Leather Armor


Mourner’s Armor (Cursed)
This unique suit of armor is of foreign design, created for a Kara-Turian samurai from the Baika Clan. The armor crafted from thin, stiff leather, is dyed black, but features the insignia of the plum blossom, the mon of the Baika Clna. It was only worn in battle once, when Baika himuro fought a hopeless battle against the enemy samurai that flooded into his ancestral estate. It is believed the enemy clan captured the armor and later traded it for siege equipment.
Stats- This +4 leather armor gives 75% physical resistance to missile weapons, immunity to pain, and you cannot be stunned. In addition, you are not aware of your hit point total any more, but gain 25 hit points.

Leather Armor of the Legion
This old armor belongs in a museum since it dates back at least 1500 years ago. If it was not for the magical enchantments it probably would have rotted away.
Stats- This +1 makes you immune to aging spells

The Night’s Gift
Originally blessed by Shar, this armor has a long and interesting history. Only the greatest of thieves have ever owned this heavily enchanted armor. The essence of night has been woven into the dark set of armor so that it feels like normal armor, but encloses the wearer in a mass of twisting shadows
Stats- This +5 Leather armor gives a +10 to sneak.

Dak’kon’s Zerth Armor
This ceremonial armor is fashioned of interlocking metal rings, formed of the same substance of his blade, though unlike the blade it does not change based upon the mental state of the wielder. The armor is worn over a padded red tunic and spiked bracers and shoulder pads have been added to give greater protection to the arms and upper body. While Dak’kon’s armor is similar to chain mail, it is lighter and more flexible, allowing him to wield his sword more effectively. It seems that when the sword and armor are used in tandem, the armor actually becomes lighter in weight and property, more like cloth than chain mail. Whether this is a unique property of karach, or whether this is some magical effect of the two items, is unknown.
Stats- On its own it counts as +5 chainmail, with the weight of leather. Used with a Zerth blade, it becomes weightless
User- Dak’kon

Jerkin of the Brazen Rogue
This piece of sturdy leather armor was clearly fashioned for a women. It is a piece of remarkably skillful craftsmanship; small metal plates and bands are carefully concealed here and there over the jerkin’s surface, providing a great deal of protecting without hampering mobility. The armor seems best suited for a ‘flashy’ fighter who would make full use of the free movement it would afford them. The enchantments woven into it by the Goncalves not only serve to protect such a combatant, but aid them in their balance and striking of their foes as well.
Stats- This +4 leather armor also gives the wielder an additional +1 to attack, only usable by women.

Jerkin of the Flitting Shadow.
This piece of light leather armor was clearly fashioned for a women. Even at a glance one can tell it is of the highest quality; every part of it, from its supple leather banding to its quadruple-stiched seams and padded silk lining speaks of impeccable craftsmanship. Goncalves wove a number of enchanments into the lining of the jerking so that its wearer is more prone to blend into surrounding shadows, making them difficult to spot and often allowing them to pass by others entirely unnoticed.
Stats- This +2 Leather armor gives a +4 to Hide and +2 to pick pocket.

Lower Planes Vermin Armor
This armor has been woven from the hides of various Abyssal vermin. The stitching thread appears to be a single white hair (though the type of creature is unknow0. There are no metal fixtures, studs or buckles anywhere on the armor…it is composed solely from the remains of living creatures
Stats- This +3 hide armor gives the wielder immunity to Vile Magic.

Yeti Hide Armor
This particular set was cured by Conlan and enchanted by Orrick. Orrick was not able to get ride of its inherited weakness against fire, though it offers some natural proteciton against cold.
Stats- +1 Hide Armor gives 15% Cold Resistance, wearer takes 1D4 extra fire damage.

Armor of Deep Night
Enchanted ebony rivets adorn of the black leather of the armor. Umberlee the Sea Queen granted this armor to Dami Darn, a rogue who slew the conjurer Looxil. The assassination pleased Umberlee, for Looxil had betrayed her in years past. Dami Darn died year later, a knife to the back from her successor in the thieves guild.
Stats- this +4 leather armor is +5 against daggers or knives

Protector of the Second
The Mist of Shadows were an elite gropu of elven rangers that roamed the Cormanthor wood, and were the bane of bandits and monsters alike. This particular armor was worn by Indeera Lakhan, one of the group’s most highly decorated officers, and second in command. This suit is named for her, though how it came to part her company is unknown.
Stats- This +2 Leather armor gives a +10 to Survival

Jansen Adventure Wear
Jansen-Brand Metal-Repellant AdventureWear (patent pending)
This strange armor is made of a foreign material ,very supple but strong to the touch. Designed by and for Jan Jansen, only he may may wear it. The armor does not give any bonuses to the base armor class, but it does grant resistance to physical damage and even more so to ranged items. Jan may also cast spells while wearing this armor. In addition, the armor is stylish. Notes: Dryclean only
Stats- This +3 leather armor counts as +5 against missiles.

Karajah’s Life and Death
Karajah was Calishan’s undisputed champion of pit fighting for a decade, and seemingly unbeatable. Wearing only a thin leather armor and spiked gauntlets, he would pummel his foes to the ground, seemingly impervious to their blows. His success or so he claimed as due to the mobility that his light armored afforded him. Eventually it was revealed was heavily enchanted at which point angry spectators threw him into the pit with a club-wielding ogre. He may well have been unaware of the suit’s other qualities, but his peers ignored his claims of ignorance when enchantments were discovered. The beast managed to break all of Karajah’s bones while the armor remained good as new. The armor survived the subsequent beating, whereas Karajah did not.
Stats- This +3 leather weighs as much as normal clothing and counts as +5 against all non blunt/crushing based physical attacks.

Kaylessia’s Gloves
Worn by Kaylessa, weapons master of the Seldarine’s Hand. Her prowees in archery only bested by her beauty, Kaylessa was devoted to hone the batlte skills of any elf under her. If there were any heros at the Battle of Seldarine’s Hand, Kaylessa was one of them. She was a shining exmaple of courage in the fate of impending doom as she fearlessly led her people against orc and goblins hordes. Even after the fall of the Hand, her commitment to battle and her people remain strong. Her last wish was to die in glorious battle.
Stats- +1 to AC and Dexterity

Orc Leather
This ghastly armor was taken form an orc camp destroyed by barbarians. Instead of standard metal rivets, like normal studded leather, this orc leather is instead laced with hundreds of fire hardened bones. Finger bones, ribs and skulls cover the armor, acting much like the traditional metal rivets. Powerful orcish enchantments give the armor special resistance to missile attacks, but the repulsiveness of the armor reduces the wearer’s charisma.
Stats- This +3 Leather armor counts as +4 against ranged attacks but reduces the wielders Charisma by 1

Skin of the Ghoul
A clever thief, Damien Oneknight always tried to gain from the assets of his enemies, no matter the circumstances. After a intense battle with several ghouls in which two of his companions perished, Damien to even the odds in future encounters. He skinned one of the undead creatures and brought the hide to a Halfling armorer talented in enchanting leather. When the suit was finished it was magically protective against physical attacks and paralyzation. Not very epic maybe but practical.
Stats- This +4 Leather offers a +3 bonus against poison and paralyzation


Leather Armor

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