Chain Mail


Black Dragon Scale
This armor was crafted by the dwarven smiths and priests of Clan Battlehammer when one of their own, Bruenhal, led a band of heroes in the defeat of a black dragon far to the south. Some dwarves turn up their noses at the thought of wearing armor made from the remains of a dragon, but Bruenhal proudly wore the armor until the end of his days.
Stats- +4 heavy Chain-mail gives 25% acid Resistance, +2 save vs. spells.

Aslyferund Elven Chain
While in exile from Myth Drannor, Aslyferund learned the secret of fashioning powerful Elven Chain. Alas, his refusal to divulge the secret lead to his murder by a rival smith.
Stats- this +2 chain mail provides a constant “protection from normal weapons”.
Bladesinger Chain
The Lore of this suit is difficult to determine, either due to the exotic circumstances from which it sprang, or the wish of its previous owner to conceal its location. Secrecy would certainly be desirable, as even rumors of such a mail as this could provoke deadly interest. It is the pinnacle of elven craft and a truly blessed item.
Stats- This +4 Chinese chain mail gives a constant “Protection from Arrows” effect

Armor of the Hand
During the Golden Age between the Elves of the Seldarine’s Hand and the Dwarves of Dorn Deep, special version of the illustrious elven chainmail were made that added protection against the harsh weather conditions of the north.
Stats- This +2 Chain plate gives 20% Cold Resistance

Deep Armor
This perfectly crafted chain mail is the standard armor of deep dwarf elite fighters. It is comprised of a mithral alloy and offers protection from all but the most determined attackers
Stats- This +3 chainmail gives total immunity to piercing attacks that hit the armor. Seriously this is pretty fucking awesome.

Drizzt’s Armor
This is the personal armor of drizzt, the famous dark elf ranger. It was forged for him by his friend Bruenor
stats- This +4 mithril armor gives immunity to Hold Person.

Mail of Life
This armor was crafted from meteoric iron by dwaven and elven smiths during the Time of Cooperation. A high priest of Moradin and a high priest of Labelas Enoreth enchanted the armor with its powers. Unfortuantely, no elven or dwarven warrior ever wore the chain mail. When trobules arose between the Hand of the Seldarine and Dorn’s Deep, the dwarves had locked the armor in a vault, refusing to use anything the elves had a hand in creating.
Stats- This +2 Mirror Plate, gives 10 extra hit points and regeneration 1

Seldarine Armor
This armor was worn by Kaylessa, weapon amster of the Seldarien’s Hand. Her prowess in archery only bested by her beauty, Kaylessa was devoted to hone the battle skills of any elf under her. If there were any heros at the Battle of Seldarien’s Hand, Kaylessa was one of them. She was a shining exmaple of courage in the face of impending doom as she fearlessly led her people against orc and goblin hordes. Even after the fall of the Hand, her commitment to battle and her people remained strong in her .
Stats- This +4 mirror plate gives +1 to Dexterity 20% and gives Cold Resistance

The Glory of Suffering
This armor is a gift from Sister Calliana for saving the soul of the Voice of Durdel Anatha. It was once worn by a humble paladin of Ilmater namded Idstan the Simple. Donning the armor is a painful process, as it drives small spikes into the flesh of the wearer and weighs an incridible amount. In exchange for this sacirfice, the armor protects the waerer from attacks on his or her person. The Armor is shining silver, but there is always fresh blood staining its surface, weven when it is not being worn.
Stats- This reduces you hit points by 25, but gives you 10% chance to ignore all damage.

Green Peace resistance
Ternac the “Greenleaf” was an eleven ranger who took great joy in her hunts for those who would seek to harm nature. She had this armor made so she could spend much of her time in the wood unseen while she hunted her quarry.
Stats- This +3 Chain Main, 15% to Piercing, Slashing, Fire, Electrical, and +5 to Sneak
Bladesinger Chain
The lore of this suit is difficult to determine, either due to the exoticcircumstances from which it sprang, or the wish of its previous owner to conceal its location. Secrecy would certainly be disirable, as even rumors of such a mail as this could provoke deadly interest. It is the pinnacle of elven craft, and a truly blessed item.
Stats- This +4 chainmail lets you cast spells normally

Armor of Fiath
This was the armor of Seffer Ekr, and a sign of the goddess Mielikii’s favor. She had rewarded the ranger’s loyality with the promise that he would never die in battle, and he defied death for many years, holding orcish hordes back from his home forest. A heaert attack claimed him when his time was done, not an enemy blade.
Stats- This +3 chainmail gives a +1 to all saving throws.
Jester’s Friend
Friends of Dekirih Fasthands, a bard who insisted on playing the rowdiest towns on the Sword Coast, gave him this suit of magical chain as a gift. The chian mail was given to protect Dekirh from the drunken spectators who often threw rotting produce, chairs, and even knives at Dekirh. The bard appreciated the gift, but painted it with wild colors to better fit into his show
Stats: This +4 chain shirt gives a +5 bonus to performance

Drow Elven Chain
The delicate yet sturdy craftsmanship of the Elven races allows them to design many beautiful yet utilitarian goods. Among these is Elven chain mail, which is so finely wrought that it can be worn under normal clothing without revealing its presence This and its lightness allows it to be worn by thieves and fighter/mages with few restrictions. This items like most drow equipment, is created using Adamantine, an alloy of adamantine that quickly turns to dust if exposed to sunlight.
Stats- This +3 chain mail gives the wielder 5% magic resistance. Has no penalties to thieving or spellcasting.

Corthala Family Armor
This armor, long in the Corthala bloodline, protects the user against all forms of attack. The armor is enchanted to give a bonus against not only attacks but acid, fire and magic damage. It makes the wielder immune to charm while he wears it. As it is specially fitted for Valygar, few others than he can wear it
Stats- This +3 Chain mail gives 20% resistance to fire, electrici, and acid damage, and immunity to the charm effect. It also gives Spell Resistance 15.

Crimson Mail
This dark red metal used to make this chian is said to come from a hidden mine in the Cloudpeaks. At one time the BLoodway, a band of evil adventurers, all wore armor of this kind, but the other suits have long since been lost
Stats- This +5 set of Chainmail gives the wielder immunity to backstabs

Sylvan Chain
This light but strong mail of of Sylvan Elf construction and therefore its elegance is only exceeded by its rarity. Normally granted only to especially brave elves, seldom is this armor to be found outside a Sylvan elf tribe, and rarer still on someone not of elven lineage
Stats- This +2 chainmail gives the wielder a +15 bonus to animal empathy

Whether by design of through exposure to intense heat in battle, the chian links of this armor are coal black throughout. While legends usually speak of knights in shining armor facing great beasts, the fire resistance of this suit suggests equally great, if unheralded, battles with fire breathing creatures.
This +3 chainmail gives the wielder Fire Resistance 20

Mail of the Dead
A mage can make an extremely effective assassin, as Vorusta illustrated over 400 years ago. He would create skeleton warriors equipped with this enchanted armor and a powerful blade, and give their circlet of power to the target as a friendly gift. When the killing machine was through with its work, Vorusta retrieved the equipment and started the process over.
Stats- this +2 chainmail weights as much as leather armor gives a +1 bonus to bard music.

The Bards of Melody were a small band of half-elven bardic warriors who entertained and defended scattered elven communities throughout Calimshan. Enchantments allowed only minstrels to wear their armors, the magical links sliding together to produce beautiful melodies as they danced or fought. Unfortunately the Bards of melody were disbanded hundreds of years ago and the secret of playing the armor faded with them.
Stats- This +3 chain mail gives no arcane penalties to bards, and makes all of their songs last one round longer.


Chain Mail

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