King’s crown
Worn by a king of the Stonecutter Clan, this crown is an old heirloom that has been passed down since the lost of their kingdom.
Stats- +1 to AC, +2 to Constitution

Sune’s Laurel of Favor
This wreath of laurel leaves and roses was a gift from the church of Sune to the priestess of Hanali Celanil at the Hand of Seldarine. The representatives of the human goddess of love and beauty were well received and the high priestess of Hanali Celanil wore the laurel whenever humans were visting the Hand. The orcs discared the laurel are useless trash when they sacked the priest’s tower.
Stats- This gives +1 to AC and Charisma

Golden Circlet
Creatures that attack the mind are the stuff of nightmares, so it is not surprising that items protecting against them might acquire some of their disrepute. Golden Circlets, for example, have been linked to a claim that when the drow first retreated underground they fed on intellect devourers, and that eating such a creature without wearing a circlet produced a mindflayer. This is all, of course, nothing more than superstitious tavern talk.
Stats- Immunity to mind effecting spells, +1 to Will slaves and Concentration, Spell Resistance 10
Circlet of Blasting
Found occasionally among the Bedine, these circlets bear an elaborate golden band, which looks like a sun disc when viewed from abbove. On command, the band projects a blast of searing light. Zhentarim records of helms captured from the Bedine propose that they are lesser artifacts from the days of Netheril
stats- Searing Light 1/day, if upgraded 3/day

Thayvian Circlet
Thayvian Circlets were created by the Red Wizards to help them fend off the aggressive Luskan Brotherhood. Though designed only to agument spell casting abilities, they have the additional benefit of improving the wearer’s hardiness, reflexes and willpower. Since their introduction, the conflict between the two groups and been markedly restrained
stats- +2 to Int, +1 to Concentration and +1 to Saving Throws

Circlet of Netheril
This thin circlet of gold appears too simple and plain to be a crown. Although unadorned with gems, there are arcane and cryptic symbols etched along the surface- hinting at hidden power within the golden circlet. If combined with the Bronzue Ioun Stone, the Circlet of Netheril is a great boon to any practitioner of the arcane arts. Of course, something so valuable is likely to attract unwanted attention from rival mages.
Stats- lets you memorize an extra level 7 spell, if upgraded it gives an extra 10 hit points and an extra 8th level spell



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