hanged men of Dead Man’s Tree have their revenge.
Stats- This +1 staff lets you cast Animate Dead 3/day, -2 to Charisma.

The Summoner Staff
A powerful weapon and tool, this staff was created by the powerful archmage Ubath of the Celestrial Sign. Originally of Algarond, Ubath commanded great respect for his skills as a summoner of beasts and elementals. Unfortunately, Ubath’s desire for power drove him to a extreme length. His conjuring of extremely powerful entities from the lower planes is what eventually did him in. The staff is his most prominent legacy. It was left behind, slihgtly blackened, when he was dragged away to Acheron.
Stats- These +3 quarter staff lets you cast Monster Summoning IV and invisible stalker 1/day.

Adept’s Staff
Given to magic users when they reach the rank of adept, these staves greatly increase the efficiency of a spellcaster’s power
Stats- +1 Staff gives a +1 to AC,, 1/day Ligh, Magic Missile 5/day, Ray of frost at will

Aiedo Wither-Stick
From the Lhespenbog reed-field of east Shaar come Aiedo Wither-Stick, the craft of Meng Aiedo. Though accustomed to working with tall grass bamboo, this eastern craftsman traveled across the inner plains plying his trade with whatever local materials were available Swamp products tend to be darker in nature than his usual fare, however.
Stats- This +8 staff lets you drain Strength by 1 point per hit DC 14

This ghastly magical staff is the legbone of the evil Khonderous Vilemoth, a wickedly evil Pale Master who lost this limb and his life to a brave but nameless paladin. Vilemoth’s pupils took the limb, polished it and enchanted it with the magic of their master.
Stats- This +6 staff can use animate Dead 3/day, Pale Master only.

Blackforest Staff
These staffs all come from the workshop of Shago-Kahbo, a hermit who claims to have wandered the Anauroch desert for years at a time. He tells stories about ‘the coming of the dust’ possibly referring to the fall of Netheril, but he is otherwise nonsensical. Trying to find meaning in his tales would be no less difficult than finding the supposed plane-shifting Blackforest he so often babbles about.
Stats- This +1 staff is +2 against good, Vampiric Regeneration 1, Protection form Alignment 3/day

Cheating stick
Enchantments abound in the realms of magic, but some have trouble with the incantations. This staff allows the user to charm or even dominate another, eliminating the need to study the spells
Stats- This +5 vorpal staff grants Cleave, Damage Reduction 15Regeneration emits light, deals an extra 2D6 cold and fire, 2D6 on crits, and Charm 5/day

Desert’s Fury
Al-Fashid’s weapon lay in his crypt, waiting for the one told of in prophesy. Its main prupose is to destroy undead
Stats- This +1 staff deals an extra 1D8 fire damage against undead, Flame Arrow 3/day

Staff of the Hand
Made during the golden age between the elves of the Seldarine’s Hand and the dwarves of Dorn’s Deep. This staff was carved and shaped with the utmost care, and then etched with elvish runes across its length. Although most of the Hand’s wizards chose not to engage in melee combat, they wielded this staff as a symbol of power and unity.
Stats- This +3 quarter staff deals 1D4 star damage

Staff of Nature’s Wrath
A particularly militant group of Silvanite druids created this iron-shod staff to mete out nature’s punishment on those who defile forests and show disrespect towards druidic orders. Silvanites typically used the staff on priests of Malar and other Gods of Fury
stats- This +1 staff can cast Entangle and Flame Strike 1/day each

Staff of Eron
Eron the Dismayed was a pessimistic wizard with a propensity for magical dueling. He believed that the only way to become strong in the Art was to test his powers against other wizards. To make himself appear mundane, he wore the clothes of a pilgrim and carried a simple elm walking staff. In reality, the staff was magically enchanted to be more potent in combat, but Eron didn’t want to risk advertizing that fact.
Stats- This +3 quarter staff makes you immune to the spell blade barrier.

Staff of Moradin’s Breath
This staff was used sparingly by priest of Moradin during their darkest hours. Enchanted by several high priests, the Staff of Moradin’s Breath has resurrected some of the greatest dwarven heros of Dorn’s Deep. It was last used to resurrect Creed Dorn, killed by elven archers and mages during a battles near Kuldahar Pass. The staff was hidden in Lower Dorn’s Deep to prevent it from being stolen by orcs when they finally overran the dwarven defenses.
Stats- This +2 staff can cast Resurrection 1/year.

Spendelard’s Protector
The wizards Spendelard was famous for his extremely utilitarian spells. While he was not threatened a great deal during his life, his rare but far-reaching travels often took him into dangerous situations. A staff of his making protected him on those occasions. He eventually acquired a staff, which he found more to his liking and sold his worne Protector to a traveling druid of Chauntea.
Stats- This +1 staff gives +1 save vs spells.

Staff of Besieging
A favorite among transmuters, this particular staff was created by a wizard named Gulph the Tiny. A diminutive human mage, Gulph didn’t want to be struck in a situation where he would have to rely on his physical abilities. The staff helped him have the upper hand in magical duels. Gulph met his end when he foolishly went looking for Ibenian Mushrooms in a grove full of quicklings. The staff remained afmong the quicklings for several years until a passing party of pretty parkaur practicing adventurers, peevishly slaughtered the fae creatures and took the staff as their own.
Stats- This +2 staff lets yo ucast Dispel Magic and Lower Resistance 1/day

Quost’s Staff of the Elements
The wizard Quost Curion was the creator of this staff. He was a mercenary mage who loved summoning allies to dole out punishment against his enemies. Often, however, he found that he was running out of spells at a time when he needed them the most. At great peresonal expense, Quost created this staff over a period of seven years. His staff was very effective until he went into battle with an abjurer who was prepared to deal with his summoned monsters. Quost was killed in battle in 1063 and his staff was claimed by his killers, Balder Renold.
Stats- This +4 Quarter staff lets you summon a Fire or Water Elemental 1/day

Fiery Power Quarterstaff
Rumors tell of Baalzebul forging a deal with a wizard of Faerun, which traded minor demon for large numbers of innocent mortal souls. Each demon was captured in the magical woods of rare, ancients fire oak threes. Their spirits give birth to the blazing power of these weapons. Whether this tale is true or not, the power of these quarterstaff cannot be denied.
Stats- This +5 staff casts Delayed Blast Fireball (13) 1/day, Meteor Swarm (17) 1/day, Summon Creature IX (17) 1/day Wall of Fire (9) 1/day

Nega staff
A number of these staffs were recently discovered, apparently meant to be the chief arms of a force being assembled by a beholder secreted away beneath the city of Athkatla. Why an eye tyrant would wish to attack the sight of its enemies so specifically is not known, and petitions to the local government have gone unanswered, save for claiming it as a matter for local churches to explain.
Stats- +1 Staff gives you immunity to blindness, DC 14 25%/3 rounds

Rakshasa Staff
Enchantments abound in the realms of magic, but some have trouble with the incantations. This staff allows the user to charm or even dominate another, elimating the need to study the spells.
Stats- This +5 staff grants True Seeing, Dodge, Knockdown, +2 to saving throws, extra 1D10 fire damage.

Staff of Ascension
Grand Druid is the highest rank within the druidic hierarchy, a position that deals with global concerns instead of day to day troubles in the forest. When called to act directly, a Grand druid has the option to hold a Staff of Ascension that is tailored to his need. When they leave their position the weapon is released into the world, so that it might benefit nature in the hands of others.
Stats- This +2 staff gives +1 AC, Extra 2nd level druid spell, Entangle 3/day

Staff of Command
Enchantments abound in the realms of magic, but some have trouble with the incantations. This staff allows the user to charm or even dominate another, eliminating the need to study the spells.
Stats- This +1 staff gives immunity to mind effecting spells, 40 charges, Charm Monster 5 charges, Charm person 2 charges, Dominate Person 5 Charms

Staff of Curing
These istems are said to manifest during times of great trouble, though the entity responsible varies depending on whose followers you question. Many have begun to think the staff’s a gift of the combined gods of good alignment, deities that known their faithful must struggle, and that there are always a need for a healing hand.
Stats- This +1 staff gives a +5 to Heal, Cure Serious Wound 2/day.

Staff of Defense
Staff of this kind provide much needed protection for arcane spellcaster’s. The level of defenses varies with each example, but all are useful. Most bear no specific maker’s mark, created for utility rather than notoriety.
Stats- This +1 staff grants +2 to AC, Ghostly Visage 2/day, Mage Armor 1/day, Protection from Alignment 3/day

Staff of Cosmic Powers
Staffs of Cosmic Power are immediately familiar to most spellcaster’s, and are almost icons of arcane study. The inherent utility of such staffs have resulted in many being crafted or commissioned, and specific histories are usually lost in the crowd.
Stats- Stats- This+1 staff casts Fireball 3/day, Magic Missile 5/day, Ray of Enfeeblement 2/day

Staff of the Holy
The Faithful teach that a Staff of the Holy is the will of a deity made manifest. While this is debatable, these items do tend to find their way to the hands of the truly righteous, but accident or design. Still a number of these staffs in circulation make the miraculous origin theory somewhat unlikely
Stats- This +1 Staff has 50 Charges, Cure Light Wounds (5) 1 Charge, Aid (3) 2 charges, Cure Moderate Wound (6) 3 Charges

Staff of the Ill-Fated Mariner
Lightening is a fickle mistress, even more so when you’re at sea. After all, you’re surrounded by water and your crows nest is often the highest point for miles around…
Stats- This +1 staff can use Electric Joint 3/day, Thunderstone at will, Ball lightning and Call Lighting 1/day

Staff of the Magi
This type of staff is the pinnacle of the artificer’s craft, and each one represents the culmination of decades of study by a master spellcaster. With the secrets of their creation all but lost, more such staffs are found in the horde of ancient dragons than the hands of living wizards.
Stats- This +1 staff on hit casts Dispel Magic DC 14, 50 Charges ,Dispel Magic (5) 1 Charge, Fireball (10) 2 charges, Ice storm (9) 2 charge, Invisiblity (3) 1 Charge, Light at will, Lighting Bolt (10) 2/Charge, Mage Armor at will.

Staff of Valmaxian
In ancient times, the proud of quarrelsome wizard Valmaxian was a man of great power and prominence. He crafted this staff with the aid of a demon, all to win the heart of Chasianna, the daughter of his long-dead master. When the debt came due, the demon demanded Chasianna as his price. In a rage, Valmaxian descended into the Abyss and Used the staff to battle the demon and rescue the woman he loved.
Stats- This +3 staff, +2 to AC, Chain Lightning 1/day, Ethereal Visage 3/day, Fireball 5/day

This heavy staff was hand-carved by Winh of the Ivy Lake, an ancient shifter who was truly the master of a thousand shapes. Thousand of thin, barb-like thorns from an exotic vine that grew in Winh’s protectorate grow along this wooden staff. The thorns snare and deflect any attacks made against the staff’s wielder. Winh died fighting a hoard of drow skirmishers who were invading his lands some time ago.
Stats- This +4 staff gives +4 to AC and Damage Reduction 5

The Crook of Charming
This is a truly fearsome weapon. While it looks like a simple and harmless shepherd’sstaff, it has powers far beyond that. It can dish out a lot of damage, but what makes it dangerous is its ability to erode the will of those struck in combat, until they become mindless tools of the wielder. Anyone wielding this weapon should be careful however, as some creatures are totally immune to its effects.
Stats- This +5 Crook has a 20% chance of casting Charm on any target hit by it (DC 18)

Staff of the Dead
This is a truly wonderful weapon! This enchanted Staff was made to battle against the legions of the dead and undead, and it is very effective in that. Beside its normal powers, a hit from the staff is really devastating, it has a huge bonus against undead (100% to be precise). This makes it an even better weapon than Gringolet, which is much weaker than the staff!
Stats- This +5 staff deals double damage against undead

Firedoom Staff
Lethality personified. This staff, which hurls exploding fireballs that actually seek out a target, is perhaps the most lethal of all magic weapons created in the era of human-gargoyle cooperation. But, as with most of the more powerful magic weapons, its limited life span means it may fail thee at the worst of times. Despite staying silent about it, many warriors envy the ability of mages to throw around devastating fireballs at will. Some enterprising wizard must have discerned this, and produced the Firedoom Staff. This two-handed weapon can emit deadly fireballs at will, and is useable by both mages and mundanes alike. However, it tends to work better for lone fighters, since the increased risk of “friendly fire” with larger parties is simply too great to ignore. Alas, Firedoom staves are seldom found.
Stats- This +3 Greatstaff can shoot a flaming exploration 10/day, the exploitation deals 5D6 damage.

Staff of Rynn
There was a time when magic was distrusted even more so than now, and the burning of “heretics” was woefully common. Delmarey, a wtich from the swamplands near Myth Rynn, faced such a fate when she was blamed for an unseasonable drought. Taken by surprise and sentence by a mob, she was put to the torch in the Village Square. With her deying breath she uttered a foul curse, fueling the fire to an unstoppable magnitude. By dawn the entire village was reduced to black coal, saving the burnt remnant of the pole Delmary had been bound too. This staff has been imbuned with some remnant of Delmarey’s power, making it a highly enchanted weapon.
Stats- This +4 Quarter staff makes the wielder immune to the fireball spell.

The Mage’s Staff
This type of Staff is thoroughly linked to the image of the spellcasting profession, rare though it is. It is among the most powerful tools that a wizard can possess, the culmination of complex enchantments and endless study. This particularly example is good in melee, grants invisibly, and offers protection form Charms and Evil. It can also cast Spell Trap, launch a Fireball-Lightning Bolt combination, and Dispel Magic. The quintessential mage item.
Stats- This +2 staff gives a +2 bonus to AC and all saving throws. It constantly makes the wielder Immune to Charm, Invisibility, and the Protection form Evil Effect. It also can cast Invisibility 2/day, Fireball-Lightning Bolt 3/day, Lightning Bolt 4/day, Fireball 4/day, Dispel Magic 5/day and Trap Spell 1/day. Also every time it hits a foe it casts dispel magic upon the target. Finally 1/day for 3 rounds it can count as a +5 staff.

Pharod’s Cruch
This rickety wooden staff has a crosspiece nailed across the top. The crosspiece is wrapped in rags, presumably to keep the damn thing from jamming too sharply into Pharod’s armpit when he leans on it, and not surprisingly it smells terrible, and every inch of it is convered in dirt, sewage and various unidentifiable strains. Something about this crutch makes you wonder- despite its fragile appearance it has held up rather well; you can test it with your weight and it holds you up without so much as creaking. Considering Pharod’s scavenging nature, the crutch may have had some value beyond its surface appearance for him, possibly as a weapon
Stats- This weapon counts as a +1 staff, that can once/decade cast the spell Wish.

Neera’s Staff
This finely crafted and intricately engraved quarter staff was “improved” upon by Neera herself. Her intend was to create a staff that would inflict fiery pain upon its victims, but she fell slightly short of that goal. While it can light enemies aflame, there is also a chance that the staff will backfire and incinerate its wielder.
Stats- This +1 quarterstaff has a 10% chance of inflicting an extra 1D10 fire damage, and a 1% chance of dealing 1 point of fire damage to the wielder

Staff of the Ram
Likely created by the same unknown Archamge who is responsible for the Ring of the Ram, this Staff of Striking does not use charges and will never become useless. Roranach’s Horn augments the Staff of the Ram’s already noteworthy abilities, creating a weapon few opponents are able to stand against.
Stats- This +4 quarter staff has a 10% chance of knocking back and stunning any creature hit by it. Upgraded, it becomes +6 now has a 15% chance of knocking them back, and deals an extra 12 +1d4 damage to creatures who are knocked back.

Staff of the Spheres (Staff of Power) x
A mage’s staff is more than just a gilded walking stick, most being enchanted to an impressive degree. This one is no exception, and however the precious owner was, they were powerful indeed. It enables a mage to better escape hostile magic and avoid physical blows, and can erect a Globe of Invulnerability (One charge). Offenssively it can be used in melee very well, and can cast Lightning Bolt (one charge)
Stats- This +2 Quarter staff gives a +2 bonus to saving throws and +2 bonus to AC. It also can cast Globe of Invulnerability (user’s caster level) and Lightning Bolt of Paralyzation (10d6, chance of paralyzation) total 50 charges. Also can be broken dealing 10D20 damage to all creatures within a 30 foot radius, including the wielder.

Aule’s Staff
This finely crafted stave was among the spils taken from the invaders of Durlag’s Tower. It is very deadly in combat, and was apparently the property of a spellcaster who wnjoyed standing on the frontlines. It appears to have a core of iron, yet it is a comparable in weight to a normal weapon of its type. Part of the enchantment seems to come from the hide that strengthens the grip, leather no doubt made battle-ready creature or some sort. With the tastes and inclinations of the attackers of the Tower well documentary the hide could be almost anything, or anything.
Stats- This +3 quarter staff gives a +2 to initiative. Speed 1

Cleric’s Staff
This simple staff radiates a powerful enchantment, though its plain design suggest a simple origin. It reflects the quiet strength that faith brings, and was likely the modest weapon of a priest or cleric
Stats- This +3 staff grants a wielder a +1 on will saves

Martial Staff
This humble staff radiates powerful magic, and was likely the simple-seeming weapon of a traveling mage or cleric . It would certainly prove more than ample for dealing with most threats encountered on the road
Stats- This +3 quarter staff gives a +1 to reflex saves

Rod of Smiting
This long, thin rod can be wielded as a staff. This rod has been designed to destroy golems. Any golem struck by the rod must make a saving throw or be destroyed. In the hands of any other than a cleric or mage the rod becomes unstable.
Stat- This +3 battle rod deals an extra 10 points against golem, they must make a Save vs. Death (DC 18) or be destroyed)

Rod of Terror
When activated this rod may be used as a staff. Any creatures hit by the rod must be make a saving throw vs. spells or flee in terror, fearing the wielding as if he or she were a flesh eating demon from using this rod however. Each time the rod is used there is a 20% chance the wielder loses one point of Charisma permanently.
Stats- +3 battle rod makes any opponent struck by this must make a saving throw (DC 17) or be affected by fear. It also gives a +4 to resist fear. The weapon does have an undesired effect there is a 20% chance that the Charisma of the wielder is permanently lowered by one point.

Serpent Shaft
Adorned with serpentine designs, this powerful quarter staff has a chance to release a lethal toxin against its opponents with every blow
Stats- This +2 staff has a 50% chance to poison their opponents if they fail a fortitude (DC 16) and if they fail they will take 2 points of damage per round for 6 rounds

Shaman’s Staff
This is a Staff of Goodberries that belonfgd to the Kobold Shaman in the Swers below the sums
Stats- This +1 staff lets you cast goodberries 1/day

Staff Mace
This clerical weapon appears to be a normal wooden staff of the type used when trekking in the wilderness. It gives off the very faint aura of alteration magic. Upon identification of the command word, the staff takes on the attributes of a mace, which allows it to be wielded in one hand
Stats- Can either be a +2 staff or a +2 mace.

Staff of Air
This staff seems to draw from elven artistic tradition, though tied less to the forest than is usually customary. It was apparently designed to control air elementals, being able to summon one as a servant to the wielder and potentially destroying creatures of the same type in a single blow. When necessary, it can also spawn a cloud of gas causing anyone within the area of effect ot fall into a deep slumber. Some effects are limited by charges
Stats- This +2 Quarter staff gives a +2 to defense, and any time it hits an air elemental they must make a spirit save (DC 17) to be destroyed. It has 30 charges, and summon an Large Air elemental costs 1, while summoning the sleeping cloud (Fortitude Save DC 16) costs 2.

Staff of Command
This staff allows the user to dominate another craetre, each use draining one charge. This item is of the kind used by nefarious people seeking to sway others to follow their ways.
Stats- This +2 staff has 30 charges, and can cast domination for 1 charge.

Staff of Curing
Torm is said to manifest these items during times of great trouble, granting them to priests who care for the wounded, diseased, and poisoned. It is not to be taken for granted however, as the enchantment, though useful, is fleeting. It must be used with all due care.
Stats- This 2 Staff gives a +2 to AC and can be used 10x to restore 3d63 hitpoints, in the process removing poison and disease.

Staff of Earth
Linked to the Plane of Earth, this staff may have been fashioned by an ancient druidic sect. It can summon an Earth Elemental, though it also has the potential to slay such creatures with a single blow, possibly hinting at how difficult it is to control them. It can also free a person from the earth by casting Stone to Flesh. Some abilities are limited by charges
Stats- This +2 staff gives a +2 to defense and can summon a large Earth elemental or cast Stone to Flesh, the former costing 1 Charge and the latter costing 2. It has 30 charges in total. Any Earth Elemental hit by this staff must make a Spirit save (DC 18) or die.

Staff of Fire
This staff bears an ancient rune that may link it to the wizards of faraway Halruaa, but it is impossible to be certain. Drawing from the Plane of Fire it can erupt in a Fire Shield that damages attackers, it can summon a Fire elemental under the control of the wielder, and can potentially draw all the energy from any fire elemental that it hits, destroying them instantly. Some abilitie are limited with charges however
This +2 staff makes any fire elemental have to make a Spirit Save (DC 17) or die. It can summon a Large Fire Elemental (1 Charge) or cast the spell Fireshield (2 charges)

Staff of Lightning and Thunder
There are stories that tell of tehse staves sprouting in the growth around druids groves when the forest is threatened. Fanciful tales, but truth or not, this staff is a powerful tool. It draws energy form storms, and there is a chance that any blow may trigger a thunderclap that knocks enemies dow. It casts Lightning Bolt, and if circumstances warrant it, it can summon a lightning storm to blast enemies to dust. Some abilities are limit by charges.
Stats- +2 staff has 30 charges, Call Lighting is 1 Charge, Lightning Bolt is 2 charges. Every time you have a 10% chance that it will stun the target for 1 rounds. Call Lighting deals 3d8, lighting bolt deals 10d6.

Staff of Rhyn
This simple staff radiates a powerful enchantment, through its plain design suggests a simple origin. It reflects the quiet strengths that faith brigs, and was likely the modest weapon of a priest or cleric.
Stats- +4 Can cast Cure Light Wounds 3/day

Staff of Striking
Staffs of Striking are made by the Gold Elves of Drelagara on Evermeet. The Staffs have a life of their own and jump to attack in their bearer’s hand. The elven craftsmen rarely sell them to other races but these powerful melee weapons do surface occasionally in Faerun. However, each attack with the staff uses a charge, hence causing it to consume itself when no charges remain.
Stats- This +3 Quarter Staff, however it counts as +9 for the purpose of damage. It has 25 charges, which for 3 rounds it counts as a +9 weapon.

Staff of the High Forest
This staff was the culmination of a cycle of aseason in which Cernd mediated on his role within nature. His perch for this personal journey was next to a sapling, a young oak that was a particularly interest of study; it seems odd, and yet somehow wonderfully ordered. At the coming of spring Cernd examined it one last time, and it came loose in his hands, a living staff, granted as a boon from nature herself. It has grown to fit his grip and few others may wield its.
Stats- This +2 Great Staff lets the wielder regenerate 1 hit point every 12 rounds.

Staffs of the Woodlands
Known only as the ‘Wild Man of the Wood’ the man that carried this staff was a legendary figure near Trademeet until the day he died and returned to the soil. Those who saw him rembered his dark, bark-like skin, a feature that would fade if the staff were set aside. He would harass irresponsible loggers and poacher, and old-timers tell of mercenaries chasing him with a dozen hunting dogs or more. The animals seemed ready to ripe the poor druid to pieces, but he quickly turned them on their former masters. Rushing forward in hopes of ending his influence, the men-at-arms saw the final power of the staff, and the vegetation trembled at the ‘Wild Man’s’ magical calling, there formed a green, rotting mix of life and death that shambled overtop of the terrified soldiers, killing them all. Only usable by Druid.
Stats- This +4 staff give the wielder the constant effect of Barkskin. 1/day you can cast Summon Shambling Mount, and Enhanced Animal Charm. The charm lasts 5 mins.

Staff Spear
When this seemingly ordinary quarter staff is examined magicall, it has an aura of alteration. Upon command, a long sharp spear blade will shoot forth from the upper end, making the staff into a spear. The weapon was designed mainly for priests and wizards althought it is usable by anybody
Stats- Can transform between a +2 quarter staff or a +2 spear.

Malign Staff
Any mage can sense the undeniable power of this staff, but also corruption that infuses it, as if infected by essence of the Blight itself. A strange pole, infused with blood and covered in small bones and darkspawn totems, this staff has been corrupted by the touch of its owner.
Stats- This +8 Stave deals an extra 10 fire damage and 5 spirit, and 2.5 mana regeneration

Sketch’s Split-Shaft
Two staves split and bound, to gain the benefits of both. One imagines such a workaround would offend a true enchanters, but Sketch is always happy to disappoint his would-be master in the Circle.
Stats- This +2 stave gives 10 extra mana.
User- Sketch

Stave of the Lost
This beauty of this stave has suffered little, considering how long it spent in darkspawn hands. This stave radiates with magical power. The staff is covered in old Tevinter script. It reads: “Yours is the fury of the elements”. The women who first hefted this staff was struck by lightning. The staff survived, the mage didn’t.
Stats- This +10 stave, gives 15% spirit resistance, gives 15 extra mana, deals an extra 50% spirit damage, and deals an extra 1D10 damage.
User- Velanna
Flemeth’s Broomstick
This staff looks nothing like a broomstick, but Flemeth, the famed Witch of the Wilds, would have little use for a normal broomstick anyways. Whether she actually owned this staff is unclear.
Stats- This +2 stave gives 10 extra mana, and deals 10% extra nature damage.

The Dragon’s Call
In the Exalted Age, the Grey Warden named Lemke killed one of the last surviving dragons in the Free Marches. The beast’s bones were wrought into a suit of dragonbone armor and this powerful staff.
Stats- This +5 stave gives +3 to willpower.

Charlatan’s Walking
The Magnificent D’Sims was an elven ‘healer’ who ‘cured’ hayseeds of nonexistent ailments. Even though it was all a scam, the templars declare him apostate and took off his head. Oddly, his stave turned out to be generally enchanted.
Stats- This +7 stave gives mana regeneration 1, and +5 to damage.

Stave of the Magister
Among the last magister lords to invade Ferelden in the glory days of the Tevinter Empire was the infamous Tlaxius. His staff was one of the masterpieces of enchantment of that age.
Stats- This +6 stave deals an extra 1D6 damage and 10% extra Fire and spirit damage.

Shaperate’s Blessing
A weapon of exceptional quality, even by dwarven standards, given as confirmation that the bearer has walked the path of the Shaperate.
Stats- This +2 stave deals an extra 10% cold damage and mana regeneration 10.

Oak Branch
A branch taken from the Grand Oak, this staff seems as if it’s still alive. It is warm to the touch, the wood almost shifting and moving underneath one’s fingers.
Stats- This +1 stave deals 10% extra nature damage and gives +2 to Constitution

Malign Staff
Any mage can sense the undeniable power of this staff, but also corruption that infuses it, as if infected by the essence of the Blight itself. The surface is slick, as if coated with a foul oil that will never quite come clean, making it all the more unnerving to wield. The damage the darkspawn inflict is not limited to violence they commit. Their presence appears to corrupt, presence appears to corrupt tainting the earth and all that lives. This staff was once mahogany heartwood, but no more. Where the wood ends and the metal begins is not even clear.
Stats- This +5 stave gives mana regeneration 2, deals 10% extra spirit and lightning damage, and can 1/day blight an opponent (evil action). Gives -1 to will. Also grants a +2 to Spellcraft and 1D4 extra damage on critical hits.

Tevinter Stave
Originally wielded by one of the magisters of the ancient Tevinter Imperium, this staff was taken from its owner during the great wars led by Andraste long ago.
Stats- this +5 stave deals 10% extra spirit damage and 2 extra mana regeneration
User- Andrew/Ander

Harrowmont’s Staff
This staff came into the possession of Clan harrowmont Circuitously, inherited from a noble-hunter who had been given the staff by a grateful human mage for services unknown. It spent a time as a backscratcher
stats- This +1 stave gives +2 to constitution.

Final Reason
This staff was held by several senior conjurers of the Circle Tower, passed down from old master to new. Errant students learned to fear it, for when all other forms of discipline failed, the Final Reason woulds produce obedience at the cost of significant pain and discomfort.
Stats- This +3 stave deals gives spell resistance 10, and deals 15% extra fire damage


Quarter Staff

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