Light Hammer


Light Hammer
Brimstone Hammer
This type of weapon, thought to be forged by the flames of the elemental plane of fire, is extremely rare. The elemental properties of the hammer grants its wielder an increased resistance to fire and fire-based attacks. In addition, when used in combat, the hammer deals out additional damage when it successfully connects, searing its target with crackling flames.
Stats- This +2 light hammer deal 4 fire damage and gives 25% fire resistance.

In the city-states of chessenta, a mythic war hero called Cevalias figures prominently in the rise of the city Ciimbar, as the nation’s capital. Legend claim that Cevalias with his sparking hammer became the champion of the city when he fell in love with the ruler’s daughter, a young woman called Saphia. Saphia quickly learned to manipulate the champion and with her father’s guidance, turned him into a tool of destruction who killed over then thousand warriors of other cities
Stats- This +8 light hammer deals an extra 1D8 electric damage and gives electric resistance 10.


Light Hammer

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