Double Axe


Axe of Tall Kin
The warriors of Rashemen have a legend of a giant king called Kirsk, who carried an axe that could split a mountain in twain. This axe was supposedly lost when the king split a mountain that held back the sea and most of the giants were drowned. It is commonly agreed in more civilized lands that the warriors of Rasheman are a very strange lot.
Stats- This +8 double axe deals an extra 1d6 fire damage and emits normal light

Axe of the Dwarf Lord
This double as was created in ancient times for the dwarven lord Grundy Ironfist. He had trouble leading his troops into battle, they grumbled at his orders and laughed at the way his knees knocked together. Once this axe was placed in his hand, his troops saw Grundy in a new light and he went on to be a celebrated hero of his clan.
stats- This +7 Double Axe gives a +2 to Charisma, and +5 bonus against Fear.

Death Shroud Axe

Fear is the primary tool of oppression and Ch’ole of the Old Bones, a minor despot originally from Thay, took full advantage. He managed, for a time, to rule a small kingdom by threat alone, masquerading as a Lich by using illusions and magic weapons to instill the natural dread people feel towards the undead. His short reign ended when he drew the attention of a creature more familiar with the role.
stats; this +1 double axe deals an extra 1d8 damage on crits and has a 25% chance of inflicting fear for 3 rounds.

Red Tiger Double Axe

Beast worshipers from the isles west of Chult, the Red Tiger have proven very resilient to outsiders pressure, remaining active while other isolated peoples have disappeared. It is a talent that he has served them well, and even the design of their weaponry seems cross-cultural. While mindful of their origins, both elven and dwarven ritual references, a combination neither group has cared to attempt on their own.
stats- This +2 Double Axe gives the dodge Feat for Free


Double Axe

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