Cutting Star
These blades are occasionally along with tales of ruined temples and the gods of old. Likely this weapon fell under the domain of a sun or star worshiping sect and while possibly far reaching in their day, no officially record detailing their practices has survived.
Stats- This +8 Kukri deals an extra 1d6 fire damage and has a 25% chance to cause blindness for 3 rounds, DC 14

Ladymist Talon
This variant of the kukri is thought to e associated with the worshipers of Akadi greater power of the elemental plane of air, but this is unverified. These weapons do exhibit abilities that seem appropriate for her domain, but they lack the markings her followers are known to use. Likely these blads are from her realm, but draw their magical energies from elsewhere.
Stats- This +1 Kukri lets you use Stinking Cloud 1/day and makes immune to Cone of Cold

Messenger Blade
These assassin’s blade may have originated with a single cult, or perhaps were the signature weapons of a guild for a time, but whatever the cause, the makers took their work very seriously.
Stats- This is a +2 Keen Kukri

Neverwinter Kukri
A regional variant of a very exotic blade, Neverwinter Kukri are made by special order of the Calimshan Businessman’s Embassy, and are presented to those who best represent their cultural interests within the area. Occasionally they are found on the black market, but never cheaply.

Sharpshadow Blade
A quick-cutting blade, suited to those who prefer to strike fast and retreated rather than stand toe to toe with their enemes. The name suggests a history with the Shadow Thieves of Amn, though it is not documented as some of their other tools are. The organization has many sub-guilds however, and this may have come from one of them.
Stats- This +1 +2 to Hide and move silently

Ancient armies, there names and deeds lost to legend and mystery, fought and died not far from Forest of Mir, their bodies slowly covered by nature’s tenacious grasp. Among their numbers were the stormwalkers and each warrior of that faction carried one of these blades into battle. Every few years a farmer recovers one of these remarkable weapons while working his fields.
Stats- This +1 Kukri deals an extra 2d6 electrical damage. Can cast Freedom 1/day



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