Fist of the Gloomfrost
You know the deal with this stuff
stats- This +5 Maul pick, 10% Fire and Cold Resistance, Storm Shell 1/day, 5% chance of inflicting an extra 1D10 damage.

Maul of the Gods
Only a person of godly might can hold this maul. It was a favored maul of the dead god called Thorm. Thorm was a well known deity of the barbarian tribes and the snow giants of Icewind Dale. Thorim died a slow and painful way for a god to go; his followers slowly died out and with that his essence slowly faded away.
Stats- This +3 maul can only be wielded by a divine caster of 18 strength, and gives 50% fire resistance, and has a 50% chance of dealing 1D3 extra fire and electric damage.
Great Maul
Chasind Crusher
The superstitious Chasind fashion these in the shapes of animals to confuse their gods. If a Chasind happens to slay someone beloved by the gods, they might blame the animal instead.
Stats- This +1 great Maul deal an extra 3 points of damage

Exalted Maul
The symbol of the Imperial Chantry is emblazoned upon this maul. The metal bears odds ripple marks, as if it has been folded with something else.
Stats- this +2 great maul is +4 against undead, gives +6 to will saves.

Forge Master’s Hammer
In the heart of the Deep Roads, Darkspawn forges blaze non-stop, churning out weapons of war. What this maul lacks in artistry it makes up for in deadly efficiency. The Forge master was truly worthy of his rank.
Stats- This +5 War Maul gives 25% fire resistance.

Thorval’s Luck
Although peerless among the knights of Rainesfere and undefeated in the tourneys of Redcliffe and West hills, Ser Thorval was plagued by loss, for every blade he took into battle broke. Every shield cracked. One day as he rode to a tournament in Denerim, Thorval’s horse threw a shoe, pitching the knight head-first into a hollow tree stump. When he came to, he found his nose inches from the heavy steel head of an enormous war maul. Since his sword, naturally, had shattered in the fall, Thorval took the hammer as a replacement. There’s no mark on this hammer from any craftsman. The style is peculiar, neither Ferelden, Orlesian, or dwarven. The handle bears a curious design: dozens of eyes, some open, some closed.
Stats- This +4 Great Maul gives DR 5, and 10% extra healing

Valos Atredum
No one welder this maul in a dwarven proving has ever been defeated. It is said to possess Valos Atredum, the voice of the ancestors.
Stats- This +1 war maul gives regeneration 3, and 25% chance to stun.

A mage once lost his mind to lyrium poisoning and became convinced that demons from the Fade were pursuing him in the physical world. He hired a guard and provided him with this maul.
Stats- This +5 war maul is +7 against undead or Fade creatures.



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