Magic Bastard Swords


Bastard’s Son
The great warlord of the North, Kresselack the Black Wolf, is said to have sired many children during his long reign, and so it came that one of these a sickly young man by the name of Thomas sought out his father after his mother died and bequeathed the ugly sword of crude iron to THomas in her legacy. Upon the blade was inscribed “Know thy family” and Thomas took the motto to heart. Bolstered by the sword and his mother’s loss, he became determined to find Kresselack- whether out of a need for a new family to belong to or to take revenge on Kresselack for abandoning his mother, it is not known. When he found the Black Wolf, Kresselack spurned the young man, claiming that hte sickly and weak-looking THomas shared no blood with him, then ordered him beaten and left beneath the shadow of Kelvin’s Cairn to die. After two days in the freezing cold, Thomas was rescued by a tribe of Uthgart barbarians fleeing Kresselack’s army. Nursing the man back to healthy, they adopted THomas into their tribe and he eventually became one of their greatest hunters. When he passed away from winter chill many years later, he left his sword to his youngest son to help him find his way in the world.
stats- This +2 keen Bastard Sword is Sure Striking, which means it counts as +5 for the purpose of hitting creatures who are immune to normal weapons, 10% to deal 3d6 extra damage

At a first glance, this sword appears as much like any other. In the presence of a shape shifters, however the blade becomes warm as its power stirs. Its namesake was the original owner of the weapon, and his tale, though mostly long forgotten, was wrought with treachery and deceit. Rumors persists that he paid a fearsome price for this blade, but with it he revealed the true identities of those that sought to betray him. Their names and crimes however, are long since lost to history.
Stats- +1 Bastard Sword, +3 vs. Shapeshifters, glows in their prescience.

Albruin +1
Basalin was a large man, rumored, far form his hearing, to be a werebear. He long wielded the sword Albruin in the protection of his village, slaying giant spiders that plagued the area. The sword protected him from their poison and also allowed him to see invisible Red Wizards who controlled some of the more fantastic variatns. The reasons for their enmity is unkown
Stats- This +1 Bastard Sword deals 3 extra damage, gives protection from Poison and detect invisiblity1/day.

Blade of Searing
The benefits inherent in this sword are plain to see; it is exceptionally accurate, and a lick of flame follows every blow, searing the target in addition to the normal damage received. It is an efficient troll-killer, though it has not yet been herald as such in song or legend.
Stats: +3 Bastard Sword, +5 vs. trolls, deals an extra 3 points of fire damage and will instantly finish off trolls

The Archmage Demron created this powerful blade for Captain Fflar of Myth Drannor. When the elven city fell, the sword was lost beneath the rubble of the once great metropolis. Reunited with Fflar’s Scabbard, Foebane is an even greater weapon than the legends claimed.
Stats: This 3 Bastard Sword/5 vs. shapeshifters and undead/6 vs. outsiders. It also gives you a +1 to all saving throws. Should you combine it with its scabbard, it becomes +5/6 vs. shapeshifters/+7 vs. outsiders, and it deals an extra 3d4 damage to demons specifically. Finally every time it hits a target, it deal Larloch’s Minor Drain upon them.

Jhor the Bleeder
This blade belonged to Ho Mang, a traveler from Kara-Tur who accepted dubious service at court throughout Faerun. Skilled in “persuasion”, he would use this sword to perform the “Death of a Thousand Cuts”, an ancient ritual from his homeland involving a lengthy seris of small, painful incisions. The properties of the blade of prevent blood form clotting, and the victim slowly bleeds to death. The sword was stolen and its whereabouts have been a mystery until now.
Stats: This +2 bastard sword that deals 2 extra points of damage, and every hour without having the spell “Heal” cast, they will lose 10 hit points, though they will never go below 1 hit point.

Bloody Wroth
‘It was during Borob the Reaver’s sacking of the Blue Citadel that Alemis Peacemaker-youngest son of Earl Marimor Peacemaker, lord of the Blue Citiadel-stole into the lock vault his father had thought so well hidden. There, alone in the cavernous chamber, were Bloody Wroth, Hateful, and Furious-the dread sword, axe, and armor of Huruom, ancient ancestor of Alemis, once known as the Bloody Juggernaut before he broke his cursed iron’s spell and took the Peacemaker name"
“Alemis, a mere boy, donned the fell armor, and took Bloody Wroth and Hateful in hand. Alone he cunt his way through Borab’s motley hoarde of humanoid raiders until he faced the tower half-giant himself, hacking him down and scattering his army to the wind. His family-father, mother, brothers and sisters alike- had all died by then, but Alemist no longer cared. He stalked the realms, eyes ablaze with madness, slaying monsters and brigands wherever he found them. But as the years passed and Alemis found no more of such wheat to thresh, he took to turning his thirsting blades on all who crossed his path…and so, once more, the BLoody Juggernaut had returned”.
- from "Master Pelib’s Bedtime Tales
This heavy, unadorned abstard sword of dull gray steel is a cursed thing, only showing its true form when the wielder is wounded in battle. IT is then that the hilt sprouts crimson tendrils that bury themselves in the wielder’s forearm: drinking his or her blood, the demon-sword opens the three glaring eyes along its twisting, dripping blade and drives the wielder mad with lust for bloodshed.

Should a warrior carry Bloody Wroth along with its brothers Hateful and Furious, his or her soul would be lost to the hell-forged arms and armor. To wield even Bloody Wroth alone might be construed as insanity…but there will always be those for whom it may be just the weapon they’re looking for.

stats- This +3 Cursed Bastard Sword deals an extra 3d8 to chaotic or neutral beings (who cannot use the sword) and has a 66% of casting Blood Rage on the wielder when wounded unless used with Furious and Hateful.

Order’s Nemesis

This weapon is a sight to behold. The blade is crafted of red=gold with a silver edge. The guard is finely polished platinum, and the wire wound hilt is crafted of black adamantine. When drawn, the blade radiates a rainbow of colors.
This weapon has been considered both a curse and a blessing by those who wield it. Against lawful creatures it does devastating damage and attacks are made with uncanny accuracy. Order’s Nemsis has been known to turn the tide in many battles. Unfortunately, the wielder loses control of his or her faculties and flies into a berserk rage upon drawing the weapon. The blade is also believed to be cursed, as once held it cannot be relinquished. So by believed i mean it totally is. By believed to be, it totally is. The history of Order’s Nemesis is unknown. The weapon has appeared throughout the realms in various battles over the centuries only to be lost once again.
stats- This +5 cursed bastard sword deals 2d6 damage to lawful creatures and gives immunity to the spells Sleep, Power Word Sleep, Hold Person, Cloak of Fear, and Dire Charm. 5% chance of becoming berserk.

Rage of Chaos: This is basically Order’s Nemesis but does damage against lawful

This single handed weapon is infused with the very essence of virtue and is rumored to be the sanctified blade of the famous paladin Sir Wediyer. The weapon was lost when Sir Wediyer pursued a fleeting pit fiend, though a planar rift. Neither the fiend nor Sir Wediyer ever returned. It can be combined with the Eye of Tyr, a gift from the God of Justice, this pommel gem gleams with a holy fire. If the burning stone were to be set into the hilt of a weapon of virtue the result would be a blade capable of carving a righteous swath through all of the evils that plague the Realms. If combined with Purifier it becomes so much more powerful.
Stats: This 4 bastard sword/5 against evil outsiders, that deals an additional 4 points of damage against Chaotic Evil Creatures, and has a speed of 4. It also gives the wielder a 20% magical resistance. If combined with the Eye of Tyr it becomes the a 5 Bastard side/6 Against evil outsiders, dealing an extra 5 points against Chaotic evil enemies. It also grants 30% magic resistance. Finally the user can cast Dispel Magic twice per day and once per day Mass Cure.

The Sword of Balduran
This ornate, but poorly balanced, weapon was found within the wreck of Balduran’s ship. Gold weapons are not known to be useful in combat, but legends say that only weapons forged of gold can harm such dread creatures as the Loup Garou.
Stat: This serves as a +4 Bastard Sword only against Lycanthropes (speed 7)

Forged in smoldering brimstone fires and cooled in the blood of its creator, a Bloodleter blade is a typically evil weapon, the kind of sword that has inspired more than a little diabolical laughter while being waved in the face of one or another virtuous knight. It is possessed of thoroughly heinous life-stealing energies, but if the fates of previous owners are any indication, its major characteristic could well be the attraction of ‘comeuppance”.
Stats- This +8 Bastard Sword wounds upon hit (Fort DC 14) and gives 2 points of vampiric regeneration.

Arebeth’s Sword
This is the Sword of Aribeth, the greatly conflicted champion of Neverwinter
Stats- This +5 Bastard Sword deals an extra 5 damage against good and evil targets, and gives Vampiric regeneration 1.

Blackriver Bastard Sword
This sword was given out to the greatest champion of the Blackriver bandit group in Neverwinter
Stats- This +2 Bastard Sword deals 1D4 acid damage

The Blood Blade
Forged in smoldering brimstone fires and cooled in the blood if its creator, the Blood blade was made out of the blood of its first wielder.
Stats- This +4 Bastard sword is vampiric Regeneration 2

Caniam Cathix
With a blade as cold as its name, this weapon can shatter an enemy’s shield- or the enemy themselves, in seconds. Made not of metal, this ice sword is surprisingly sturdy, and equally sharp. The handle has been wrapped in leather and engraved wit hthe words, “Caniam Cathix” which means “Devil’s Frostbite”
Stats- This 4 keen bastard sword deals an extra 1D10 cold damage and another 1D10 damage on crits. Every time it hits it deals Freeze (DC 10wielder’s level).

A line of black crystal runs the length of this blade, marking it the handiwork of Ortius of Gond, the Made Tinker. Blades from his stock resonate unnaturally when struck, and although mortals ears can barely perceive the tone, they certainly suffer the effects well enough. The origin of the crystal is not clear, though Ortius was known to have bartered his services to planar creatures on occasions.
Stats- This +2 Bastard Sword deals an extra 1D6 sonic damage and has a 50% chance of inflicting confusion for 2 rounds

The Dragonslayer
Everyone knowns the story: a blade, a dragon, a titanic sruggle, and a virtuous knight saving hundreds, nay, thousands of lives! Yes, everyone knows a version of this tale, but how? Could one sword have traveled the world so completely? Perhaps there have been many, perhaps only a few, but it is likely that weapons such as this have become so “well known” in legend that their true histories are forgotten.
Stats- This +1 Bastard Sword is +5 against dragons, and deals an extra 1D6sonic damage (1D10 against dragons)

The Lawgiver
The bane of the chaotic or morally suspect, a Lawgiver blade has but one purpose: to enforce the rules of law wherever that authority is challenged or questioned. Wehther or not the concept of “law’ coincides with the concept of justice is largely irrelevant, as the owners of these weapons often view the world in a very polarized fashion. There is right and there is wrong, and other details only serve to confuse the matter.
Stats- this +1 bastard Sword is +3 against chaotic creatures

Nameless Light
Legend states that the warrior Alesia brought the Nameless Light from the stars, although other tales claim it was forged by a grieving father, or was the weapon ofg a virtuous paladin . in truth, several such blades exist. They were created with the blessing of the Harpers, and each has had many stories for any number of owners. Perhaps that is their true power; they compel people to craft heroes of their own.
Stats- This +2 bastard sword is +5 against evil, and deals 1d4 points of electrical damage, 1D6 against evil.

Thirsting for Fresh blood, usually only a warrior intent on death and destruction wields such an evil blade. Some warriors claiming to be doing good have attempted to master the souldrinker and use it for noble purposes, but more often than naught, they are found surrounded by carnage and death too horrible to bear. One such warrior was found in a cathedral surrounded by the corpses of priest and resting on the end of his own lade, where he had thrown himself in a fit of guilt.
Stats- This +5 bastard sword gives vampire regeneration 1, and can level drain on hit (DC 16). If upgraded to the Souldrinker’s sire, it becomes +7

The Blade of Bael
Created for a wild mercenary named Bael Copper, the Blade of Bael had a short and violent history. Bael was a rowdy, hotheaded son of cooper, he did all he could to get out of his small town of Soubar and head for Baldur’s gate. When he arrived in Baldur’s Gate, he hired himself out as a mercenary, thug, and caravan guard, quickly earning a reputation as an incredibly unreasonable and hot-tempered man. Within his first six months in Baldur’s Gate, he had been arrested five times and was known to have almost killed a least four different people who accidentally looked him in the eye for a moment too long. Somehow, however, Bael attracted a small following of easily impressionable thugs who joined him on his seedy adventures. Eventually Bael managed to scrape together enough money to pay a wizard to craft a powerful sword for him. The Blade of Bael aided its owner its owner well until the mean-spirited brute decided to rough up and harass a young priestess of Eldath. When local Tempurans heard what Bael had done, they descended on him in the street and beat him with clubs, then threw him into the bay. They took his sword to their temples and later auctioned it off to a worthy owner.
Stats- This +3 Bastard Sword will reduce an enemies Magic resistance by 20% for one hour.

Restored Blade of Aihonen
This once-shattered blade lay in the breast of Icasaracht, the last of the great white dragon matriarchs that ruled the Spine of the World. It was wielded by Aihonen, a distant ancestor of Jhonen the fisherman in Easthaven- the sword has lain at the bottom of the lake for almost a century, waiting to be returned to one of its wielder’s bloodline. How it has been restored to its original state is unknown, but whatever the reason, it looks like a powerful weapon that was used to free Easthaven from Brother Poquelin. The blade seems to draw its strength form Lac Dinneshere itself. The dwarven Smith Tiernon has ‘soothed’ this blade. Apparently he was the one who forged it in the first place. His skills have awoken some of the blade’s original powers that had been drained when it was used to slay Iscasaracht.
Stats- This +1 Bastard sword is +5 against dragons or within a dragon’s flight distance of Lac Dinneshere. +5 to Hit points, 25% cold and Fire resistance, and if left in the body of a target, prevents their soul from returning to any soul gem or other contingency item. If restored to a singing blade, 30% resist Cold and Fire, 10 Extra hit points, Grants wielder +3 strength 1/day, Cure Critical Wounds 3/day, always sings Mozart’s Requim.

Pale Justice
This sword was made with one purpose: to destroy evil. Though a powerful weapon, Pale Justice has humble beginnings. The plain sword was crafted by a devout worshiper of Tyr named Renold. Renold spent thirty years of his life perfecting the metalworking techniques that allowed him to craft an almost flawless blade. As soon as Renold had completed the unadorned weapon, he turned it over to the church of Tyr. The priest who received it placed the naked blade on his monestary’s alter. He asked his brothers to join him in praying to Tyr to ask their god to bless the weapon with holy power. The brothers never touched the blade, nor did they speak of it. After ten years, despite the fact that all of the other brothers lost faith in the blade ver becoming enchanted, the orignial priest, Edan, continued to pray in silence. Another twenty years passed, ad there was still no sigh from Tyr. Visiting priests of Helm scoffed at Edan’s blind devotion to the blade. It was then that, without warning, Edan walked up to the alter and gently removed the dust-covered blade from the alter. The priest of Helm asked Edan if he had finally come to his senses. Edan replied that he had, that he had been expecting the wrong thing form Tyr the entire time. He stated that Tyr had done his work long ago. The priest of helm laughed at Edan’s claim, and asked his bodyguard to draw his sword. The magnificent weapon in the hands of the Helmite had a gilded guard set with pearls, with runes etched along the blade, with a small cluster of fine rubies set in the ricasso. The Helm priest spoke ‘This is truly a sword blessed by the gods. Your weapon looks like an ordinary soldier’s blade. It pales in comparison.’ Edan calmly grabbed the blade by the tang and swatted at the guard’s weapon. The priest of Helm’s laughter cut off quickly as he started at his retainer’s broken weapon. He stood there speechless as Edan set the blade down and began to reply. ‘Justice always pales in comparison to vanity and ostentatious displays of power. I expected Tyr to manifest his divine will in this blade with lighting and fire. I should have remembered how the blade was given to me…with simple charity and humility. Justice is the right of every man, no matter how rich or poor, no matter hoe educated or ignorant. It should be found as often in the field of farmers. After repairing the bodyguard’s sword, Edan took the blade to a local weapon smith, and him put a wooden, leather wrapped grip on it. He then gave it to a fledgling paladin and asked him to always remember the potential for charity and kindness in the human race.

Stats- This +4 keen Bastard sword is +7 vs. evil creatures, ignores all DR, Magical Resistance, Spell resistance, Carapice or Physical Resistance from evil creatures, and grants immunity to Cloak of Fear, Horror, Dire Charm, Hold Person, and Symbol of Hopelessness, along with DR 5. Paladin only.

This uniquely made Bastard Sword is Imbued with an every present supply of venom. While not poisonous, the venom will burn on contract if it ever touches flesh directly. How this sword got its name is not really known.
Stats- This +1 bastard sword has a 25% chance of doing 1D3 acid damage.
User: Bevil


Magic Bastard Swords

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