The Avvar barbarian Stiksma, a giant of a man, wielded this axe against the Alamarri lowlanders. He felled thousands of lesser men, but one wide swing caught the trunk of a great tree. The tree fell and took Stiksma with it
stats- This +5 Dal’Thanaan axe deals 10 extra damage

Dragonbone Cleaver
This massive battleaxe was once used to chop colossal chunks of dragon bone into manageable pieces. It tears through bone and sinew with ridiculous ease.
Stats- This +1 Great Cleaver deals 7 extra damage and gives +2 to Will saves

Darkspawn Ravager
Orghren named this axe the Darkspawn Ravager because that is what it does
stats- This +4 Great Cleaver deals 10 extra damage against darkspawn.
Usher- Oghren

Maetashear Axe
This oversized weapon as reforged from two poleaxes and dates to the founding conquests of the Tevinter Imperium. Runes tell a primitive creation myth of how the land of gods and men were cut apart.
Stats- This +2 Dal’Thanaan gives -1 to dex and deals double damage on crits.

Griffon’s Beak
A relic of the Grey Wardens and the legendary ‘aerials’ griffons now lost to the past. This weapon has been passed down from a Dalish Grey Warden who had once taken to the skies. When equipped in a set with a Griffon’s Helm, the character becomes immune to extra damage from flanking attacks.
Stats- This +2 Dal’Thanaan is +4 against darkspawn.

Faith’s Edge
Inscribed on the Haft:
‘Blessed is Her touch,
blessed is Her breath,
blessed is Her blood that
runs through my heart and
strengthens my mighty blow”
stats- This +1 Dal’Thanaan gives +2 to willpower.

Axe of the Vashoth
This impressive weapon was made by the Tal Vashoth—Qunari who have quit their homeland to become mercenaries and bandits in other lands. How it ended up in the hands of the darkspawn is difficult.
Stats- This +1 Dal’Thanaan gives +1 to strength and wisdom



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