Magic Candy


Blessed Candy
This piece of delicious milk chocolate has had its creamy, caramel center blessed by a powerful priest of an unnamed power of good. Eating it will confer this blessing upon the devourer
Stats- Bless

Crunchity Candy
This pierce of chocolate is coated with crisp, sugary shell. Eating it temporarily coats the devourers with a magical crisp, crunching coating on their own.
Stats- Armor

Frosty Mint Candy
This small, round bit of hard candy makes the devourer’s breath so winter cool and frosty, minty fresh that their Charisma is increased considerably for a period of time.
Stats- Friends

Holy Candy
This piece of sweet, dark chocolate has had its crunchy, praline-filled center prayed over by the Eoialn, an order of wise, mystical monks from the Prime World of Irm. Eating it will protect the user against the forces for evil for a time.
Stats- Protection form Evil.

Lucky Candy
This moon-shaped piece of chocolate is filled with tasty marshmallow crème. Eating it increased the devourer’s luck for a time
Stats- Luck

Mechanus Candy
This pierce of hard candy is shaped like a small gear or cog. It is chocolate-flavored with a slight, metallic aftertaste. Placed in the mouth, it tingles slightly as small crackles of electricity play over it. If the conditions are right, lightning has been known to issue from—or strike—the eater of such candy
Stats- Call lightning

Minaurosian Chocolate
Eating this moldering, bitter piece of chocolate will result in the devourer vomiting forth great clouds of angry insects.
Stats- Swarm Curse.

Quivering Candy
This heavy chunk of solid chocolate quakes and trembles in your hands. When consumed, the devourer’s muscles ripple with similarly powerful spasm, increasing their strength for a period of time
Stats- Strength.

Stinky Chocolate
This foul-smelling, oozing bit of chocolate will cause its eater to breathe out graet gouts of toxic fumes when consumed
Stats- Cloudkill


Magic Candy

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