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It looks like a normal recorder, about 1 1/2 feet long, and made out of crystal
Effects: 1/day you can dry up any body of water for 1 hour, though the water will return. It automatically plays if a secret door is nearby.
Example 1: used to drain the moat, causing the collapse of a few seige towers full of Purple Bokoblings
Example 2: Detects a group of band of enemy Hill Dwarves who are trying to dig in.

Strange Flute
It is a small flute about 5 inches
Effects: 1/day you can summon a giant chicken who will pick you up and fly you around. This last for 1 hour. It also can can cast charm person 3/day
You can also use it to summon Dimitri, Moosh, or Ricky
Example 1: Used to kill a young Ice dragon
Example 2: Dimitri slaughters a band of enemy Gorons
Example 3: Mooshi slaughters a whole group of Ice Drakes
Example 4: Ricky kills a group of Iskar

Spirit Flute
This set of magical pan pipes which can use these spells
Song of Awakening: You can speak to Gossip Stones
Song of Recovery: 1/day you can call a fairy to fully heal your hit points
Song of Discovery: reveals hidden treasures in the ground
Song of Light- You can activate beacons
Song of Birds- Call a bird swarm to serve.
Song of Lokomo- You can use these to detect new spirit tracts

Fairy Ocarina

Goddess Harp
Its a harp
Ballad of the Goddess: Opens up magically locked doorways, being played backwards locks them again
Song of the Hero: Gives you clues on where to go next

Example 1: Unlocks a door keeping the explosions away, causing a fire killing an army of Crab Clane
Example 2: Locks all of the doors on a block, slowing down the invading Unicorn clan and causing losses.
Example 3: Alterts the caster to a band of Coercers who have linfitrated the second gatehouse, allowing them to be stopped

Harp of Ages
This harp can be used to travel through different periods of time
Tune of Echoes- This song can be used to open time warp portals
Tune of Currents- This song can be used to travel back to the past, where you can observe events that happened 1000 years ago
Tune of Ages- You can go back to the past, and then move to a new location and then travel to the present.

Example 1: Used to find and kill a band of time mages
Example 2: Used to kill the Dahaka
Example 3: Used to hunt down and kill a band of Time Thieves

Flute of the Wind
You can become one with the wind and move around
Example: time to slaughter some Flying Ocotrocks

The Wind Waker
A conductors rod that allows you to have power over the wind
Wind’ Requiem- You can change the direction of the wind
Song of Passing- You can vanish and and reappear at the same location at either Midnight or Afternoon
Ballad of Gales: You can warp to various ocean points (8 max)
Command Melody: You can take control of one statue to do your bidding, or you can enter an allies mind and give him advice
Earth God’s Lyric: You can use this to remove stone barriers
Wind God’s Lyric: you can use this to dispel wind magic

Example1 : Prevent an enemy Mantis Fleet from advancing, allowing it be destroyed
Example 2: Reappears in the middle of a Witches ritual, leading to a slaughter
Example 3: reappears behind enemy lines, allowing them to assassinate an enemy Warlord
Example 4: Appears over a Gerudo boat, destorying it
Example 5: The Statue launches itself to land upon a Darkhammer, killing it instantly
Example 6: Destroys enemy fortifications, allowing the calvary to run down a band of Snake Clan
Example 7: Used to render a band of Wind benders worthless, to be killed.

Ocarina of Time
The most powerful magical item in Link’s deck of cards.
Ballad of the Wind Fish – You can enter the realm of dreams
Frog’s Song of Soul: Removes negative status effects
Manbo’s Mambo: It can let you talk to the dead
Zelda’s lullaby: All secret doors in the area become open, you can unseal any doorway, and various hyrulian doorways become open
Epona’s song: Summons a Warhorse
Saria’s Song: Lets you communicate with one friend not matter what the distance as long as you are on the same plane, it also can temporarily cure mental disorders and ease troubled minds
Song of Storms: Rainfall is instantly summoned
Sun’s Song: Instantly Summon Sunlight
Minuet of the Forest: Your sword does nature damage
Bolero of Fire: your sword does fire damage
Serenade of water: You do water damage
Requiem of Spirit: You deal Spirit damage
Nocturne of Shadow: You deal shadow damage
Prelude of Light: You deal Light Damage
Scarecrow’s Song: You summon a trivia scarecrow, who normally help you reach hard to reach items.
Song of Healing: You can remove curses, possibly turning them into a mask which you can transform into
Sonata of Awakening: Can wake anybody up
Goron Lullaby: Make everybody fall asleep
New Wave Bossa Nova: Increases people performance
Elegy of Emptiness: Create a replica of yourself that just stands still, one replica per form.
Oath to Order: Can make people fulfill oaths they made
Song of Soaring: Lets you transport to certain locations
Song of Time: Lets you travel to certain locations in time, or change your age.
Double Time Song: You age twice as fast or you double time
Inverted song of time: Age yourself or make time go twice as fast.

Example 1: Used to access the realm of dreams in order to rob several Inspired of their powers
Example 2: Used to remove a curse on the Nameless one, allowing him to defeat a Green Hag
Example 3: Used to question a body to warn them of a River Zora sneak attack
Example 4: Used to open a secret door allowing a foray against an enemy ram, defeating the Daira sappers present
Example 5: Summon Epona, allowing them to ride down a band of Stalkids
Example 6: Gives a message warning of an enemy attack, leading to the defeat of a Dark Dragon
Example 7: Used to destroy a band of flame elementals
Example 8: Example, used to kill an army of Gibdos
Example 9: Used to kill a band of Redead
Example 10: Used to kill a Deku Kid
Example 11: Used to kill a Flare Dancer
Example 12: Used to kill a Poe Imp
Example 13: Used to kill about Ghi
Example 14: Used to kill a greater Ghi
Example 15: The Scarecrow distracts a ban of Green Bokoblin archers, making them an easy target
Example 16: Used to break Majora’s Spirit’s curse, letting it be killed
Example 17: Used to awake everybody from a band of Quari agents, letting them starve to death
Example 18: Used to knock out a band of Sun benders
Example 19: Used to increase the bards power, leading to the army pushing back an elite force of Pig Moblins
Example 20: Used to create a creepy doll which blocks a narrow passage, getting a band of Reded Knights stuck and killed
Example 21: Causes the army of the dead to reaper again, fighting a band of enemy Ghosts
Example 22: Appears behind the enemy allowing a sneak attack against a band of Necromancers
Example 23: Used to change his appearance in order to sneak up and assassinate an enemy Summoner
Example 24: Used to assassinate an enemy Warden
Example 25: Used to assassinate an enemy Warlock



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