Fist Weapon


Annah’s Punch Daggers
The blades are well-oild and razor-sharp; in addition, there relatively small size allows them to be concealed quickly when a guard patrol makes a sudden appearance
Stats- This punch daggers can vanish or appear in the users hands at will, but if taken away cannot be used to this effect.
User- Annah

Assassin’s Knuckles
Powerful spells have been placed upon this weapon to better assist any would be assassin. When sued correctly this weapon will stun an opponent making him easier to hit. A spell of salience is also placed on the victim to prevent him from crying out for help or in case of mages from casting spells. TO finish the job, the blades are coated with an exotic poison to ensure a quick death.
Stats- This +3 Shredder Claws, inflicts silence upon anybody it stirkes and they have to make a reflex save (DC 15) or be stunned for three rounds. They are also poisoned to deal 1D3 for 10 rounds, will effect if they don’t make a fortitude save (DC 17)

Fall from Graces’s Kill
This ring dagger can be used as an emergency attack
Stats- Deals 1D3 damage and drains 1D6 points of damage to give to the wielder

Siphon Knuckles
Usd by the less savory inhabitants of Sigil, these spiked knuckles have the ability to drain the life force of an opponent and at the same time is able to rejuvenate the wielder.
Stats- These +2 Spiked Knuckles will drain all damage to heal the wielder.

Punch Daggers of Zar’Anun
This infamous weapon is said to have once been wielded by the assassin Zara nun. A first nothing more than a little known thiefe, Zar’anun soon rose high in the ranks of his guild by assassinating everybody with some new weapons he found. His carrer came to an end when one of his ‘possibly next’ victims noticed that the upcoming thief was never without his daggers, keeping them with him even while bathing. When the daggers mysteriously disapperared, so did Zar’anun
Stats- +2 punching daggers give a +2 to AC and +5 to Sneak.

Punching daggers of True Death
To ensure the recipients reaches ‘True Death’ These daggers have been coated with a powerful poison
Stats- These +1 punching daggers will poison a target (Fortitude Save 14) dealing 1D4 damage for 6 rounds. Anybody killed by this cannot be affected by the raise dead spell. only usable by Dustmen.

Punching Dagger of Shar
These daggers were once wielded by Shar, the Mage-slayer. Shar was an assassin of some merit to decided to specialize in the ‘removal’ of mages for large sums of gold. To Further her goals she commissioned the creation of these blades by the mage Thex Voorton. With her new weapons in hand she was quite successful at her craft. Shar met her demise when she was hired to assassinate the very mage who created the daggers. Much to her surprise the weapons failed to harm their creator, Threx, nor did they grant Shar protection against his spells
Stats- These +3 punching daggers give +2 to all slaving throws, 35% magic resistance.

Punch Dagger Moorin
These daggers were once wielded by Moorin, the jinxed. Moorin was a hapless young women who became a thief through a series of disasters. Each of these ‘accidents’ resulted in the death fo the trainer for whatever profession she choose. Out of desperation Moorin trained herself in the art of Thievery with laughable results. Moorin’s thieving career was filled with numerous mishaps that involved her in combat situation. Each combat often ended with Moorin being seriously wounded and thrown into prision. When it became obvious that Moorin was not long for this world her father, Arch-mage Xoorcon, created tehse magical blades for her use. With the luck provided by her new blades Moorin was actually able to successfully strike an opponent in combat (which came as a shock to her). While her opponent was busy bleeding, Moorin would make good her escape, Moorin tripped, fell on her daggers and died before she could staunch the bleeding from her wound.
Stats- These +2 pucnhing daggers that give +2 to AC and +1 to luck, and deal 1 extra point of damage. It also inflict bleeding.

Mark of the Savant
Cleverly designed, this object splits into two pieces to form punch daggers. When properly used they are deadly in combat. The easily accessible levers and gears shoot out and twist various blades almost as if they were extensions of the hand. Although excellent as a combat weapon, those same mechanisms used to shred the flesh of an enemy can also be used for the delicate procedures of opening locks and disarming traps.
Only the most gifted of thieves possess items such as this. As it takes keen mind and skill hand to properly operate.
Stats- These +4 Katars give +2 to AC, +1 to Dex, +15 to hit points, +3 to Defense, +4 to Move Silently and Open Locks, and +2 to Detect Traps.

Umei Kaihen
These punch daggers seem to almost slip from yoru grasp as you hold it, yet the same time, it invokes a strange sensation as you wield it, as if fate itself changing in your favor. As a dagger-type weapon, it is massive and fearsome, with sharp serrated edges along both sides. It is bathed in vibrant, royal purple hue. Along the hilt is carved the words: ‘Hii toh mi’
Stats- These +3 Punching Daggers gives +3 to Dexterity and +5 to Open Locks
User- Annah


Fist Weapon

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