Edge of Oblivion
This horrifying black axe looks like the absence of light. When its powers are awakened and its name known “Edge of Oblivion” becomes entirely black…where once just the edges were ebony, now the blackness has spread across the entire blade. The chill the balde radiates has increased ten-fold, so much that it is painful to hold it for too long. Edge of Oblivion does disintegration damage every time it strikes an opponent, for every wound it causes it also disintegrates the flesh around the target area, simultaneous cauterizing the wound as it strikes. There is some speculation that a Sphere of Annihilation has somehow been encaged within the axe itself, but again this is only speculation. Given that the planes are infinite, anything is possible.
Stats: This +1 Great Axe deals 1D6 extra cold damage, 1D8 extra Negative Energy damage, and wounds it inflicts will never magically heal (though they won’t bleed out)

The Stunner
Evets Nitsau was a hardy dwarven warrior who was also a gladitorial master. His favorite weapon was his beleoved axe which could freeze its victims, cold, and stop them dead in their tracks.
Stats- This +2 great axe has a 30% chance of stunning a foe for three rounds, and can cast Cone of Cold 1/day

Foe’s Fate
This mighty weapon consists of a mass of runes, etchings, and a giant blade. It was clearly a giant weapon that was modified by dwarves to make it even more devastating in combat.
Stats- This +4 great axe has a 25% of causing target to go Berserk, 25% to do 1D6 electrical damage, +5 against giants.

Axe of the Culling
So many tales surround these axes that it is difficult to determine which are true. They have been linked to kings, celestial, dark gods, and obnoxious dwarves, but in all cases, they were used to destroy some meddlesome wizards or another. Scholars suggest that the weapons were created by a single person; someone wishing either the destruction of all spell casters, or simply the troublesome.
Stats- This +3 Greataxe Deals 1d6 fire damage and will dispel magic DC 14

Erinon’s Axe
The Axe is known not only for being a strong weapon, but also for the power to significantly raise the user’s combat ability; even the most clumsy warrior can use it to great effect. The weapon was once thought lost, but time travel through the Amulet of Balance revealed the truth. The Avatar took it into the present time, thus returning this weapon to the world.
Stats- +5 Great Axe increases the wielders strength by 3

Frost Bringer
The origins of this axe are as deeply hidden in the past as the blade of the axe is hidden in frost. The only bit or lore still known is that this axe is known on the Elemental Plane of Fire as ‘Clisirick’, or ‘Fire Eater’
Stats- This +2 Great axe deals an extra point of cold damage.

Greataxe of the Knight Avenger
This mighty axe once marked the grave of some unknown warrior. Now that it has been polished you can see a message dimly etched into the iron shaft: ‘Strike out against the evil. Strike at all costs’
Stats- This +1 Great Axe is +2 against evil and gives you a +1 bonus against mind effecting spells

Gruumsh Hand
Orcs tell of a great hero who wore no armor, and how the god Gruumsh gifted him with an axe to protect him in battle. He eventually became the avatar of that fearsome deity, and broke his weapon into many pieces to seed it among the orc hordes. Other cultures don’t recognize the tale, but orcs don’t care. After all, their legends also say that all the other races are born of swine, and what are the opinions of pigs worth.
Stats- This +2 Great axes, 1D6 acid damage, an extra 1D6 points of damage to humans, and +3 bonus to parry.

Netherese Axe
Weapons such as these are not only protects against magical attacks, they also improve the wielder ability to research new spells and make him more aware of threats. Long research has traced their origin to the extinct Netherese civilization, but of there creator nothing is known.
Stats- This +1 Great axe gives a +3 bonus to listen and Lore, and spell resistance 10

Re’s Redemption
When Mulhorand’s rebellious wizards opened Faerun to the invasion known as the Orcgate Wars, the avatars of the deities descended from the heavens to do battle. The avatar Re was slain in battle but used his dying breath to create hundreds of these greataxes. Known as Re’s Redemption, each of them was dedicated to the slaying of orcs, and only with their help was the great horde forced northward.
Stats- This +2 Greataxe is +4 against orcs, deals an extra 1D6 Electrical damage, 2D6 against evil.

Stonefire Axe
The head of this great axe is hot to the touch, which explains why the shaft is made of ironwood and is immensely long. Though the origins of this axe are long forgotten, the power inhabiting the axe is obviously that of a master craftsmen
Stats- This +8 axe deals 2D6 fire damage.

The Sandstorm
Along the edge of the Anauroch lived a tribe of nomads whose ferocity in battle becomes a legend that told of a giant whirlwind of sand that would destroy caravans, leaving nothing but corpses behind. The truth behind the legend was that the shaman of this tribe was more powerful than he knew and he created this weapon that sprays sand with every swipe, often blinding opponents.
Stats- This +2 great axe gives a +1 bonus to AC and has a 10% to blind the foe for 4 round, DC 16

Slasher of Koth

This fearsome axe was the preferred weapon of the great minotaur champion. The blood of many heroes stained its blade before Koth himself was felled by Nashar Alagondar
Stats- This +5 keen great axe deals an extra d10 electrical damage.

Black Donald was a grim man with a twisted sense of humor. Though not quite malicious, he had little regard for human life. When his adventuring band, Winnowing Drake Company, asked him to fell an an opponent, he did so without question. In addition to his wiry brawn and even temper, Donald was known for his fastidious care of his weapons and armor. He kept his great axe keen and shining at all times. When he waded into battle, crimson blood (opposed to violent blood?) flew out in all directions, from the gleaming blade. Donald’s halfling friend, Time Rootfield, commented that the axe was sharp that it would make widows out of half the wives in Faerun (he was a bit sexist). Black Donald smiled at the halfling and said that his blade was sharp enough to cut through the husband and back to the village to get the wife on the follow-through.
Stats- This +1 keen great axe deals a critical hit on an 18. If upgraded to the Grim Widow-Through it becomes a +3 Greataxe that deals 2d6 damage to none chaotic characterser.

Coward’s Flight
Coward’s Flight isa weapon of incredible manufacturing technique. The double bearded blade is crafted of the finest steel with a mithril edge. The sahft is a hollowed oak with a reinforced steel center Along the sahft are a series of glowing dwarven runes cast in gold. The weapon is light, fast, and deadly. The weapon was also crafted with two special enchantments. On a successful hit, there is a chance that Coward’s Flight will cast a fear and slow spell upon the target, causing them to turn their back and slowly flee. This allows devastating attacks from an opponent’s rear, thus the weapons name.
Coward’s flight was crafted by the dwarven smith’s Braegar’s of Dorn’s Deep
stats- This +5 keen great axe, 50% to inflict Fear, 50% to inflict slowed, critical hits on 18, immunity to Backstab.
Big Death
This gargatuan throwing axe known as Big Death is an orcish weapon through and through. Carried to the final battle of the Hand of Seldarine by the hulking orc warlord Yellow-Toothed Grubrun, Foul-Tusks, Big Death had its origins in an ogre mercenary’s two-handed battle-axe. After a particular vicious raid on a dwarven mining settlement, Grubrun spied the axe lodged in the skull of a dead dwarven marshal. Its seems that an ogre mercenary had impaled himself upon the marshal’s spear in a careless charge, but his last act had been to nearly cleave his killer’s head in twain and in trying to wrench the axe free for a second blow, shattering the haft before expiring in a bloody heap. Prying the huge, black cold-iron blade from the base of the dwarf’s skull, Grubrun returned to his fortress at Nab-Nurog and had his shaman set enchanting it. Not having considered fixing the shaft and finding it too heaven and awkward to use in melee, Grubrun deigned to use the weapon as a throwing axed and demanded that it be ensorcerelled to return to his hands after being hurled. The Warlord found great delight in heaving the enormous weapon about, roaring with glee as Big Death came careening back to him, gleaming and gore spattered, after lopping some poor enemy in two at the waist. Grubrun Foul-Tusk finally met his end at the final battle of the Hand where he threw Big Death ad the elven weapon master Kaylessa; she deftly sidestepped the flying weapon, darting forward, and ran her own blade through the empty-handed orc’s blly. Kaylessa was said to have then cool ducked as Grubrun’s own axe came whirling back at him and cleanly served his head, rotten yellow tusks and all. Big Death is an especially large axe- almost ridicuioulsy so- and it is only identifiably as throwing axe because its short haft and the manner in which it’s weighted. In fact, the axe is so massive that it cannot be thrown with a single heand, requiring the wielder to grip it with both hands and hurl it sidelong with the strenght of their entire body.
Stats- This +1 returning greataxe is used as a throwing axe, and deals 1d6 extra damage. It will spin around the room like a boomerange before returning to the wielder, not damaging them if they can have two free hands and can make a reflex save (DC 11). If upgraded to Big Black Flying-Death, it becomes +3, and deals 1d10 extra damage to its primary target.

Tale of the Executioner’s Wife
In the filthy port town of Luskan, executions are a daily occurrence and a welcome relief form the monotony of town life. This greataxe was the only possession of the town executioner, who was reported to never let the blade leave his side, giving it the name “The executioner’s Wife”. As the years passed however, the town’s executioner eventually found a willing mistress in one of the town’s brothels who seemed untroubled by his profession and he paid her numerous visits over the following months. When the town authorities came to arrest the harlot (who was actually an accomplish thief and didn’t enjoy gendered slurs) for thefts within the city executioner in her bed and the women no where to be found. The exectioner was implicated in her escape and his own axe was used to behead him in the town square. It was rumored that the town knew he was innocent and simply wanted to raise revenue with the execution. The execution had a record turnout and many agreed that the “executioner’s wife” had her final say in his adultery.
Stats- This +3 great axe counts as +4 against characters currently committing adultery.



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