Martial Weapons


Golden Star
Forged under an auspicious comet, this staff was originally a gift for the Water Spirit of the Silkworm River. A young prince named Seng Lo sought to win the heart of the Water Spirit, and had the staff created as a gift. He then convince the Great Eastern Serpent to fly him to the heavens, where he dipped the staff in the golden comet. The light of the of the comet dimmed but the staff became more powerful than any before it. To this day, no one knows if Seng Lo won the Water Spirit’s heart, but there is no questioning the magnificence of the staff he created.
Stats- This Legendary Bong counts as a focus weapon, and can reach up to +10 in terms of power. It deals triple damage against creatures of darkness

Tien’s Justice
This staff was once displayed in Sagacious Tien’s great hall. Many years after his reign, Emperor Yan Shun took up the staff to defend the palace from rebels. Once the infidels had been stopped, Yan Shun gathered his army and left the palace, vowing to rid the Empire of all dissidents before he returned. Emperor Yan Shun returned after seventeen years. In that time, Yan Shun and Tien’s ceremonial staff had become a symbol for justice in the Jade Empire
stats- This Legendary Bo Staff is a focus weapon which adds +1 to Initiative

The Scrolls of Peng Qi contain the story of a monk who shaped a flawless staff using only swatches of silk. At first the silk did nothing but polish the rough wood, but after thirty-four years the staff was perfectly smooth, straight, and flawless. After finishing the staff, the monk told his abbot he was going for a walk to test his new staff, and he never returned. An exiled warrior discovered the staff and attached a sharp blade that is every bit as perfect as the staff itself. It has since been adorned with precious metalss, flawless as ever.
Stats- This legendary Chan is a focus weapon which costs 10% less focus than normal, and deals an extra 10 points of damage.

Demon Staff
Little is know about the Demon Staff. A weak mind will not be able to control it for long, but the wielder of this staff will do more damage than any other staff.
Stats- This Legendary Battle Staff is a focus weapon that will deal triple damage.

Fortune’s Favorite
This long sword bears the mark of Shining Fortune, a blacksmith of the Celestial Beucracy. Shining Fortune’s weapons were so finely crafted that the gods forbade him from creating weapons for anyone but them. When his son was enlisted to subdue the barbarians from the west, Shining Fortune forsook his oaths and forged this marvelous long sword for his son. The gods cursed Shining Fortune for breaking his oath, and he was never again able to produce weapons of any worth. Still, the blade he made for his son never experienced defeat. It is truly Fortune’s Favorite.
Stats- This Legendary Straight Sword can be used as a focus weapon and will have a 50% chance of hitting the enemy adjustment to the person you hit as well.

The Dragon Sword
Before his departure to the unknown, the Celestial Dragon crafted the first true warrior, lu Fang. Though lu fang’s fists were stronger and quicker than any blade, the Celestial Dragon forged the Dragon Sword to give the warrior a weapon worthy of his skill. Hard as dragon scales and sharp as a dragon’s tooth, it is still one of the most formidable swords in the empire.
Stats- This legendary ringed broadsword is a focus weapon that deals an extra 1D20 damage

Demon Sword
Little is known about the demon sword. It is rumored to be the weapon of Death’s Hand himself.
Stats- This Legendary Great Dao is a Focus Weapon, which deals an extra 3D20 damage

Tang’s Vengeance
When Emperor Fong died without an heir, the Empire became fractured and divided. After years of war, Tang the Merciless rose to be the forerunner in the battle for the contested throne of the Jade Empire. Tan’gs own father betrayed him into the hands of his enemies, fearing that his son’s violent ways would ruin the empire. Rumor has it that before he fled into exile, Tang the merciless used these very axes to cut off his father’s head. These devastating axes remain extremely sharp, even after hundreds of years of use.
Stats- These legendary Yue Axes are a focus weapon that can hit all enemies in range of the wielder.

Eyes of the Dragon
Forged from an unknown material, the Eyes of the Dragon have long been a mystery in the Jade Empire. Fan Dao, a great scholar, once claimed he had discovered the secret of the sabers, but he died msyteriously before documenting his findings. The Eyes of the Dragons are unbelievably sharp and can cut through steel as if it were silk. In combat, the sabers seem to have a mind of their own, drawn to the enemy like iron to a lodestone.
Stats- These Rooster Blades are focus weapons and deal double damage to unarmored foes.

Crimson Tears
The inscription on these unique sabers is written in a long-forgotten dialect. The writing, deciphered by Scholar Shao Shen many ears ago, reads “the innocent are cut down with the guilty, the brave die beside the craven; the blades do not weep for the dead”. Rumor has it that Crimson Tears have ended more lives than the great drought itself. Despite centuries of use, these sabers are as sharp and deadly as the day they were forged.
Stats- These legendary crow sabers serve as focus weapons and deal double damage to humanoids.

Blade of the Broken Brough
The story of the Broken Bough is a sad page in the history of the Jade Empire. When Emperor Zuwan, 9th emperor in the time of divisions, died suddenly with no heir, his wife, Seng Si, assumed the throne to prevent chaos. Though respected, she was seen as merely a ceremonial caretaker. When war erupted a decade later the Imperial Army would not follow her orders, so she took up a sword and asked instead that they follow her lead. Emperor lead armies only in legends; Seng Si’s commitment stunned her detractors, and her death shamed the nation. Seng Si the Broken Bough changed the face of the Imperial Court, though the relics of her rule were never displayed.
Stats- This Legendary Jian is a focus weapon that can harm Spirits.
User- Silk Fox

Thorn and Shining Carp
This blade is claimed by two legends, one from the Prosperous East and one from the Golden Delta. In the first, a flower girl was wronged by an offical, and an outlaw incited revenge for his own purposes. Trapping the official, the women beat him savagely with a bouquet of roses, the thorn raking eyes and skin. An observing fox spirit frowned on hatred abusing such beauty and transform the flowers into a sword. The offical was killed, leaving the woman to ponder the hardening of her heart. In the second tale, an outlawed instead urged restraint and suggested asking the river for guidance. A golden carp answered the women’s plea and, as it swam by, the sun on its scales took the shape of a blade that fell in the shallows at her feet. She took up arms in the spirit of justice and order was restored. Stories—and people—change with the influence that others bring.
Stats- This Legendary Dao is a focus weapon that deals double damage to Outsiders.
User- Dawn Star.

Moonlight is a simple, easy-to-learn weapon style. It does less damage than other weapons styles, but it is quick and it allows you to keep your opponent at spear’s length. The one aspect that may make it attractive to other weapons styles is its relationship to focus.
Stats- this Legendary Martial Spear is a focus weapon that only requires 1 focus per round no matter what.

Heavenly Glaive
This Glaive was made by the blacksmith Tseng, and thus is much lighter than the common spear and yet its blade is also much sharper. The weapon serves as a way to guard the natural order.
Stats- This Legendary Glaive has double speed and is a focused weapon.

Maker’s Bane and Placid Guiju
Maker’s Bane was forged from a falling star that tore from the heavens as the Celestrial Dragon shaped the world. The loss of life resuilting from its use is thoroughly predictable. Placid Guiju is a sepulcher for the God of Agricultural Poetry. Guiju of Words and Land transformed into a piowshare to aid the workers of the Golden Delta, but was trapped when the farmers remade their tools into weapons to repel the invading Horselords. Pounding plowshares to swords might have held ironic appeal, but being an axe causes injury to Guiju’s poetic sensibilities. The effectiveness of this blade is agony for his gentile spirit, an insult that will eventually destroy him and strip ‘field verse’ from the Lexicon of the Ages. It also makes the wielder slightly giddy.
Stats- These Legendary Duel axes can be used for focus, and deal double damage martial wielders.

The Twins
Like two old friends who happen to have razor sharp edges, Whirlwind’s axes, have been with him a long time. According to their engravings, they’re called “Left and “Right”, though some suspect the names to be little more than a mnemonic. Whirlwind simply thinks of these axes as “The Twins” and considers them his most valuable—and possibly only— possessions. They may lack an epic history, but in Whirlwind’s hands they’re unquestionably deadly.
Stats- these legendary twin axes are focus weapons and deal double damage to Open Palm followers.

The Celestial Stars
These weapons were not forged by a living blacksmiths, but a dead one. For some strange reason- your heritage as a spirit monk may enter into it- these weapons ended up in the hands of a living being. This Unique circumstance gives them some equally unique properties. While you wield these weapons you enter a state between life and death. That makes you as immune to weapons and support style as ghost are. These weapons are equally part of the realm of the living as they are part of the realm of the dead. Weapons like these are the stuff of legend among Spirits Monks. Their kind is found in historical records only. And while the records are believed to be accurate, it is unknown how such weapons could possible come to be. No weapon of this kind is known to currently exist.
Stats- These Legendary Morning Star are focus weapons that deal double damage to spirits.


Martial Weapons

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