Adron’s Long-Winded Theorems
The sage Adron’s passion for arguing was matched only by his love of driving the the final point home as forcefully as possible. As a joke, several of his students inscribed many of his theorems and oft-quoted passages on a string of darts and presented it to the aged instructor on the day of his retirement. This proved to be a gift of questionable wisdom, as Adron was quick to anger, and he promptly began to fling the dart at his students- only to find that the theorems had given the darts a sage-like accuracy when making their point. Fortunately for the students, they were so good at darting darts as they were in dodging their studies, and except for a few pairs of cut (or soiled) robes, there was little damage done. Adron’s darts were encased in a special case at the school, only to be stolen as a university prank many years later. Since then, the darts have been sighted throughout the realms, carrying Adron’s theorems and quotes wherever they go.
This +5 returning dart deal 3 extra damage, an has a 10% chance to inflict Feeblemind (DC 21). Registered college students don’t take any damage. It also comes with 5 “Adron’s Theroms” which are +2 returning Darts that deal 1 extra point of damage and have a 1% chance of inflicting feeble mind, you can only use the Long-Winded Theorem if you have already thrown the 5 standard Theorems, after which all 6 reappear in the case.

Delnar’s Dart of Dispelling
Delnar was a timid mage who never was one for adventure. He spent most of his life in quiet study, living with his mother, trying to learn the art of crafting magical items. For his first attempt, Delnar decided to create a dart that would be a mage’s best friend. The weapon would unerringly strike a target, dispel any magical protection, and then return to its user. Unfortunately, just as he was placing the final enchantment on the item, Delnar’s mother entered into a room, saw the dart, and said “careful, ye’ll put an eye out with that”. Much to his dismay, his mother’s words became a part of the enchantment. The dart did seem to work as intended, but occasionally would strike the user blind upon its return.
Stats- This +2 returning date has a 50% chance to chase Dispel Magic as a 19th level Wizard, 10% to cast blindness (Fort Save 18). If upgraded to Delnar’s Eye Gouger, it gets…interesting. The chance of dispel magic becomes 90%, chance of Blindness becomes 50%, 10% chance of casting Anti-magic shell for 3 rounds, and a 5% chance that the target will lose an eye (reflex save 29).

Dire Plague Darts
Devised forty years ago by the ambitious Talonite necromancer-priestess Presio, these devices only started gaining popularity among the church of Talona in the past six or seven years. Presio was well known in circles throughout the north, though her presence often went unnoticed by those who would dread it. Around 1280, Presio became involved in a strange demonic plot in the Spine of the World. Only a few of her fellows follwed her on her journey. Though she and her allies were slain in the volcano of Dragon’s Eye, the many recipes and formulae for her potions and magical weapons survived.
Stats- this +1 dart has a 40% of casting insect’s plague upon striking a target, if upgraded to Dire Plague Darts it becomes +3 and Insect Plague works every time.

Returning Frost Dart
This dart is a small weapon easily concealable weapon designed to be the last result weapon for a desperate mage. Lines of power have been carefully scribed into the shaft of the weapon.
Stats- This +1 returning Frost dart has a 25 chance to deal 1d6 cold damage.

Zilzanzer Magnificent Darts
The eccentric master wizard Zilzanzer, well known for his Ring of the Gorgon, was also the creator of a number of small magical missile weapons. ’Zilzanzer’s Magnificent Darts’ were sold to many of the wizard’s colleagues. Unlike many of Zilzanzer’s other creations, his darts actually performed as he intended them to. He created a great number of the darts before his untimely demise.
Stats- These +2 darts split into 5 when they are thrown.

Zilzanzer’s Fantastical darts
This is what happens when the former doesn’t quite work out, the darts instead of spliting, simple hit the target, and then leave to re launch themselves at the target.
Stats- These +1 daggers will after hitting the target, hit the target again for the next two rounds before staying put.

Dart of Stunning
The dart of stunning looks like any other dart other than the fact it seems to pulse slightly when held in the hand. The true effects can be seen when one strikes an opponent and they fall to the ground stunned.
Stats- This +1 dart has a chance of stunning for 7 rounds (DC 15)

Asp’s Nest
While working for the Shadow Thieves Fargon Fol collected thousands of small poisonous snakes to create the Asp’s Nest. Fargon took each snake and with her powerful magic she made a dart of each. She made the dart so that when it strikes its opponent, the snake returns to life, biting and influencing the poison damage to the target. The title Asp’s Nest refers to the entire collection of darts, most of which have vanished, either destroyed in use or lost in a long forgotten duel
Stats- These +1 darts deal 1 point of poison damage every 3 rounds for a max of 40 damage.

Crimson dart
The small size of this weapon belies its great power. Immediately after striking its target, this dar reappears in the hands of the wielder, ready to be hurled again.
Stats- This is a +3 returning dart.



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