Mystical Seeds (Zelda)


Ember Seeds: These seeds will ignite anything they come into contact with, inflicting 1D6 fire damage if used on a person, though this is 1D12 damage to flammable creatures. The Ember seed will burn until they have used up all fuel, 10 mins have passed, or the flaming creature stops drops and rolls

Scent Seeds: These seeds, if used against an opponent, deal 1D10 damage. If placed on the ground, it lets out a sweet sent that draws creatures towards it.

Pegasus Seeds: These seeds make the user move as if under the effect of haste. If used against an enemy they will have to make a fortitude save (DC 17) or be frozen in space for 1D3 rounds. If somebody is under the haste effect jumps, their jumping distance is tripled

Gale Seeds: These seeds can allow the user to teleport to Mystic Seed trees. Alternatively you can use the seed to launch himself about ten, 20, or 30 feet in the air, or an opponent

Mystery Seeds: This strange seed has a strange amount of effects. Firstly it can be used to communicate with Owl Statues. Secondly, if used on an enemy, it can take away their damage reduction for 1D4 rounds, unless its damage reduction brought about by wearing armor. Thirdly, it can be used to randomly imitate a different seed type. Finally it can be used to drive a corrupted spirit out of a person’s body.

Razor Seeds: These seeds will allow the user’s next three attacks to automatically be critical hits

Armor Seeds: These Seeds will give the User Damage Reduction 15 for the next 3 attacks.


Mystical Seeds (Zelda)

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