Cloak of Scintillating Colors
The origins of this cloak have been lost in the mists of time. However, for some time it was in the possession of Drosus, a mage of no small power from Waterdeep. Drosus fell afoul of an unusually large group of winter wolves on a solo expedition into the Spine of the World mountains having been forced to don a heavier cloak to keep out the cold. At first glance this cloak appears to be blinding white in color. However, it is in fact a composite of thousands of colors, which dance and play in any available light source. This barrage of scintillating colors tend to distract and particularly blind anyone starting directly at the wearer.
Stats- +3 to AC lets you cast PrismaticSpray 1/day

Wail of the Virgins
This thin coal appears frayed at first, but upon closer inspections, the stray threads are actaully human hairs from which the cloak is woven. The cloak twists in torchlight, each strand of hair traveling and unraveling about the other so subtly that it appears as if a light breeze is rippling the cloak. The cloak is woven from the hair of virgins sent to the Burial Isle to sleep with their dead barbarian lords. It was the Seer’s duty to comfort these women, to soothe their pain- in order to do so, she took a lock of hair form each and wove the strand into a cloak that would draw the spirits of fear from the virgins and steady their hearts. The result was a cloak that hangs heavy with guilt and does little to shield the wearer from the cold of the North. When worn, the hairs weave around the wielder’s frame, the long stands lacing together like threads on a loom. The cloak will not willing unravel itself from a wearer without being coerced by a Remove Curse spell.
Stat: +2 to AC, +4 against Crushing, Piercing and Missile attacks, Immune to Fear Based Effect, Hopelessness, Symbol of Hopelessness, and Crushing Despair. Cloak of Fear 1/day.

Cloak of Invisiblity
Cloaks of Invisiblity are very popular among theives and adventurers in general. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive. The wizard Cheston of Procampur decided to make some money when he set out to make this particular cloak for the Waukeenar priest Betrand of Suzail. Betrand used the cloak effectively until he came up against a demonic foe that could see right through the illusion. Betrand’s body was never found, but the tattered cloak continued to work wonders for Betrand’s comrade, the thief Dacon Blackwood. Dacon eventually ran afoul of a thieve’s guild in Sembia. He was believed to have escaped their wrath by traveling to Berdusk. How this cloak arrived at its recent resting place is unknown.
Stats: invisibility 3/day

Storm Cloak
This cloak is used by Jaana to keep her cool and protected while gathering reagants at night. The Avatar briefly used it before returning it.
Stats- This cloak renders you immune to natural lightning, and can cast Antimagic on self.
User- Jaana
Mithran’s Cloak
This elven cloak, woven from silk and wool, was worn by a powerful wizard from Myth Natar named Mithran Lightpetal. Mithran was well known for his love of travel and his aceptance of the “n’TelQuessir” or “not people” the non-elven people of this world. The cloak was actually the cause of his doom, for it was woven and enchanted by his dark elf lover, Rauva Vrinn. The style of the of the black and midnight-blue cloak was so obviously non-elven that his associates became suspicious. Eventually, an acquaintance of Mithran, an elven drown-hunter named Gaedel, discovered Rauva’s secluded hiding spot in the forests surrounding Myth Nantar. With a small band of warriors, Gaedel stormed her hut and quickly killed her. When Mithran discovered what had happened, he went berserk with fury. The mad mage assaulted the hunting lodge of Gaedel, and his brothers, killing them all the leveling the lodge. Gaedel’s family eventually attmepted to take vengeance for the act, killing Mithran at loss of most of their house. Mithran’s cloak was recovered by his close friend, the dwarven warrior Hael Bronzelake. Had it not been, it would have been swallowed up under the waves with Myth Nantar when that proud city was drowned in the Sea of Fallen Stars several years later.
Stats- +3 to AC, +2 to saving throws.

Mantle of the Coming Storm
Lysan apparently left behind this threadbare robe when she went on her pilgrimage to the Vale of Shadows. As a priestess of Auril, she most likely had no use for it when traveling in the snows. This seemingly threadbare robe had become ‘dormant’ upon Lysan’s command, so as not to expose herself as a priestess of Auril. When as much as a single snowflake falls upon the robe, it transform into a scintillating cloak of white that allows the wielder to flaot above snow drifts and walk through even raging rivers with ease. Most merchants will not wish to purchase this item, or, will will do so at a very low price, as they see it as a sacred item of Auril the Frost-Maiden and likely to attract her followers…and her displeasure. Created during the ceremonies of the Coming Storm (the onset of Winter) to Auril, these robes are specifically created to resist flames and allow the wearer to resist any attempt to stop or hold them. Although the priestesses of Auril are naturally resistant to cold and can move through snow and icy rivers with ease, these cloaks amplify the protection of the goddess, allowing the wearer additional cold resistance (which allows a wearer already immune to cold to absorb itse power) and even goes so far as to leach the heaert from fire attacks directed at the wearer. In addition, the robe may be invoke to allow the wearer to pass over or through any obstacle designed to hold them.
Stats- Free Action 1/day, +1 to AC, 30% cold and Fire Resistance, +1 vs. Paralyze

Mantle of Hell’s Furnance
An extremely vivid piece of clothin, the Mantle of Hell’s Furnance was woven from the beards of fiery Azer. It was worn by a high priest of Kossuth named Ullabem for fifteen years before he was killed fighting a priestess of Ishitia. When the priestess attempted to destroy it, efreet allies of Ullabem tracked down and killed her. One of the efreeti kept the cloak until it was requested of him by a clever thief who summoned the genie out of an enchanted block of sandalwood. It is believed that the cloak retains its power until they are used a certain number of times.
Stats- Can cast Agannazer’s Scorcher, Burning Hands, or Charm Elemental Kin (fire)

Cloak of the Winter Wolf
This beautiful fur cloak is made from the pelts of winter wolves. The cloak was sewn by a local seamstress in Kuldahar, and it retains some of the natural resistances inherent to the wolves thanks to Orrick’s enchantments.
Stats- +1 to AC against blunt, 10% cold resistance, immune to Winter Wolf Breath attacks.

Cloak of the Burdened Spirit
This incredibly heavy cloak was a gift from Sister Calliana for saving the soul of the Voice of Durdel Anatah. It was orginially worn by a penitent necromancy who was ashamed of how he had abused the soul of the dead. The cloak is dark grey made of five layers of thick, heavy wool.
Stats- +1 to Wisdom, good characters only

Morridin’s Cloak
Cloak once belonging to the famous bard Morridin. The cloak, which despite the lavish gold weaved into it, Morridin said was only “..a simple claok that offers modest proteciton against the elements”. The cloak, along with many other perosnal items of Morridin became a tpolic of discussion among many.
Stats- This cloak gives you +1 to AC and Charisma.

Mantle of Hell’s Furance
An extremely vivid priece of clothing, the Mantle of Hell’s Furance was woven from the beards of fiery Azer. It was worn by a high priest of Kossuth named Ullabem for fifteen years before he was killed fighting a priestes of Ishitia. When the priestess attempted to destroy it, efreet allies of Ullabem tracked her down and killed her. One of the efreeti kept the cloak until it was requsted of him by a clever theif who summoned the genie out of an enchanted block of sandalwood. It is believed that the cloak retains its powers until they are used a certain number of times. Once that point is reached the cloak is summoned back to the elemental plane of fire.
Stats- Lets the user cast Agannazar’s Scorcher, Burning Hands, or Charm Elemental Kin 1/dayx

Shadowed Robe
this robe is madeu p of some unkown corporeal material that gives its wearer a shadwoed look. Besides giving excellent protection, it also provides some resistance against magic.
Stats- This gives a +4 to defense and 15% Magic Resistance

Glimglam’s Cloak
This heavy cloak was once owned by the gnomish warrior Glimglam. A rare hero among his people, Glimglam scoured gnomish lands for giants and goblins, felling them all wherever he found them. This particular cloak was made for him by his wife, Enetta, and blessed by the church of Garl Glittergold. When Glimglam was killed by a Fire Giant king, Enetta stitched a crude red heart onto the breast of the cloak. He was buried with it. Twenty years after Glimglam died, human theives robbed his grave and stole the cloak. Those thieves later sold the cloak to ogres in exchange for win and traveling rights through a particularly dangerous portion of the High Moor.
Stats- This Cloak gives +1 to AC and saving throws, also immunity to Doom

Cloak of Greater Sanctuary
These silvery gray cloaks seem to absorb light rather than be illuminated by it. On command, these cloaks make their wearer wraithlike in appearance. The gnome wizard Dimble Deagal confounded Lathander’s clerics in Featherdale for years before his secrete was finally revealed by a traveler skilled in the Art. Dimble owned one of these cloaks and used it to scare the locals farmers. The Featherdarrans had mistaken the often insubstantial gnome for an actual ghost, and roused the local exorcist who cintinually failed to turn the false specter.
Stats- Greater Sanctuary 1/day

Cloak of Resistance
These nondescript garments offer a varying level of general magical protection, but who creates these cloaks and who distributes them is unknown.
Stats- +5 to saving throws.

Cloak of the Sewers
For a sewer dweller like Ivan, survival meant going where others refused. Hiding from thugs, Ivan went so deep into the sewers beneath Baldur’s Gate that he found caverns of natural caves, some of which opened to the ocean. Within one cave, Ivan discovered what he thought was a ruined cloak, all torn and stained. He tossed it into the fire he started, but it would not burn. Curious, he donned it and with some prying he discovered its hidden abilities. With the right command he could shift into a rat, a troll or a mustard jelly
Stats- This cloak gives a +1 bonus to AC along with aforementioned transformation.

Cloak of Balduran
This cloak was reputedly worn by Balduran, the founder of Baldur’s Gat.e Thought it was never used in combat, it provides protection worth of any great leader
Stats- Provides +1 bonus to AC, +1 bonus to saving throws, Magic resistance 25%

Cloak of Bravery
This cloak is an evil thing, abliet powerful. Made from the poorly stitched together skin of innocent nymphs, this cloak grants the wearer immunity to fear and panic.
Stats- Immunity to Fear and Panic.

Cloak of Displacement
The Cloak of Displacement is a magical tie that causes subtle shifts in the image of its wearer. It has the power to actually shift an individuals image by as much as si inches in any direction of their actual location. Aside form being an effective defense in combat situations, it also has been the course of serious eyestrain amongst fellow party members
Stats- Gives +4 AC bonus against missile weapons, +2 bonus on all Death Checks

Cloak of Burdened Spirits.
This incredibly heavy cloak was a gift from Sister Calliana for saving the soul of the Voice of Durdel Anatha. It was originally worn by a penitent necromancer who was ashamed at how he had abused the souls of the dead. The cloak is dark grey and made of five layers of thick, heavy wool.
Stats- +1 to Wisdom, Good Characters only.

Cloak of Elvenkind
This green cloak resembles a normal cloak. Wearing it makes any person able to hide in shadows with astonishing abilities. As per the thief ability though, the moment the wearer attacks or otherwise makes his/her presence known the wear must leave the shadows
Stats- +15 to all Hide

Cloak of Mirroring
Though it feels much like normal cloth, this shimmering cloak has on accasional been described as “woven water”. Its true enchantment become sapperant when the weater is attacked directly by magic, and all damage caused by the spell effects is returned to the caster.
Stats- Reflects all direct damage spell damage back to the source.

Cloak of Non-Detection “Whispers of Silence
Reportedly created for a lineage of the greatest burglars ever to walk the night, this cloak was apparently a success. No record exists of the previous owners.
Stats- Constant effect of non-detection

Cloak of Defense
Cloaks of this sort are infused with protective spells, and are among the most popular and numerous magic items on the market. The original design may have originated in the earliest arcane guilds, but the current makers of these items are varied and widespread.
Stats- +1 to AC, can be upgraded to +7

Cloak of Fortification
After the assassination of the High Selunian Priestess, the church invested some time and money coming up with a way to protect their members against the aggressive followers of Mask and Shar. Once the powers of these cloaks became known, however; clerics wearing such cloaks became targets for every thief mage, and fighter who wanted similar protections. Church officials have been singularly unimpressed with the rising violence against Selune’s followers.
Stats- +5 to AC and saving throws. +2 to spot.

Cape of Resistance
These nondescript garments offer a varying level of general magical protection
stats- +5 to saving throws

Cloak of Protection +1
This simple cloak has been enchanted with some small magical properties to help protect its wearer. It does so by affecting both saving throws and armor class. It is ideal for mages and others who cannot wear bulkier or more restrictive types of armor.
Stats- +1 bonus to AC, +1 bonus to saving throws
Cloak of Protection: The Spirit’s Shield
This cloak is said to focus the energies of one’s spirit into a force that protects him or her. Rumors of a vampire enslaved in the magical item are ever-present, but they are impossible to prove without destroying the cloak
Stats- +2 to AC, +2 to saving throws.

Cloak of Reflection
Vorn Druidslayer crafted this cloak and used it with great success in his campaign to eliminate the druids from all the woods south of Baldur’s Gate. His campaign ended abruptly when he countered a flock of wyverns, who were attracted by the cloak’s sheen. They killed Vorn and used the cloak to cover their nest, serving to protect their young during electrical storms
Stats: Reflects all electrical damage

Cloak of the High Forest
When younger, Cernd spent a cycle of seasons meditation on his role within nature. He made no shelter, wanting to feel the land unhindered. Nature may have appreciated the intent, she also knows that, for all their dedication, at times her children can be foolish. Cernd found this cloak before the cold season set in, seemingly woven to fit him from the very undergrowth. The message was clear: can still appreciate the rain while still seeking shelter from it.
Stats- +1 to AC, +1 to saving throws, endure elements 1/day
User- Cernd

Cloak of the Woods
The half-elf Jasswin is probably the best-known owner of one of these cloaks, since it payed a significant part in his ascension to the post of the Great Druid. He acquired the cloak after spending a season with no shelter, wanting to “feel the land unhindered”. He found the garment before the cold season set in, as the wilds were very unimpressed with his macho efforts.
Stats- +2 to AC, +1 to Fortitude

Cloaks of the Bat
Known only by his nickname, Stiletto the thief became renown for his amazing skill at burglary. He claimed he could get in and out of the most secure, heavily guarded treasure rooms without ever getting caught. Once, on a dar, he snuck into Zhentil Keep and stole a ring from Fzoul’s high chambers. Getting in seemed to be easy, but escaping turned out to be more difficult. When Stilletto found himself surrounded by multiple guards, the secrets of his career was revealed. Stiletto turned into a bat and flew out through a window.
Stats- +2 to AC, Darkvision, +10 to hide, Immunity to the spell darkness. Polymorph Bat 1/day

Cloak of Spiders
This black garment, embroidered with a web-like pattern in sik, gives the wearer many of the abilities of a spider. The cloak also grants immunity to entrapment by web spells or webs of any source. Cloaks of this type are common in the Underdark, and are almost standard raiment for drow priestess of Lolth.
Stats- Immunity to Web, Cast web 1/day, +2 bonus against poison
If Upgraded to a Cloak of Archnida: Lets you turn into a drider 1/day

Cloak of Ascalhorn
Found in an elven crypt, this cloak was once given to elven soldiers who completed their training and successfully passed a dangerous challenge.
Stats- Bludgeoning Resistance 5

Drow Piwafi Cloak
The Magically enhanced drow piwafi coaks is one of the most important accoutrements of a drow’s possessions. Even the most common of these cloaks carries a most powerful enchantments to protect its wearer. All drow long to own a piwafi; though, only those who have proven themselves useful, or who come from rich powerful families can afford to own one.
Stats- DR 5 Piercing and Slashing, immunity to Web, +4 to poison, extra use for Darkness, +2 to stealth.

Cape of the Fire Bath/Cape of Winter
These cloaks are common among powerful followers of Kossush and Auril respectively, the former are a brilliant red and embroidered with images of flames. The latter are commonly found among frost giants and other Auril-worshiping creatures from the frozne north, and is white and trimmed with white fur.
Stats- They give +2 to saving throws, grant fire or cold resistance 10.

Cloak of Blackflame
This cloak resembles a tangle of thick, black cobwebs when not worn, but smooths into a woven black cloak of coarse threads when donned. It protects its wearer from energy-draining attacks. Such cloaks originates in the halls of Sorcere in the city of Menzoberranzan where they used by drow necromancers to protect themselves from their own creations. This cloak is an adaptation for use in the surface realm.
Stats- Immunity to level/Ability drain.

Cloak of the Shield
This cloak projects a sphere of energy that protects the wearer from missile weapons. It also slows melee weapons somewhat
Stats- 50 charges, for 5 rounds you gain +5 bonus vs. ranged weapons and +1 bonus to AC against othe weapons

Cloak of the Stars
Thalanta the Fair created many types of cloaks, all known as Cloaks of the Stars. This particular version is simple, with three stars down each sleeve. Once per day each star can be removed and thrown as a dart. The Star disappears, only to return the next day
Stats- Creates 6 +5 darts each day.

Nymph’s Cloak
The fabled Nymph Cloak is renowned for its ability to increase the charisma of even the most surly dwarf. A cormyrean noble hoping to make her politically convenient marriage more palatable apparently went to expense to obtain one for herself, and another for her husband.
Stats- +2 bonus to Charisma, Charm person 1/day

Charming Cloak
Named for the creatures most closely associated with beauty, Nymph Cloaks are popular fodder for tavern tales among the common folk. The story usually involves some hapless noble couple spending a fortune on one or more such items so they can stand to look at one another. It always gets a big laugh among a coppper-ale crowd, though most professional bards consider such pandering a tool of the unskilled
stats- +7 to Charisma (if fully upgraded)

Vestmens of Faith
These holy guarments are most often a gift form Ilmater to a favored disciple. They are worn over normal clothing and grant a special protection to the person wearing it, helping to ease that faithful soul’s physical suffering
stats- DR/5, Good only

Skin of the Manticore
A manticore is a fearsome beast whose clasw and teeth are deadly. Despite these weapons, it is the spikes from the manticore’s tail that gives the beast a legendary status. When Daegasus, an elven ranger, slew one of these beasts, he took the skin to a mage and together they developed this cloak. The mage was able to give Daegasus partial control over the manticore’s tail, which was still attached to the skin. When Daegasus died, his powerful cloak disappeared.
Stats- +1 to AC and Fortitude Saves, Manticore Spikes 3/day, Rangers or Druids

Sirine’s Cloak
Sirines are playful and gregarious aquatic fey who often draw strangesr into their games and parties, only to tire of their companionship after a few hours and slip away. If someone has been particularly charming company, however, the sirine will bestow the gift of a shell or small gem on their admirer.
stats- +2 to Charisma and Perform

Salt-Crusted Sailor’s Cloak
A warm cloak can mean the difference between life and death while at sea, thus this cloaks popularity.
Stats- +2 on disease saves

Ragged Cloak of the Worg
After encoutering a pack of frost worgs in Cania’s frozen wastes, you killed their leader who you took to be a powerful alpha male. On closer inspection of the corpse, however, you realized that it was nothing more than a small, hairless homunculus bundled up in a thick cloak of roughly stitched worg fur. The cloak is badly damaged by your attacks and will no longer offer much defenses against the icy winds but its less mundane properties still seem to be intact. You noticed that the homunculous used it to gather his pack members close about him and you suspect that you might be able to do the same with any of your own associates as well.
Stats- +7 to Charisma, +6 AC vs. Slashing Summon Worg 1/day (1D4)

Many-Starred Claok
These masterfully crafted cloaks, stitched on both sides with glittering stars, are the guild emblem of the sorcerers and wizards of Neverwinter’s fabled Cloaktower. Loyal to Lord Nasher, the Cloakwizards are vital to the city’s defense and carry themselves with the appropriately cautious air that such a duty entails.
Stats- Electrical and Fire Resistance 10, Concentration +2

Mantle of Great Stealth
It was a Duergar Scout named Barnund Dokenhand who discovered the ancient hall of Verik, filled with wondrous, ancient magical items. As the hall was icy cold, the dwarf grabbed an old and draped it around his shoulders. When he returned to his party, he was amazed to discover how close he was able to get before they noticed him. He reported that he had found nothing but this old cloak. When Barnund decided to return on his own, he was discovered by a suspicious mage in his party, who ended Barnund’s life and took the cloak for himself.
Stats- +20 to Stealth

Improved Cloak of Protection
The abilities conferred by this powerfully enchanted cloak can attest to the fact that protection can take many forms,- including hiding from view and running away
Stats- +2 to AC, Saving Throws and can cast Improved haste and Improved Invisibility 1/day

Montolio’s Cloak
This is the fabled cloak of Montolio DeBrouchee- the aged, blind mentor to the dark elf ranger Drizzt Do’Urden. Like his famous pupil, Montolio was the master at wielding two blades simultaneously.
Stats- +1 bonus to AC, +1 bonus to all saving throws, +2 to attack with the off hand

Algernon’s Cloak
Algernon’s Cloak is imbued with magical properties such that the wearer will seem to shine with an inner glow.
Stats- +2 Charisma, Charm person 1/day, and can cast Dire Charm 650,000 times.

Cloak of the Wolf: Relair’s Mistake
A great amount of irony surrounds the creation of this magical cloak. Reliar was a mage who overestimated the control he had over magic, and in the course of creating this garment he apparently inflicted lycanthrophy upon himself. The wearer can change form whenever he wishes. Reliar was not so lucky.
Stats- can turn into a werewolf at will.

Nasher’s Cloak
This worn cloak of protection has the name Nasher woven in rough letters along its trim. The Lord of Neverwinter adventured though the underdark tell that he traded this cloak to duergar for some other powerful magical items. This was after he had already lost his boots and gloves, and so the benefit of the set no longer suited him
stats- +3 to AC, +5 if in a set

Mantle of Epic Spell Resistance
Only very few epic wizards are known to be able to create an Epic Mantle of Spell Resistance. This embroidered cloak grants the wearer a spell resistance fitting its impressive name.
Stats- +3 to AC and Spell Resistance 32

Hunter’s Cloak
You earned this old hunter’s cloak when you traded a manticore hide for itfrom Levio’Sa, the foresters guildmaster
stats- +2 to AC, +5 to Stealth

Cloak of Epic Spell Resistance
A high priest of Vhaerun, the drow god of night and thievery, had a run in with the High priest of Mask, the human god with the same portfolio. Attempting to work his magic against the other god, Vhaerun found his energies deflected from his target. As each champion studied the other, Vhaerun’s priest realized that Mask wore a cloak that tied into his spell resistance. Eventually the two gods formed an uneasy truce, and Vhaerun put some of his talented followers to work making similar cloaks.
Stats- Spell Resistance 32

Mantle of Spell Resistances.
This fashionable cloak is a favored defensive tool of powerful spellcasters, as it grants the wearer significant resistances to all spells.
Stats- Spell Resistance 20

Cloak of Chaos Bane
Fearing a coordinated attack by the chaotic but deadly army of orcs from the North, Taern
Thunderspell Hornblade created these cloaks to protect the rangers and fighters who defended the fair city of Silverymoon
stats- +2 AC bonus against Chaos, if upgraded +5

Cloak of EvilBane
Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun spent several months teaching one of his apprentices to make these magical cloaks. The cloaks were then given to members of the Waterdeep militia. The fashionable, yet pratical cloaks were so popular that the apprentice has opened his own shop, making different styles of the same basic design.
Stats- +2 AC against Evil, +5 if upgraded

Cloak of Goodbane
Before being murdered by a Harper spy, General Methan Calcoler proposed to garb an entire Zhentarim army with these cloaks and march them into the Dales. When Menthan’s plan wasn’t implemented by his successor, the mages who created the cloaks sold them to the highest bidder in order to recoup their expenses.
Stats- +2 to AC vs. Good, +5 if upgraded

Cloak of Lawbane
Hoping to return to his lands in Cormyr, Lord Tagreth, head of the Fire Knives assassins guild, paid for these cloaks to assist assassins willing to hunt members of house Obarskyr. So far more assassins have died than targets, but Targreth considers each target to be worth the cost.
Stats- +2 AC bonus against Law, +5 if upgraded.



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