Amber Earrings
These earrings are made from harden sap of the razor vine. When properly prepared, items made from this substance can be enchanted with powerful spells of protection
Stats- +2 to AC and you can memorize 2 additional 1st level Mage Spells
Anarchist Earring 1
This earring is one of four, each with its own special ability. They are designed enable the wearer to escape detection from the law, or to persuade others to aid the Anarchist in his pursuit of freedom for all. Note that these earrings, while useful are not exactly subtle in declaring allegiance to the Revolutionary. This particular earring makes you more attractive, more persuasive, and better able to infiltrate the strongholds of the overweening power structure.
Stats- +1 Bonus to Charisma

Anarchist Earring 2
This earring is one of four, each with its own special ability. They are designed to enable their wearer to escape detection from the law, or to persuade others to aid the Anarchist in his pursuit of freedom for all.
Stats- Invokes Blindness 1/day

Anarchist Earring
This earring allows its users to function with a clear mind against the terrors of enemies
Stats- Immunity to panic

Anarchist Earring
This particular earring allows its owner to overpower its target with a mental barrage, leaving the target weak-minded and vulnerable

Chained-Teeth Earring
Perhaps the idea that Annah would wear anything solely for ornamental value makes you suspicious of these earrings. Upon close examinations, you discover these thin metal earring are actually a series of well-crafted lock picks. If you need be, you can unhook them and use them to pick stubborn locks
Stats: +1 to Open Locks
User: Annah
Crimson Sphere Earring
This small red gem set into this earring acts like a heaet sponge, protecting the wearer from heat or flame attack. Whenever the wearer is exposed to fire, the gem draws some of the heat into itself, shielding its wearer from part of the damage. It is rumored that each of these earrings hold a tiny fire mephit inside, and that they are so starved for heat that they will drink deep in any fire in the vicinity. This has never been proven, mostly because no one really cares to investigate this matter
Stats- 10% resistance to fire, an extra 5% when it comes to magical fire

Fall- From-Grace’s Earrings
These are Fall-From-Grace’s earrings. They give her a slight amount of protection from spells and other magic, and like almost everything else, they look really good on her
Stats- +1 to All Saving Throws and 5% resistance to magic.
User: Fall-From-Grace

Dustman Earring
This earring has the smell of ash and dust bout it and is icy cold to the touch. When worn, the earring shields the wearer from temperature extremes, granting the wearer partial resistance to heat and cold. Furthermore, the earring also protects the wearer from mind-influencing magic’s and magic that attack the body, including paralyzation and death magic. The earring signifies the wearer’s allegiance to the Dustmen and can only be worn by a member of the Dustman faction. According to rumor, this earring helps dull the dustmen to effects of the outside world,
Stats- 30% resistance Cold, Fire, Ice and Heat, +2 bonus vs. Death Magic

Stinger Earring
This earring has been made from the hardened shell of segmented, larva-like creature. Its shell has been treated with some sort of glazed finish that makes it look disturbingly alive. The wire that hooks to the ear looks like it is part of the larva itself, perhaps its stinger of antenna. To activate the earring’s power, the must prick his thumb with the stinger, allowing to bond with its new owner. When “awakened” this earring helps protects the wearer from attacks, giving the wearer’s skin the same strength and durability of the larva’s shell.
Stats- +2 to AC, +4 vs. Piercing attack.

Rule-of-three earring
You receive this small earring from a note in the mouth of one of the walking corspes in the Mortuary. It is a beautiful earring, but despite its beauty, all it seems to do is remind you how strange this world you’ve woken up in is. This earring carries a minor blessing from one of the gods of wealth on some backwater prime world; when held in the hand and the word “copper” commons. This blessing can be used three time before the enchantments is exhausted for this user, and moves on to somebody else.
Stats- 3 times you can create 33 cooper coins.

Obsidian Earring
This small earring is made from polished obsidian. Despite the smoothness of its surface, it reflects no lights whatsoever. Commonly referred to as “a rogue’s best friend” the black gem this earring is made from possesses magical properties that absorb light, making it easier for its wearer to move undetected in the shadows
Stats: +10 to Sneak

Indep Earring
This barbed earring marks the wearer as a member of the Indep faction. This earring is the home of an independent spirit which accompanies the wearer and earring is the home of an independent spirit which accompanies the wearer and does its best to protect him from harm. Whenever possibly, the spirit gives its wearer a mental nudge to get them out of harm’s way…the tiny counseling spirit provides the user +1 to all Saving Throws, and its mere presence gives the wearer an additional bonus to avoid spells and confusions effects. Many of these enchanted items were made in the bazaar of Sigil by a silversmith from Oerth, who had found a way of shaping metal in such a way it attracted “free spirits” to the metal and caused them to take up residence there. The spirit is not bound to the earring by any means; from what scholars have determined, there is something about the earring that the spirits find “Cozy”.
Stats- +1 bonus to AC, +1 to all saving throws, an extra +1 to Save vs. Spells, Immunity to Confusion.



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