Dire Mace


Ardulia’s Rise
Ardulia the Agile was a man whose speed and skill at knife play made him exceptionally lethal in battle and he repeatedly proved it by leading raids on settlements along the Sword coast. He would often challenge the village leader for possession of the town, and with his speed the duels were always quickly decided in his favor. What allowed him to win was this dire mace, which he wielded expertly and allowed him to prosper over these various chiefs. It wasn’t until he met a man using a mace designed to counter him that he died.
Stats- This +2 Dire Mace lets the wielder caste haste 1/day

The Ebony Dire Mace
Course tracing of the orc gods mark these weapons as indelicate to say the least. They are deeply ridged, vicious effective, and all too common at the forefront of an orc horde. The inclusion of some ‘blunt magic’ makes the debilitating as well as a damage, and a deep muscle bruise from a solid hit can take a fighter to his knees in a short measure.
Stats- This +1 Dire Mace will drain a point of strength if they fail a DC 14 Fortitude check.

The Ironwood Mace
Legends of this mace being used to crush a dragon’s skull may have been exaggerated by the bard Duss Dorien. According to his “Song of King Ethos” The king was battling a ferocious black dragon and had lost his spear to the dragon’s thick hide. When the king cried out to Torm, a dire mace appeared in his hands, and Ethos brought it down on the dragon’s head with a very satisfying crunch
Stats- This +8 dire mace is 60% lighter than normal and inflicts wounding (DC 14)

Krotan’s skullcrusher
This mace is permanently bloodstained, a telltale trace of its many years spent bashing heads. The weapon would have been the bane of humanoids throughout its history but those who wielded it seem to have been purposely left out of the historic record.
Stats- This +1 Dire Mace, deals an extra 1D6 cold damage to Goblinoids, half-orcs, and orcs

The stoutcorps mercenary company of Rashemen has a faction that specialized in siege work, though terrain problems in the past have caused them to forego traditional castle-breaching equipment. They prefer muscle power over gadgetry, and boast that three of their finest equipped with these ‘keys’ can breach a wall in moments, though it is by means a subtle affair.
Stats- This +1 Dire Mace, gives a +2 bonus to strength


Dire Mace

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