Dragon brand
Ser Jason of Amaranthine slew a dragon with one stroke from this sword. When the flames in the beast’s caw came into contact with the cool metal, the blade was tarnished forever.
Stats- This +7 polesword gives +5 to constitution, is +9 against dragons, and deals 20 extra damage against dragons

The legend of the blade Yusaris predates Andraste. The sword that Dane found in the dragon’s treasure hoard, which he used to slay both Fenshal and the werewolf, was passed on to his son Hafter. Dane may have been fiction, but Hafter was fact. In 1:40 divine, he led the Alamarri tribes against darkspawn that flooded into the Ferelden valley from the dwarven lands. After years of ruling the valley in peace, it is said that Hafter left Ferelde, sailing into the unknown east of the Amaranthine Ocean with the blade still in hand, never to be seen again. There is not telling how hold this sword really is, and yet the edge is still bright as moonlight. Written on one side of the blade are the words “You are the mirror” and on the other is written “reflect”.

The Summer Sword
In 8:84 Blessed, Lord Aurelien of Montsimmard commissioned a sword for his youngest son Luis. Lord Aurelien sought out of the most renowned master smith in the Orlesian Empire, Vercenne of Halamshiral. The old master labored for several months, folding steel, honing the edge to perfection. The resulting blade was as long as a man is tall, and sharp as the tongue of any noblewoman. Vercenne proclaimed it, in a fit of irony, the ‘Summer Sword’, since he had crafted it in the winter of his lifetime. The hilt of this immense sword bears the mark of Vercenne of Halamshiral, believed to be the greatest smith in the history of the Orlesian Empire
Stats- This +9 Polesword has a 20% chance to knock the target back 10 feet.
User- Human Warden

Meteor Sword
Forged from the lat remnant of another world, this blade feels quite…super. This is used by the most prominent warriors of Chasind wilder folk, the knowledge of its crafting is know only to a few shamans. Such a blade no doubt was taken from the dead hands of its previous owner.
Stats- This +2 Polesword gives +2 to Strength and 3 extra damage, but the wielder take double damage from spirit attacks.

Butterfly Sword
This weapon was made for the express purpose of pissing off qunari, and is often given as a gift to Qunari emissaries.
Stats- This +7 polesword glows brightly with rainbow colors, and butterflies emerge out of the blade. It also deals an extra 1D12 damage on critical hits
Usher- The Ahrishok….he is not happy about it.

A great blade plundered by the Qunari during their first invasion of Thedas, this was granted to Sten by the arishok upon being given his mission to journey into human lands.
Stats- This +5 Pole Sword gives +1 to willpower
Usher- Sten

The marking suggests many have held this blade, but their identities are not just that obscure, they are forgotten completely, as if by intent. The blade, however, endures, becoming better for each owner who raised it- for the time being- in triumph. Not a benefit willing given or easily exploitable.
Stats- This +3 Polesword is +6 against darkspawn, and gives +5 to intimidation, doublings kiting damage, messy kills, and Stamina regeneration 5.



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