Pole Axes


Axe of the Minotaur Lord
This fine weapon once belonged to the Minotaur Lord in the Luremaster’s catacombs. The axe sports a double blade mounted on a solid oak shaft. It is finely balanced and may be used one handed by the giants.
Stats- This +4 pole axe renders you immune to the Maze Spell.

Joril’s Axe
this mighty weapon consists of five to six-footed haft with a heavy blade, and while unwieldy, a skilled warrior can strike blows of tremendous strength with it. Joril Frostbeard, the frost giant leader, shielded this axe. The weapon has been enchanted with several beneficial magics.
Stats- This +3 Poleaxe gives a +1 bonus to Con, and a -1 penalty to Dex

The Celebrant’s Blade
This beautiful axe was carefully made by Briath Silverhand a master craftsman and devoted worshiper of Moradin. Briath created the weapon to celebrate the completion of a glorious monument to his god, the father of the dwarven race. He placed it in the monument should a hero need it to liberate Dorn’s Deep at some future date.
Stats- This +4 double pole axe deals an extra 1D6 sonic damage.

Long Cleaver
This weapon was commisioned by the eccentric nobleman Pelp Cadari. Pelp was a friend of all chaotic priesthoods, frequently donating money to whomever he fancied at any given time. His associates and servants always kept their distance, as his wild mood swings could take him from joyous euphoria to miserable melancholy or furious rage at any moment. He paid over forty thousand gold pieces to have this halberd made, despite the fact that he only used the item to ‘cut’ his fowl at his long dinner table. When Pelp died, he left the weapon to his pet goat, Azuth. In case of Azuth’s death, this weapon would be then passed on to the first girl wearing a blue dress who entered his study. Twelve years after Azuth died (yummy), Pelp’s niece, Amara, went into his study to find a book. The chamberlain of Pelp’s mansion gave Long Cleaver to Amara when she turned sixteen. She wold the weapon to finance her entry into an academy of magic.
Stats- This +4 Pole Axe gives you constant protection from Law


Pole Axes

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