Helm of Shouting
This sleek, well-polished helm was a prized possession of the infamous eccentric adventurer Ullie the Loud. Ullie was the nominal head of a large mercenary company called the Bronze Boars. His followers were inattentive, disrespectful, and loud. To counter this, Ullie had a helm made to give him a powerful voice over his fellows. Not everyone liked Ullie’s shouting, though, and he eventually got into a fatal fight with an ornery priest of Milil. The priest confiscated the helm for a number of years until a group of burglars stole it form his chapel.
Stats- This +1 helmet lets you cast Shout 1/day

Illian’s Hunting Helm
This helm was worn by the great elven hunter Illian Willowdusk. It was constructed by a group of well-intentioned halflings when Illian hunted down and killed a priest of Malar and his bloodthirsty trained animals who had been plauging the halfling town. The helm served Illian well until he went hunting a great stag on Cinnaelos’Cor, an elven holiday. When the stag leapt into a thick patch of vines and briars, Illian followed. As Illian leapt through the tangle, the huge horns of the helm became caught, jerking his head violently. He was found dead the next day with a broken neck.
Stats- This +2 horned helmet gives you immunity to charm person or animal.

Patriot Helm
This helm was worn by the dwarven warrior Danel Silverfrost, king and martyr of the lost dwarven city-state of Silverrock. Danel’s deeds are not aas well-known as those of many other heroic dwarves, but that is perhaps because his kingdom died with him. His nation suffered heavy losses when trolsl and giants attacked it over a thousand years ago in the nearly forgotten ‘War of the Curdling Blood’. The war between the tribes of monsters and the kingdom of Silverrock waged over fifteen years. Danel never attempted to flee his kingdom, seek the aid of neighboring countries, or abandon his people, though maybe he should have asked for aid. Despite the fact that many of his subjects did, indeed, flee, Danel remained in Silverrock until the very ed. Before the final battle of the terrible war, Danel told his people ‘When ye see this plume on me head fall, I want ye to make sure that our people don’t bow, like gold, but that they break, like iron’. Almost as soon as the battle was joined, Danel charged to the front of the fray and leapt into the talons of a dozen trolls. The moment his plume disappeared from sight, every man, woman, and child remaining in Silverrock poured out of the fortified caverns and dragged down as many of the trolls and giants as they could. Barrels of falming oil were dumped all over Danel’s palace and the common areas of the city, consuming many dwarves along with more trolls and the terrible frost giants. In the end, the monsters had achieved a Pyrrhic victory. The dwarven city was a smoldering ruin from which little treasure, no slaves, and no food could be taken, and they had lost almost their entire force. Many trolls died of starvation that winter, and when they turned on their giant allies for sustenance, the entire army fell into disarray forever.
Stats- This +2 helmets makes all allies of the wielder who can see them continue to fight even after they fall to negative hit points (though they can’t move).

Blessed Helm of Lathander
This well-crafted helmet has a short history. A priestess of Lathander named Iraenl of Suzall had it constructed for the champion of her church, a warrior named Beldan Miller. Beldan employed the helm frequently, as Iraenl was often attacked by agents of Myrkul. After twenty years of serving Lathandar, Iraenl decided to step down from her office, as did Beldan. They were married shortly after. Beldan gave this helm to an errant paladin of Lathander, who is believed to have died slaying a lich near the Battle of the Bones.
Stats- This +2 helmet lets you cast Cure Moderate Wounds, Neutralize Poison, and remove Paralysis once a day.

Dead Man’s Face
These ancient helms were once common among the Reghedmen barbarians who came to what is now known as Icewind Dale. The design of the armor is relativel ysimple a plain iron helm with a hingled faceplate. Once the basic construction of the helm had been finished, craftsmen would tool the image of a dead warrior unto the faceplate. The name of the warrior and a one word description of his death were carved into the forehead of the mask. The helm was then left in the dead warrior’s funeral pyre. The priests believed that the mask would hide the dead man’s fear of the afterlife when he was judged by Tempos. After a month had passed, the helms of the particularly valiant warriors were recovered by priests. Over the next few years, the priests praised the valiant warriors by name in their daily rituals. According to legend, if Tempos found the warrior to be truly valiant, then the helm would gain the power to make the wearer immune to fear. This particular helm bears the ancient name “Siglef” and the word “Axe”.
Stats- This +1 Helmet gives you Immunity to Critical hits, and the Spell Horror and Cloak of fear. 2 Charisma while wore.
Illian’s Hunting Helms
This helm was worn by the great elven hunter Illian Willowdusk. It was constructed by a group of well-intentioned halflings when Illian hunted dow nand killed a priest of Malar and his bloodthirsty trained animals who had been plaguing the halfling shire. The helm served Illian well until he went hunting a great stage on Cinnaelos’Cor, an elven holiday. When the lept through the tangle, the huge horns of the helm became caught, jearking his head violently. He was found dead in the next day with a broken neck.
This is a +2 Helmet

Helm of Codness
Sigfried was a well known adventurer and armorer in the Dales. He crafted his helm for his latest adventures in the Gloomfrost area.
Stats- This +2 helm gives 25% cold resistance

Kiel’s Helmet
This helmet worn by Kiel the Legion-Killer, the first born-son of Durlag and Clain-prince of his father’s ill-fated tower. It is said that anyone who wears it is granted immunity to all forms of panic and fear, be there origins natural or magical
Stats- Immunity to fear and panic

Valiants Helm
’There is nothing funny about a serious head wound, I once watched a man get his head crushed by a morning star- brains and blood everywhere! Next time you think it is too hot to wear your helmet while on guard duty, you just think about that!”- Admonition to a guard, overheard on a caravan through the Anauroch Desert.
Stats- This +1 AC, Ultravision 1/day, Paladin Only

Watchman’s Helm
It is unclear if these magic headpieces were created by clerics of Helm, god of guardians, or if they acquired by their name by a more convenient circumstance. Whatever the case, they are highly prized by guards and sentries. All cast a visible glow of one sort or another, and many magically hone the wearer’s senses. Needless to say, rogues have also taken to wearing them, proving the the old proverb that ‘what good for the goose is good for the gander.’
stats- +8 to perception, light at will (constant)

Helm of the Noble
Named for its original owner, sir Tain the Noble, this helmet saw many great battles in his possession. It was eventually passed to Sir Tain’s squire, who had served him faithfully for almost ten years. Alas, the young man had neither the strength nor the skill to uphold his mater’s legacy. It is rumored that he lost his life of a worthy but ultimately futile cause, and the helm has had many owners since.
Stats- This +1 helmet provides a +1 bonus to Charisma

Helm of Balduran
The fabled helm of Balduran, legendary founder of Baldur’s Gate, has long been rumored to wield powerful protective magic. The exact nature of this magic, however, has not yet been determined.
Stats- This +1 Helm gives a +1 to saving throws and 5 extra hit points.

Helm of Radiance
This helm is made of polished steel and set with diamonds, rubies and fire opals. The gems glow with an internal light, the source of which can only be magical. This helm makes the wearer resistant to fire as well as giving the wearer some spell abilities. This includes fireball, prismatic spray, and the sunray.
Stats- Fire resistance 10, 1/day Fireball, Prismatic Spray, and Sunray.

Helm of the Trusted Defender
This helmet was worn for four hundred years by halflings and gnomes in the small and virtually unknown community called Shepherd’s Valley. Each dawn, the Night Watch captain would hand this helmet over to the Day Watch captain. Each dusk, the Day Watch captain returned the helm. This cycle continued without fail until Pheldon Tock, a night watch captain, decided to trade in the helm for another. The helm would have remained in Gibling Armstrong’s Curious Armor Shoppe for quite some time if a bored dwarf hadn’t bought it and set it on his mantle in distant lands.
Stats: this +3 Helm makes you immune to Sleep and you never need to sleep.

Helm of Charm Protection
As the name suggestions, the Helm of Charm Protection protects is wearer from any magical attempts to emotional manipulation. As a precaution, some high-profile mercenary groups regularly equip their members with such helmets to ensure they can perform their prescribed duties without external interference.
Stats- This helmet makes the wielder immune to the charm spell.

Helm of Infravision
Being a scavenger of sort, Babette Maelstrom had this helm created to aid her in her dungeon excursions. She would later attribute her gathered wealth solely to its power, though likely it was as much her keen eyes as anything
Stats- grants infravision up to 120 ft.

Helm of the Rock
This helm grants a warrior immunities far beyond mere physical protections. It is obvious there once used to be a set of horns protruding from the metal cap, though the horns and any magic associated with them have long since disappeared. With the addition of the horns, the Helm of the Rock is even more powerful. Generals and military leaders can command both fear and respect simply by wearing his helm.
Stats- Gives 25% resistance to fire, cold acid, poison, and electricity. If upgraded can cast Aura of command 3/day

Gift of Peace
Prized for its noble origins as much as for its benefits to the wearer, this helm was originally intended to be a simple gift. There was no great crisis at hand, nor dangerous villain to be overthrown; just a wish for a friend to give a gift to another. It could have easily been a good book or bottle of wine, but adventurers are eminently more practical in their gift giving. This helm has seen many great battles since its creation, but the simple virtue at its core is what has always been remembered.
Stats- gives a +1 to saving throws, and electric/cold/fire resistance 20%

Roranach’s Helm
This helm is carved from the horn of a great Ram. Etchings on the horn suggest the beast was once worshiped by the ancient barbarian tribes
Stats- halves all crushing attacks.

Skull of Death
The mad necromancer-lich N’Ashtar Nikadeemus forged this helmet from the bones of his own parents. His highest ranked general would wear it when he rode into battle, using it to instantly slay the commanders of the opposing armies. After that the skeletal armies of N’Ashtar would overrun their demoralized enmies. When N’Ashtar finally fell the Skull of Death was supposedly destroyed
Stats- can cast power word death 1/day

Vhailor’s Hlem
This helmet is the only remains of the mortal remains of the mysterious warrior named Vhailor. The warrior was destroyed while helping a creature known as “The Nameless One”
Stats- This +1 helm lets you case simulacrum 1/day

Helm of Opposite Alignment (Cursed)
The Helmet of Opposite Alignment is a truly fearsome item. As its name suggests, it has the power to alter the fundamental ethnical framework, nay, the very identity of anyone unlucky enough to wear it. It can ruin homes, friendships, even entire cities or nations. Should the legions of evil ever force one unto the head of a Celestrial Paragon, the multiverse as we know it, will surely meet an abrupt and painful end.
Stats-Changes your AL

Dragon Helm
The skillful hand of the warlock Wormsor carefully worked several dragon scales into this powerful helmet. Red, white and green overlap protecting the wearer from normal blows as well as fire, cold and electricity. It is hard to determine whether the benefits originate within the scales or the spells of the mage
Stats- 25% to aforementioned elements as well as a being +1

Adamantine Helm of the Dwarves
This helmet was made for the Champion of the Dwarven kingdoms when it came to religious duels, as the high Cleric might want an extra edge.
Stats- This +2 Helmet gives +1 to Concentration

Beholder Crown
This bizarre helm mounts a crown of tarnished bronze with eight metal eyestalkes sprouting upwards, each eyestalk bearing a gem. These items are greatly valued by members of beholder cults, and some sages believe that powerful beholders have their servants construct such items to reward valuable servants and slaves. Of course, since all such servants are usually dead before they are ever free from the beholder’s control, this is likely nothing more than a rumor.
Stats- Finger of Death, Flesh to Stone, Anti-Magic Sphere, Disintegrate, Sleep, Enervation, Hold Monster, Inflict Serious Wounds.

Blackguard Helmet
The evil form of the paladin, the blackguard, is opposite in every way. As the image of the paladin often takes the form of a knight in shinning armor, so the blackguard wears the dark plate that blends with the night. The blackguard’s helm is fashioned to frighten enemies with a single glance.
Stats- This helmet gives a +3 to mind effecting spells and +3 to Sonic saving throws.

Headband of Intellect
Woven round the brim of this helm is a light cord with a small gem set so that it rests upon the forehead of the wearer. The magic of the headband has the power to dramatically sharpen the wearer’s intellect. Considered ‘cheating’ by some wizards, these bands are highly sought after by many wizards, especially the Red Wizards of Thay
stats- This band gives +6 to intelligence.

Helmet of Thorns
A Nameless Demon crafted this macabre helmet from the flesh of a planetar he slew. It still pulsates with the blood of that long dead Planetar.
Stats- Damage Reduction 10, Damage resistance 10 Divine for Negative Energy, Positive Energy, and Sonic. Regeneration 5, Wounding Whispers 1/day, and -6 to Move Silently.

Helm of Brilliance
This helm appears ordinary until its true nature is perceived. Made of brilliant silver and polished steel, the Helm of Brilliance is set wit diamonds, rubies, fire opals and opals, each of large size and enchanted. When struck by bright light, the helm scintillates and sends forth reflective rays in all directions from its crown-like, gem-tipped spikes. The jewels allow the wearer to cast a variety of powerful spells, although each such use drains some power from the helm. In addition to these specific powers, the helm can absorb significant amounts of fire damage. The wearer may also focus the light from the helm at will to produce an effect similar to flame lash. The few such helms reported to still exist have been traced back to a great cleric Lathander from Baldur’s Gate named Ergelion. Ergelion equipped his companions with these helms to turn back a horde of undead swarming out of the Troll Hills to the north. Though the horde never reached Baldur’s Gate none of that band of adventurers was seen or heard from again.
Stats- Grants Fire Resistance 20, Fireball 2/day, Flame Lash 3/day, Prismatic Spray 1/day, Wall of Fire 4/day, Sunburst 5/day

Helm of Darkness
This helm only takes its true form when the user first perceives its true nature. Made of blackened silver and steel, a newly created helm of darkness is set with thirty-six black opals along its lower edge and a great black sapphire in the front. With a command word, the wearer can bring forth a darkness effect. The power issues from the sapphire, which can generate fifty such effects before crumpling to useless dust. The helm is also capable of absorbing significant amounts of cold damage, and the wearer is immune to death and fear magical effects; as well as allowing you to see through darkness.
Such helms are rumored to slowly corrupt their wearers to bend to Shar’s whim, so that ultimately the Dark Goddess gains a powerful followers by greatly warding the victim in what her clerics often refer to as the subject ‘infancy’
stats- Cold Resistance 20, immunity to Death, Darkness, and Fear, 50 charges of Darkness, if worshiper of shar you can use Darkness 1/day after the charges ran out.

Helm of the Stranger
It is said that Sir Jasper, a paladin and one of the most faithful servants of Torm, was given this helm by a mysterious kobold stranger when he was about to embark on a quest to kill a powerful red dragon. Unfortunately it t urned out that poor Sir Jasper had been misinformed about the dragon’s color and the helm’s true nature, that, while it indeed would have aided him against a red dragon, made him vulnerable to the powerful breath weapon of the white dragon Tymofarrar
stats- Fire Resistance 30, 50% weakness to cold, at will Light (constant), 20 charges, Cold of Cold (5), Ice Dagger (2), Ice Storm (4)

Helmet of Discharge
Fashioned from the scales of a blue dragon, these helms were designed by Lord Carios to assist in his crusades against the evil dragons of the Great Rift….as you can tell English was not his first language.
Stats- Electrical resistance 25

These helemets are named for the behemoth of the seas, the kraken. Krakens resemble immense monster squids with super intelligence. Merchants assure queasy customers that the helmet isn’t actually made from kraken flesh but owners often swear their skin feels slimy after wearing it.
Stats- +1 to Concentration and Perception

Hans Kludgen spent his life assisting the arch-mage Cledos. He traveled for many years across the world to hunt for arcane components to assist Cledos in the wizards’ many rituals. Cledos rewarded hans one fateful day by decapitating the faithful assistant and through a rare rituals, transformed the half-orcs’s skulls into this powerful helmet. Hans—always the dutiful assistant—had delivered his final components to his masters.
Stats- -2 to Charisma, +12 Concentration and Spellcraft, Spell Resistance 18

Lord’s Helm
A good ruler must be persuasive and capable of defending both themselves and their people. This helm is the traditional crown of the Lord or Lady of the Keep in the north. Long have the rulers of the north have been known as competent and difficult to kill.
Stats- This +2 Helmet gives you +5 to Charisma and +5 to Persuade

Paladin Helmet
These helmets are often given to new paladins when they set off after training.
Stats- This helmet gives a +1 to Concentration

Platinums Helm
This helmets hums with electrical energy. Capable of absorbing and discharing energy, this helmets unpredictable but when used powerful, very powerful.
Stats- Electrical Resistance 35, Scintillating Sphere 1/day

Seahawk’s Helm
The Might Seahawks were a cabal of ill-fated Waterdhavian nobles who lead a secret life at sea. Anonymous beneath their hawklike helms, they plundered countless of their city’s own treasure galleons in their endless quest for riches. Fearful of a scandal, the Admiral of the Waterdhavian Navy who finally captured them ordered that they be hung with their helmets still in place, that their indentities would never become public knowledge. Three cheated death and escaped, however. Conspiracies that they were the Admiral’s own sons persist unto this day
stats- +2 to Fortitude and Will saves

Sea’s Bounty
The sea holds many secrets within her depths and much knowledge long thought lost. It is said that those who wear the helm will gain at least some portion of ancient wisdom.
Stats- +1 to Wisdom, +5 to Appraise and Lore
The Shadow Helm
The horns of a Shadow Heart incorporated into this helm gives its owners the ability to fade out slightly.
Stats- This +1 Helmet lets you use Ghostly Visage 1/day

Shukenja Helm
The Shukenja are a monastic order known for their subtlety and magic power. Though rank-and-file brothers fight with a staff and wear no armor, elite members of the order are known to wear Shukenja helms into battle to augment their sorcerous abilities. Over the years these monks have spread through the Realms, and today many of their helms can be found in the hands of the order’s allies and enemies
stats- This gives a +1 to Concentration and level 0-3 spontaneous spell slot

The Regal
The bronze helm was last worn by a hero of little fame who led a crusade into the Underdark? His goal? To eliminate the drow. His mission sadly failed, the hero lies in an unmarked grave. His helmet was taken as a trophy by the drow who slaughtered him.
Stats- gives DR/6, Acid and Fire resistance 10, -5 to Search and Spot

Dan’s Helm
Who Dan is and why his helmet matters is still unknown to historians.
Stats- This +2 Helmet, lets you use Haste 1/day

Dread Pirate’s Helm
Historically, some Dread Pirates prefer anonymity as it allows for a more comfortable retirement. In some cases, multiple pirates have shared the title between themselves with the current Dread Pirates being whoever is wearer the mask.
Stats: Damage Reduction 5

Eyes of Charming
This helm mounts two crystal lenses over the wearer’s eyes that to ouside observers appear to sparkle and swirl with color. The wearer is able to charm a person merely by meeting a target’s gaze. Those failing a Will saving throw are charmed as per the spell. Through the power of one such helm, the Chessentan warlord Guivandar quickly gathered an army of loyal followers from the exiles and murderous criminals in the Threskel region. With an army behind him, Guivandar quickly gathered an army of loyal followers from the exiles and murderous criminals in the Threskel region. With an army behind him, Guivandar turned his ambitions on conquering the nation’s more established city-states. However, before his army could even begin to march on Lutchcheq, a reclusive wizard living in the Smoking Mountains dispelled the power of Guivandar’s helm as punishment for trespassing the army through his territory. Freed of the helm’s charm, Guivandar’s lieutenants murdered him in his sleep and the army quickly scattered throughout the region.
Stats- Charm person at will

Eyes of Doom
This helm mounts two crystal lenses over the wearer’s eyes that to outside observers appers as a swirling infinite void. The wearer is able to cast doom on those around him merely by meeting a target’s gaze. Those failing a Will saving throw are doomed as per the spell. It is inscribed with the symbol of Bane. At one time, helmets of this type were popular equipment among Zhentarim soldiers. Due to the enchantment’s use of the symbol of Bane, the helms fell into disuse and many were abandoned during the Zhents dedication to Cyric and Iyachtu Xvim. With Bane’s recent rebirth, the Zhentarim are eager to reclaim those that were lost.
Stats- Doom 1/day

Eyes of Petrification
Hammered from a gorgon’s armor plates, this helm mounts two crystal lenses over the wearer’s eyes. These special lenses, made from the calcified corneas of a medusa, allow the wearer to use the medusa’s petrification gaze attack. Rare indeed, the origin of the few known helms have been traced back to an abandoned temple the jungle of Chult containing some of the most elaborate human and animal statuary ever seen in the region.
Stats- Flesh to Stone 1/day

Eyes of the Eagle
This helm mounts two special crystal lenses over the wearer’s eyes that grant a bonus to Spot Checks. Fiercely protective of their borders, the elves of the Moonwood often use these helms to better patrol thei borders for marauding orcs and to better aim their bows in the wood’s defense.
Stats- +5 to spot checks.

Caddellite Helm
This powerful magical artifact was created by the Avatar of Virtue from the Cube Generator, with the help of Zorn of Minoc. As the Blackrock cubes were protected by piercing sonic attacks, this helmet protects the wearer from its affects, allowing the Avatar to destroy the generators and restore the world.
Stats- This +1 helmet gives the wielder total immunity to sonic damage



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