Cloth Armor


Hair Shirt of Ilmater
This thick shirt of coarse brown horsehair constrains its wearer but provides additional protection from damage. In addition, the wearer can invoke cure serious wounds once per day. Generally made and worn by disciples of Ilmater, the wearer of these garments usually only use the shirt’s curative powers to ease the suffering of others
Stats- This shirt gives you a +3 to AC, -2 to Dex, Cure Critical Wounds 1/day

Shifter Tunic
The blood of the wild runs through the veins of those what would wear this unassuming clothing. The crack of bones and the sliding of flesh is the assume any shape of nature and clothing is of little value
Stats- This gives +6 to Saving Throws and 2 Regeneration per round.

Shirt of the Able Seaman
A seaman is responsible for any duties on deck save navigation. The duties are many and the operation and handling of the rigging to manning the lifeboat in times of emergency. Clothing worn by a seaman must be light and comfortable enough for long hours of work, while still providing protection from the elements.
stats- This gives Cold Resistance 5 and Darkvision

Swashbucklers Frock
Salt spray on your face, a blue sky overhead, emerald sea stretching out to the far horizon: these are the objects of your desire. Life is good and you guzzle from destiny’s wineskin with big gulps and a hearty cry of ‘Yo-ho-ho!’ Your hold is filled with goods and cargo and you have fair winds at your back all the way to port. Maybe you’ll dance with the Governor’s eldest while in town or find yourself dining with nobles. Or perhaps you’ll share a cast of rum down at the tavern with your crew and head out into the streets, eager for a brawl and heady with adventure. All this is possible with the purchase of a simple Swashbuckler’s shirts. Whatever the situation, you can look calm and cool and collected, knowing you look fantastic. Roomy breathable, made from 100% Cormyrian cotton. Comes with a dashing V-neck, puffed sleeves, and real pearl buttons. Comes in all sizes (Gargantuan size by special order only. May take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery).
Stats- This gives you a +1 to AC, Charisma and Immunity to Fear

Swashbuclkler’s Secret
The life of a swashbuckler is full of bravery, grand adventure, and epic fencing duels. Fashioned from light and breathable cotton, this nimble swashbuckling suit gives you a secret edge when fighting with two weapons.
Stats- Gives Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Fighting.

Uniform of the Midnight Rose
Your Buttons gleam and wind tugs at the dyed cotton. This uniform bears the rank and insignia of Ship’s Sailor. While it’s a lowly rank aboardArcher’s the Midnight Rose, it’s nevertheless highly regarded when in port.
Stats- Gives +1 to AC

Annah’s Vest
Annah’s vest is similar to leather armor, but it seems more flexible and allows her greater freedom of movement. You’re not certain what creature’s hide (if any) was used to make the vest, but it seems durable enough. Three straps help secure the front, and a staggered series of bracers run down the left arm. If necessary, Annah can slip her punch daggers into the bracers to conceal them.
Stats- Counts as +2 Leather armor.
User- Annah

Bodice of the Godless Priestess
This is a bodice much like the one Fall-From-Grace, Madame of the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts, often wears. The enchantments woven into it by Goncalves allows Fall-From-Grace to memorize twice the number of 1st and 2nd level spells per day as she normally could.
Stats- Counts as +1 Leather armor, lets you memorize 2 extra 2nd level cleric spells and 3 extra 1st level Priest Spells
User- Fall-From-Grace

Bodice of the Perilous Quest
This is a bodice is designed for women. Goncalves took great care in enchanting the weave of this particularly piece of clothing; not only does it clean itself and repair minor in its fabrics, its magic will slowly heal the wielder as well.
Stats- Counts +2 Leather armor and give regeneration 3 per round.


Cloth Armor

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