Kaylessa’s Gloves
These gloves were used by Kaylessa when she practiced archery, a gift from her mother.
Stats-+1 to Defense, +1 to Dexterity.
User- Kaylessa

Winter Wolf Gloves
These fur lined gloves have been stiched together using the skins of a Winter Wolf.
Stats- +1 to Charisma, and 2% cold Resistance

Elven Sewn Gloves
These gloves have been made from the highest quality cloth and furs available in the land. Hand sewn by talented elven tailors, these gloves were very common among the people of the Seldarine’s Hands. Outsiders have also found it appealing as they provided ample warmth and protection from the harsh cold of the North.
Stats- 5% cold resistance.

Maynard’s Gloves
Maynard, a young genius of a bard (but with little wisdom to spare), found himself the victim of theft when the magic gloves that enhanced his memory were stolen. Instead of outwitting the rogues, Maynard simply recreated the gloves- over and over again. The finished product was stolen each time, and this eventually evolved into an odd working partnership, though never once did Maynard realized he was in businesses supplying his Wondrous Gloves.
Stats- 1 to Wisdom, Extra Bard spell level 0-3
Twin Fist of Fire
Hosgai the purified was a monk who believed in purification through fire. He would travel the lands fighting for those he believed to be unjustly accursed of crimes. With his hands flaming, he became a symbol of the defendant’s champion. When he died, Hosgali’s spirit entered the fighting gloves he always wore. Now his spirit will assume the flaming form of whoever wears these gloves.
+4 to attacks, 4 extra fire damage, Flame Twin 1/day

Master Shipwright’s Gloves
These gloves are made from fine-grained pigskin. Their unique design exposes the tips of two fingers and the thumb for greater control in even the toughest jobs. These popular gloves have a leather palm for extra grip and a breathable knit back of Cormyrian cotton for extra comfort.
stats- +3 to AC, +3 to Craft Weapon and Armor

Greater Gloves of the Minstrel
Lendoku Mar’hael was reputed to be one of the best performers of his generation. When his son, Gardoku, proved to be of only middling talent, Lendoku commissioned the development of these performance enhancers. The mage who developed the gloves heard of Gardoku’s success and began selling similar gloves to Gardoku’s competitors. The mage died shortly thereafter, outside a pub owned by the Mar’hael family.
Stats- +6 to perform.

Gloves of the Artificer
Though the true origin of gloves of this type is unknown, those sold in Waterdeep often claim to be functional replicas of a pair of gloves once used by Halaster Blackcloak to assist him in making the notorious traps of undermountain.
Stats- +6 to craft Trap.

Gloves of Swordplay.
It was the infamous swashbuckler, Eisneid Clume who first requiested magical assistance to help her parrying ability. She had been run through in seven duels before she had the gloves made. Once the gloves were in her possession, Eisneid won over thirty duels without a single scratch. Finally, word of her magical assets leaked out, and the level fo swordplays in Hillsfar increased dramatically.
Stats- +6 to Parry

Gloves of Spellcraft
In an effort to help starve off the expansion of the Mulhorand Theocracy, several Red Wizards of Thay worked together to create these gloves to assist the Magocracy that controls Unther. While the gloves assist mages in recognizing some of the powerful spells being cast, the superior numbers of the Mulhorand mages still gives them the advantage.
Stats- +6 to Spellcraft

Gloves of Discipline
Tired of watching new recruits to the Silver Ravens fumble and drop their weapons during training, Miklos Selrirk hired a mage to develop a magic items to help their discipline. When the first recruit to don the gloves couldn’t be disarmed by the Silver Raven champion, Miklos knew he had something extraordinary.
Stats- +6 to Discipline.

Gloves of Concentration
As age began to creep up on him, Beregost Hamish found it difficult to concentrate while casting challenging spells. The gloves he developed relaxed his mind in even the direst of situations. Before he died, Beregost made a fortune selling replicas of the original gloves to other in his chosen profession.
Stats- +6 to Concentration

Gloves of Appraisal
At one time almost every successful merchant in Waterdeep was reputed to own a pair of these gloves. Embroidered with the image of the goddess Waukeen the supple balance of the gloves and the sheen of its silk are enhanced with a minor magic to help the wearer better gauge the weight and quality of gems and other small goods. During the Interdeium of Waukeen, many lost faith in the Merchant’s Friend, and many of these gloves were sold into general circulation on the open market.
Stats +6 to Appraise

Gloves of Animal Handling
The nomad tribes of the Shaaryan peoples depend on their ability to control the wild horses of the plains for survival. The best animals handler of the tribes use these special gloves that allow them a more direct link to the minds of the noble steeds. When raids on the other tribe, occur, scout always have their eyes open, searching for a man with these impressive gloves.
Stats- +6 to Animal Empathy

Wondrous Gloves
These gem studded leather gloves are enchanted so as to augment the skill of any Bard College
Stats- +1 to attack, +1 to AC, bonus 2nd, 3rd and 4th level spell

Nasher’s Gloves of Discipline
Lord Nasher of Neverwinter prides himself on his fighting capability and these gloves gave him an added bonus to his already considerable discipline. Wounded from an encounter with umber hulks, Nasher sought shelter in a small cave. The sneaky goblins living within snatched these gloves from Nasher and disappeared into the dark. This item is one of four other items that once belonged to Lord Nasher—if worn together their magic grants the wearer additional benefits.
Stats- Discipline +5, +10 if in a set.

Jansen-Brand Techno-Theiving Gadgetizer Gloves
This set of thieving tools give Jan an additional bonus to both his lock picking and pick pocketing. He is the only one who can use the Gloves, as no one else quite has the knack of it. Oddly, he seems to be able to actually caste spells while wearing the things. Must be because they got style
Stats- +5 to pick pocking and lock picking

Gloves of Pick pocketing
A few years back Fong Moo a famous cutpurse, known both in Baldur’s Gate and Athkatla, was found dead on the road between the Gate and Beregost. Seems he’d stolen an artifact from a powerful mage and tried escaping with little success. His possession when to a nephew, who took up the same trade as his uncle, and became especially good at pick pocketing. Whether these gloves were magical before falling into Fong’s hands or if they somehow imbued with the masters essence is unknown
Stats- +7 bonus to pick pocket.

Gloves of Missile Snaring
Foik Morur demonstrated the effectiveness of these gloves at a community fair near Beregost several years back. He paid a local archer to fire arrows at him. As the arrows approached, Roik’s hands would move of their own accord, either knocking the arrow away or catching it. He earned more than a few pieces of gold for his troubles and these earnings attracted some shadowy figures to Foik’s tent that evening. The next morning Foik was found dead and the gloves missing
Stats- +2 to Defense against range.

Gloves of Healing
These glove are usually given to novice of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart who have yet to acquire the ability to cast spells. For anyone outside the Order to to wear these gloves is a rare honor.
Stats- Heal up to 10 hit points and any poison effects, 1/day

Elander’s Gloves of Misplacement (Cursed)
With mischief in mind, the impetuous Elandar set out to craft these cursed gloves to best a rival. It turns out that his malice got the best of him, when he mistook these gloves for another pair.
Stats- -2 to dex and -5 to attack.

Gloves of the Yellow Rose-colored
Also referred to as the Disciples of the Saint Sollars, the Monastic Order of the Yellow Rose is known equally for its acts of great loyalty to its allies and those of great destruction to its enemies. Monks of this Order frequently. Traveled alongside paladin of Illmater, serving as trusted guides and companions to these knight of the suffering lord.
Stats- +10 to attack, deals an extra 5 electric damage (if full upgraded) for monks.

Gloves of the Rogue
This elderly Oghmanyte Milladolin found that age was affecting her and her fellows quite rapidly, causing their hands to shake and preventing them from performing many of their priestly duties. With Oghma’s blessing, milladolin created magical gloves that steadied their hands and heightened their muscle control. Year later, a young Oghmanyte was caught for thievery- guilty of using the gloves. Word spread, and soon the gloves themselves were stolen away.
Stats- +2 to Disable Traps, Open Lock, Pick Pocket, and Set Traps

Gloves of the Long Death
Founded in distant Thay, the Monastic Ooder of the Long Death celebrates the passage from life to lifelessness in all of its forms. It is said by those who have survived encounters with the order that the grip of its adherents is like the icy touch of death itself, not soon to be forgotten.
Stats- +10 to attack, extra 2D6 cold damage (monk only, if fully upgraded)

Gloves of Lightning
Once a personal “interrogation tool” of Rimardo Domine, an Overwizard of Luskan’s Host Tower of the Arcane, these flexible leather gloves have since been circulated among powerful members of the pirate community. The gloves are covered with small copper rivets. The wearer may use the gloves to throw a sharp electric jolt at nearby targets.
Stats- Electric Jolt at will.



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